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As with the Neolithic expansion further east in Oceania and in Europe, genetic mixing with local inhabitants in eastern Indonesia lagged behind the arrival of farming populations. In contrast, western Indonesia has a more complicated admixture history shaped by interactions with mainland Asian and Austronesian newcomers, which for some populations occurred more than once.

Another layer of complexity in the west was introduced by genetic contact with South Asia and strong demographic events in isolated local groups. Full Text Available Creative, innovative, and timely research on islands and island futures is warranted and pressing, not least because island ers are poorly served by established tropes of them as subordinate to continents or mainlands. Opportunities exist to provide a more thoroughgoing account of island life and island relations, and the seven papers in this special issue address that task.

In works that consider islands in the Timor Sea, the Caribbean, the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern Oceans, and that span several different disciplinary frames—archival-historical, critical theoretical, literary, cultural, geopolitical, sociological and artistic—these papers evidence both the diversity of approach to thinking with the archipelago , and numerous points in common. Among the latter is an understanding that island relations are built on connection, assemblage, mobility, and multiplicity, and a commitment to critically examine the ways in which these entanglements affect and give effect to island life.

The models of island relationality brought to light by this collective focus on the archipelago reveal new and diverse connections of island peoples with their physical and cultural environments, and with the world beyond; create spaces for growing resilience, association and engagement; and invite further study. This report, prepared by the U. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Mining and Minerals Division of the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, describes results of a hydrogeologic assessment, including numerical groundwater modeling, to identify the timing of groundwater recovery and potential pathways for groundwater transport of metals that may be leached from stored CCBs and reach hydrologic receptors after operations cease.

Data collected for the hydrologic assessment indicate that groundwater in at least one centrally located reclaimed surface-mining pit has already begun to recover. The U. Results indicate that groundwater at CCB storage areas will recover to the former steady state, or in some locations, groundwater may recover to a new steady state in 6, to 10, years at variable rates depending on the proximity to a residual cone-of-groundwater depression caused by mine dewatering and regional oil and gas pumping as well as on actual, rather than estimated, groundwater recharge and evapotranspirational losses.

Advective particle-track modeling indicates that the number of particles and rates of advective transport will vary depending on hydraulic properties of the mine spoil, particularly hydraulic conductivity and porosity. Modeling results from the most conservative scenario indicate that particles can migrate from CCB repositories to either the. In Costa Rica, a radiation accident occurred in The Unit of Radiotherapy made a mistake in the calibration of the new bundle because of the change of external faeces of cobalt 60 Alycon II.

The work is a retrospective study that describes what happened in this accident, and the medical consequences that derived from it [es. The Maltese islands form an archipelago of three major islands lying in the Sicily channel at about km south of Sicily and km north of Libya. So far very few investigations have been carried out on seismicity around the Maltese islands and no maps of seismic hazard for the archipelago are available.

Assessing the seismic hazard for the region is currently of prime interest for the near-future development of industrial and touristic facilities as well as for urban expansion. A culture of seismic risk awareness has never really been developed in the country, and the public perception is that the islands are relatively safe, and that any earthquake phenomena are mild and infrequent.

Although recent constructions of a certain structural and strategic importance have been built according to high engineering standards, the same probably cannot be said for all residential buildings, many higher than 3 storeys, which have mushroomed rapidly in recent years. Such buildings are mostly of unreinforced masonry, with heavy concrete floor slabs, which are known to be highly vulnerable to even moderate ground shaking.

We can surely state that in this context planning and design should be based on available national hazard maps. Unfortunately, these kinds of maps are not available for the Maltese islands. In this paper we attempt to compute a first and preliminary probabilistic seismic hazard assessment of the Maltese islands in terms of Peak Ground Acceleration PGA and Spectral Acceleration SA at different periods. Seismic hazard has been computed using the Esteva-Cornell approach which is the most widely utilized probabilistic method.

It is a zone-dependent approach: seismotectonic and geological data are used coupled with earthquake catalogues to identify seismogenic zones within which earthquakes occur at certain rates. Therefore the earthquake catalogues can be reduced to the. The purpose of the hydrologic assessment is to identify groundwater flow paths away from SJCM coal-combustion-byproduct storage sites that might allow metals that may be leached from coal-combustion byproducts to eventually reach wells or streams after regional dewatering ceases and groundwater recovers to predevelopment levels.

The hydrologic assessment, undertaken between and , included compilation of existing data. This article seeks to analyze the origins of the historiographical treatment of Juan de Juanes in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Full Text Available In this paper we examined the histology of three commercially valuable species of precious corals Paracorallium japonicum, Corallium elatius, and C.

In order to observe their inner structure, samples were thin sectioned and examined with a digital light microscope. Colonies of C. The sclerites of the three species tended to be concentrated in the outer layers of coenenchyme. The gastric cavities of autozooids of all three species were found to be relatively empty. Some symbiotic polychates were observed in the axis of P.

As well, a zoanthid Corallizoanthus tsukaharai was often observed living on the coenenchyme surface of P. It is hoped our observations will provide a good foundation of future study of Japanese Coralliidae corals. Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of 17 islands, of which some are heavily populated and others have no inhabitants or even a name. The Indonesian archipelago — as a location for renewable energy sources such as micro-hydro, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass—presents unique opportunities to invest in expanding power production. In the industrialised regions and on large islands, such as Kalimantan, the electricity demand is highest.

Most of the electricity is supplied by large power plants using fossil fuel — coal, oil and gas — which causes an increase in the volume and concentration of greenhouse gases. As a solution, within the next five years, the Indonesian Government plans to build power plants adding 35 MWe. The electricity demand forecast for will be around GWe, with GWe coming from renewable and conventional energy sources and 40 GWe from alternative sources such as nuclear power.

To meet the demand for electricity in Indonesia, an expansion strategy is needed for alternative sources of energy on the islands around the Java Sea and on the island of Kalimantan at locations safe from earthquakes. The Indonesian Government has provided some guidelines for commercial nuclear power plants, such as those contained in Government regulations No. Patterns in reef fish assemblages: Insights from the Chagos Archipelago. Understanding the drivers of variability in the composition of fish assemblages across the Indo-Pacific region is crucial to support coral reef ecosystem resilience.

Whilst numerous relationships and feedback mechanisms between the functional roles of coral reef fishes and reef benthic composition have been investigated, certain key groups, such as the herbivores, are widely suggested to maintain reefs in a coral-dominated state. Examining links between fishes and reef benthos is complicated by the interactions between natural processes, disturbance events and anthropogenic impacts, particularly fishing pressure.

This study examined fish assemblages and associated benthic variables across five atolls within the Chagos Archipelago , where fishing pressure is largely absent, to better understand these relationships. We found high variability in fish assemblages among atolls and sites across the archipelago , especially for key groups such as a suite of grazer-detritivore surgeonfish, and the parrotfishes which varied in density over fold between sites.

Differences in fish assemblages were significantly associated with variable levels of both live and recently dead coral cover and rugosity.

juan fernandez historia verdadera de la isla de robinson crusoe spanish edition Manual

We suggest these results reflect differing coral recovery trajectories following coral bleaching events and a strong influence of 'bottom-up' control mechanisms on fish assemblages. Species level analyses revealed that Scarus niger, Acanthurus nigrofuscus and Chlorurus strongylocephalos were key species driving differences in fish assemblage structure. Clarifying the trophic roles of herbivorous and detritivorous reef fishes will require species-level studies, which also examine feeding behaviour, to fully understand their contribution in maintaining reef resilience to climate change and fishing impacts.

Genetic characterization of brown bears of the Kodiak Archipelago. Talbot, Sandra L. Here we examine genetic characteristics of brown bears of Kodiak and Afognak islands, using 14 variable nuclear microsatellite loci and nucleotide sequence information including the hypervariable domain I of the mtDNA control region Wakely These data were used to answer the following questions: 1 are earlier findings of extremely low levels of variability at nuclear biparentallyinherited microsatellite loci from a small geographic area Paetkau et al.

We also test whether these markers will provide an appropriate baseline for designing genetic tagging studies for use in future research and management activities, such as mark-recapture efforts, on the Refuge. Coexistence of reef organisms in the Abrolhos Archipelago , Brazil. Full Text Available The first study on coexistence of reef benthic organisms in Brazilian coral reefs was done in three localities of the Abrolhos Archipelago. Organisms were recorded in concentric circle samples 10 and 20 cm in diameter randomly laid on transects.

Type and frequency of "coexistence events" between pairs of organisms were determined. Most frequent organisms massive and branched coralline algae, Favia gravida, and Agaricia agaricites also had many significant positive coexistence events. These results might be related to the abundances of these organisms. Mesozooplankton respiration and community structure in a seamount region of the eastern South Pacific.

Seamounts in the Juan Fernandez Ridge, as well as in other seamount regions in the eastern South Pacific and in the world oceans, remain poorly studied ecosystems in terms of structure and functioning. Oxygen consumption by mixed assemblages was estimated using continuous measurements of dissolved oxygen concentration under controlled temperature during onboard, short-term incubations h. Mesozooplankton composition was analyzed with a ZooScan device and expressed in terms of community normalized size spectra, and taxa and size diversity Shannon-Wiener index.

Carbon-specific community respiration rates in the upper m layer were in the range of 0. The mesozooplankton community was dominated by small-size copepods but the proportions of small copepods, large copepods, and gelatinous zooplankton mostly salps changed between the seamounts, in association with modifications in taxa composition, size diversity, and the slope of the size spectrum. Community respiration was significantly correlated to these community descriptors, suggesting the composition of the pelagic community has a direct impact on the total amount of respired-C.

Connectivity between the coastal upwelling zone and the Juan Fernandez Ridge region mediated by mesoscale activity, interacting with the seamounts, is suggested as a most important process in controlling zooplankton community structure and in turn community metabolism. Mission in the strategic territory management on the example of the Solovetsky Archipelago. Full Text Available The article is devoted to the main aspects of the territory mission development in the context of strategic management of the territory.

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The paper shows the role and importance of the mission in the management of the territory and reflects the main issues and the principles of its formation. Using the example of the Solovetsky Archipelago the author analyzes the mission, gives recommendations for its improvement and provides the model of the Solovetsky archipelago mission development. The SJBE watershed has the highest Moving and fixed security zones are established The waters of San Antonio La lengua salvada: Acerca de dibaxu de Juan Gelman.

Rabia canina en san Juan de Lurigancho y en Jicamarca. Juan Goytisolo observed with enthusiasm, though with certain concern, the news about the revolutions that, since early , overthrew several autocratical regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, entailed reforms in other countries Morocco and caused a yet unfinished civil war Syria. Estas estimaciones dan eviden The research design used the descriptive method because it is the most appropriate method. It was found that the over-all assessment was frequent. Hamburger received the highest weighted mean followed by Sandwiches interpreted as frequent.

Doughnut and Roasted Turkey got the lowest. Chinese Cuisine is frequently served. Lumpiang Shanghai has the highest weighted mean that is frequently offered and Siomai being the second highest. Siopao and Dumpling got the lowest weighted mean that makes it sometimes offered in every restaurant. Japanese cuisine has an over-all assessment of frequent. Tempura has the highest weighted mean followed by Teriyaki. Ramen has the second to the lowest weighted mean and Tonkatsu got the lowest.

French Cuisine has a composite mean with an over-all assessment of sometimes. Mediterranean salad has the highest weighted followed by French Macaroons. Lamb and Ratatouille has the lowest weighted mean. Formas de no ser arquitecto. Tan solo su actividad docente le mantiene en contacto con el mundo de la arquitectura. We find that the inter-annual variability in SMB displays a significant correlation 0.

Elevation change from satellite altimetry reveals substantial thinning at low altitudes for both marine and land terminating glaciers. This result is consistent with the negative cumulative SMB values found at those sites. Yet, altimetry-derived thinning rates for the marine terminating glaciers are on average two times larger than those for land-terminating glaciers.

We conclude that both SMB and ice dynamics play important roles in the regional ice mass loss. Landslides density map of S. Miguel Island, Azores archipelago. The Azores archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is composed of nine volcanic islands. Miguel, the largest one, is formed by three active, E-W trending, trachytic central volcanoes with caldera Sete Cidades, Fogo and Furnas.

Chains of basaltic cinder cones link those major volcanic structures. Since the settlement of the island early in the 15th century, several destructive landslides triggered by catastrophic rainfall episodes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occurred in different areas of S. One unique event killed thousands of people in Houses and bridges were destroyed, roads were cut, communications, water and energy supply systems became frequently disrupted and areas of fertile land were often buried by mud.

Based on 1 historical documents, 2 aerial photographs and 3 field observations, landslide sites were plotted on a topographic map, in order to establish a landslide density map for the island. Data obtained showed that landslide hazard is higher on 1 the main central volcanoes where the thickness of unconsolidated pyroclastic deposits is considerable high and 2 the old basaltic volcanic complex, marked by deep gullies developed on thick sequences of lava flows.

In these areas, caldera walls, fault scarps, steep valley margins and sea cliffs are potentially hazardous. The coastal fishes and fisheries of the Socotra Archipelago , Yemen. The Socotra Archipelago is situated in the Gulf of Aden where tropical and "pseudo-temperate" conditions combine to create a unique marine ecosystem.

The diversity, ecology, productivity and fisheries of the coastal fish assemblages are still relatively understudied and no update of the scientific knowledge existed. The islands support unique coastal and coral-associated fish assemblages in spite of the limited biogenic reef frameworks. Fish diversity is the highest among comparable Arabian eco-regions, and fish biomass productivity high too by Indian Ocean standards. The production of the once traditionally-managed small-scale fishery is severely declining and whether it is sustainable nowadays is extremely doubtful.

At a time when Yemen is torn apart by a severe political and humanitarian crisis it is timely to review and update the current state of knowledge for scientists and managers, and thereby ease access to existing information, facilitating follow-on studies and evidence-based conservation and fisheries management. All rights reserved. Precipitation is the most important weather parameter in the Philippines. Made up of more than islands, the Philippine archipelago is an agricultural country that depends on rain-fed crops.

Located in the western rim of the North West Pacific Ocean, this tropical island country is very vulnerable to tropical cyclones that lead to severe flooding events. Recently, satellite-based precipitation estimates have improved significantly and can serve as alternatives to ground-based observations. These data can be used to fill data gaps not only for climatic studies, but can also be utilized for disaster risk reduction and management activities. Precipitation data were compared to 52 synoptic weather stations located all over the Philippines.

Moreover, all four satellite precipitation showed high Correct Negatives CN values for the north-western part of the country during the North-East monsoon and spring monsoonal transition periods. Promotional archipelagoes of change. Spatial analysis of Dinosauro. During the last decades, the post industrial Latin American cities have become important economic centers in the world. Their integration into the world economy helped those cities become in the favorite places for the linking functions and activities to the world nets of commerce, productions culture, etc.

These urban centers which are expanding gradually into segmented developing areas have caused an apparent space duality between the private and public activities as it can be seen though the differential access to goods and services by the society. At present, there has been an increase in cultural activities which form change promoting archipelagoes subject to several dimensions of analysis. The inequity in the distribution of economic and educational resources causes unequal ways of access to consumption of these areas of cultural production, and of goods and services, what gives place to situations of social exclusion and inclusion.

To understand this fact related to money behavior, we have selected an area situated in the northwest of Cordoba capital city, in Argentina, which is a shopping mall called Dinosaurio Group. In this essay we present an exploration into the conflicts caused to the cities through the expansion of the segmented urban centers, promoters of change, and its relationship with the public and private space.

Karimunjawa is one of the earliest marine parks in Indonesia. Karimunjawa National Park KNP was designated as a marine conservation area to conserve marine resources from destructive fishing activities. Scleractinian corals in the genus Acropora are among the most dominant distributed in the KNPs, including the species of Acropora hyacinthus. Here, we present a comprehensive analysis of intra- and interspecific COI variabilities in A. Reconstruction of phylogenetic tree and genetic diversity were made by using software MEGA 5. The results indicate corals A. However, the five populations showed a close genetic relationship of kinship.

This is likely due to the small size of the population and few numbers of samples that may not represent the population. The results may aid managers of the park in the selection of appropriate propagules sources which can help to restore important data for conservation and sustain coral reef resources. Bedrock aquifers of eastern San Juan County, Utah. This study is one of a series of studies appraising the waterbearing properties of the Navajo Sandstone and associated formations in southern Utah.

Some of the water-yielding formations are grouped into aquifer systems. Discharge from the ground-water reservoir to the San Juan River between gaging stations at Four Corners and Mexican Hat is about 66 cubic feet per second. The N aquifer is the main aquifer in the study area. Recharge by infiltration of precipitation is estimated to be 25, acre-feet per year. A major ground-water divide exists under the broad area east of Monticello. The thickness of the N aquifer, where the sedimentary section is fully preserved and saturated, generally is to 1, feet.

Hydraulic conductivity values obtained from aquifer tests range from 0. The total volume of water in transient storage is about 11 million acre-feet. Well discharge somewhat exceeded 2, acre-feet during Discharge to the San Juan River from the N aquifer is estimated to be 6. Water quality ranges from a calcium bicarbonate to sodium chloride type water.

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Puerto Ricans in the US experience higher deaths from diabetes and other causes compared to non-Hispanic Whites and other Hispanic groups. We compared mortality in Puerto Rico to that of Puerto Ricans in the US as a first step to investigate if similar or worse mortality patterns originate from the sending country Puerto Rico. Age-adjusted death rates were generated using national vital statistics databases in the US and territories for all-cause and the top ten causes of death among Hispanics in Substantial mortality variability exists between Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and those in the US, re-emphasizing the need to study of how socio-environmental determinants of health differ in sending and receiving countries.

Explanations for disparate rates include access to and availability of healthcare and unique factors related to the migration experience of this group. Viticultural zoning of Graciosa island of the Azores archipelago - Portugal. The management and sustainability of the traditional vineyards of the Azores settled on lava field terrains is strongly affected by practical limitations of mechanization and high demand on man labor imposed by the typical micro parcel structure of the vineyards.

In a recent macrozoning approach study Madruga et al showed that besides the traditional vineyards there are significant areas in some of the Azores islands whose soils, climate and physiographic characteristics indicate a potential for the development of new vineyard areas offering conditions for better management and sustainability. The objective of this study was to conduct a detailed viticultural zoning at the level of the small mapscale smaller than , , for the island of Graciosa where, besides the traditional lava field terroir, there are also some localized experiences of grapevine production over normal soils, offering thus some comparative information on this type of production conditions.

The zoning approach for the present study was based in a geographic information system GIS analysis incorporating factors related to climate and topography which was then combined with the soil mapping units fulfilling the suitable criteria concerning the soil properties taken as the most relevant for viticulture, being the result a map of homogeneous environmental units. The climatic zoning examined the direct quantitative variables precipitation, temperature, evaporation in relation to climate index, bioclimatic and viticultural specific values.

Soils were analyzed based on data and soil map units as defined in the soil surveys of the Azores archipelago. The soil properties taken for the analysis and definition of the potential vineyard areas were drainage, water holding capacity. Abdalati, W. Precise repeat airborne laser surveys were conducted over the major ice caps in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the spring of and in order to measure elevation changes in the region.

Our measurements reveal thinning at lower elevations below m on most of the ice caps and glaciers, but either very little change or thickening at higher elevations in the ice cap accumulation zones.

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Recent increases in precipitation in the area can account for the slight thickening where it was observed, but not for the thinning at lower elevations. For the northern ice caps on the Queen Elizabeth Islands, thinning was generally less than 0. Here temperature anomalies were very small, and the thinning at low elevations far exceeds any associated enhanced ablation.

The observations on Barnes, and perhaps Penny are consistent with the idea that the observed thinning is part of a much longer term deglaciation, as has been previously suggested for Barnes Ice Cap. This places it among the more significant sources of eustatic sea level rise, though not as substantial as Greenland ice sheet, Alaskan glaciers, or the Patagonian ice fields. Full Text Available Precipitation is the most important weather parameter in the Philippines.

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Its importance in Columbus' information for the American discovery and for slave traffic across the Atlantic is unquestionable. Thus, a complex peopling may have given rise to a present-day high admixture of ethnicities according to HLA genes. A sample of healthy unrelated Madeirans was analysed and compared with HLA chromosomes from other worldwide populations. Genetic distances, neighbour-joining dendrograms and correspondence analyses were used for comparisons.

Quantitatively, Portuguese, North Africans Algerians , Spaniards and Canary Islanders in this order are the most important parental populations to Madeirans. Results are discussed on the basis of the recorded historical peopling which does not show a noticeable African gene input in present-day Madeiran population according to our data; one of the closest related populations found is the Canary Islanders, suggesting that Guanche Canary Islands first inhabitants slaves gene flow is still noticed at present, both in Madeira and in Canary Islands populations.

The most important of his works is. Central San Juan caldera cluster: Regional volcanic framework. Eruption of at least km3 of dacitic-rhyolitic magma as 9 major ash-slow sheets individually km3 was accompanied by recurrent caldera subsidence between Voluminous andesitic-decitic lavas and breccias were erupted from central volcanoes prior to the ash-flow eruptions, and similar lava eruptions continued within and adjacent to the calderas during the period of explosive volcanism, making the central San Juan caldera cluster an exceptional site for study of caldera-related volcanic processes.

Exposed calderas vary in size from 10 to 75 km in maximum diameter, the largest calderas being associated with the most voluminous eruptions. Because of the nested geometry, maximum loci of recurrently overlapping collapse events are inferred to have subsided as much as km, far deeper than the roof of the composite subvolcanic batholith defined by gravity data, which represents solidified caldera-related magma bodies. Erosional dissection to depths of as much as 1.

The calderas display a variety of postcollapse resurgent uplift structures, and caldera-forming events produced complex fault geometries that localized late mineralization, including the epithermal base- and precious-metal veins of the well-known Creede mining district. Most of the central San Juan calderas have been deeply eroded, and their identification is dependent on detailed geologic mapping. In contrast, the primary volcanic morphology of the. Urban ecology of Triatoma infestans in San Juan , Argentina. This study was performed in an urban neighborhood of the capital city of the province of San Juan , Argentina.

Erected as a housing complex, the place consists of flats distributed in buildings of three and seven floors each. Adult T. Full Text Available This study was performed in an urban neighborhood of the capital city of the province of San Juan , Argentina. La "Celestina" de Palacio, Juan de Lucena y los conversos. Por lo que respecta al origen del manuscrito de Palacio, se defiende la posibili Faulting and hydration of the Juan de Fuca plate system. Fault throws diminish both upsection and seaward from the trench. Faulted offsets within the sedimentary layering are typically linked to larger offset scarps in the basement topography, suggesting reactivation of the normal fault systems formed at the spreading center.

Imaged reflections within the gabbroic igneous crust indicate swallowing fault dips at depth. These reflections require local alteration to produce an impedance contrast, indicating that the imaged fault structures provide pathways for fluid transport and hydration. As the depth extent of imaged faulting within this young and sediment insulated oceanic plate is primarily limited to approximately Moho depths, fault-controlled hydration appears to be largely restricted to crustal levels. If dehydration embrittlement is an important mechanism for triggering intermediate-depth earthquakes within the subducting slab, then the limited occurrence rate and magnitude of intraslab seismicity at the Cascadia margin may in part be explained by the limited amount of water imbedded into the uppermost oceanic mantle prior to subduction.

The distribution of submarine earthquakes within the Juan de Fuca plate system indicates that propagator wake areas are likely to be more faulted and therefore more hydrated than other parts of this plate system. However, being largely restricted to crustal levels, this localized increase in hydration generally does not appear to have a measurable effect on the intraslab seismicity along most of the subducted propagator wakes at the Cascadia margin. The Valle del Cura region is characterized by a thick volcanic and volcaniclastic sequence that records the Tertiary arc and backarc magmatic evolution of the Argentine Main Cordillera over the modern Pampean flatslab at During the Eocene, a retroarc basin developed, represented by the Valle del Cura Formation synorogenic volcanosedimentary sequence, which includes rhyolites and dacitic tuffs.

These silicic volcanic rocks have weak arc chemical signatures and high lithophile element concentrations and are isotopically enriched relative to the late Oligocene-early Miocene volcanic rocks that followed them.

Juan Fernández (explorer)

Their chemical characteristics fit with eruption through a thin crust. Subsequent shallowing of the downgoing Nazca plate caused the volcanic front to migrate eastward. Two stages are recognized: an older one Ma in which magmas appear to have erupted through a normal thickness crust km and a younger one Ma in which the steeper REE pattern suggests the magmas last equilibrated with higher pressure residual mineral assemblages in a thicker crust. Isotopic ratios in the younger group are consistent with an increase in original crustal components and crust introduced into the mantle source by forearc subduction erosion.

A peak in forearc subduction erosion near Ma is consistent with when the main part of the Juan Fernandez Ridge began to subduct beneath the region. In addition to late Miocene Tambo Formation dacitic. Environmental laws for mining activities in Provincia de San Juan Argentina , gravel mines exploitation. This paper analyses San Juan Province - Argentina prevailing environmental legislation for mining activity and gravel mines. The study focuses the subject from a mining engineering point of view. This study attempted to assess whether conspecific or congeneric sponges around San Juan Island, Washington, harbor specific bacterial communities.

We used a combination of culture-independent DNA fingerprinting techniques terminal restriction. Juan L. Stenocercus doellojuradoi Iguanidae, Tropidurinae : una nueva especie para la provincia de San Juan , Argentina. Un ejemplar macho LHC: 54 mm. Stenocercus doellojuradoi Iguanidae, Tropidurinae: una nueva especie para la provincia de San Juan , Argentina. Un ejemplar macho LHC: 54 mm..

Se trata de un nuevo modo de contar la realidad y las circunstancias sociales. The aim is to analyze the relationship between fable genre and poetic revolution in this work, in which Gelman provides a new way of describing reality and social circumstances. His poems combine official history with fiction to propose alternative views and subvert conventionalism and formalism. In addition, this poet creates anonymous characters to relate fabulous visions regarding the collective identity.

This technique results in estrangement and distancing, which lead to profound reflection on real life. Finally, exotic legends are rewritten by means of invented episodes to draw attention to certain phenomena of modern society and inspire solidarity. Full Text Available La historia de la medicina es, en gran parte, la historia de la ciencia y la historia de la ciencia es la historia de la humanidad.

Here, L. These ponds receive water from an irrigation system that connects the whole agriculture land in the region. The tadpoles use the irrigation canals to move among ponds. We suggest that legislation should be established to prevent future invasions and to achieve sustainable management of the wild American bullfrog populations in San Juan. Prevention of future invasion and management of established populations of this species requires the cooperation of numerous stake holders.

Se presenta un nuevo registro de Lithobates catesbeianus rana toro americana en Argentina. El nuevo registro es para el Departamento Zonda en la provincia de San Juan , en el desierto del Monte. En este sitio, L. Los renacuajos utilizan los canales de riego para moverse entre los estanques. Sugerimos que se establezcan leyes para prevenir invasiones futuras y para lograr un manejo integrado de las poblaciones silvestres de rana toro que se encuentran en San Juan. Full Text Available Knowledge of risk factors and their relative importance in different settings is essential to develop effective health education material for the prevention of typhoid.

In this study, we examine the effect of household level and individual behavioural risk factors on the risk of typhoid in three Indonesian islands Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Papua in the Eastern Indonesian archipelago encompassing rural, peri-urban and urban areas. We enrolled patients above 10 years of age in a health facility-based case-control study between June and June Individuals suspected of typhoid were tested using the typhoid IgM lateral flow assay for the serodiagnosis of typhoid fever followed by blood culture testing.

Logistic regression was used to examine the effect of household level and individual level behavioural risk factors and we calculated the population attributable fraction PAF of removing each risk significant independent behavioural risk factor. These effects were independent of levels of access to water and sanitation. Major gains could.

Tsunami hazard assessment for the Azores archipelago : a historical review. The Azores islands due to its complex geographical and geodynamic setting are exposed to tsunamigenic events associated to different triggering mechanisms, local or distant. Since the settlement of the Azores, in the fifteenth century, there are several documents that relate coastal areas flooding episodes with unusually high waves which caused death and destruction. This work had as main objective the characterization of the different events that can be associated with tsunamigenic phenomena, registered in the archipelago.

With this aim, it was collected diverse documentation like chronics, manuscripts, newspaper articles and magazines, scientific publications, and international databases available online. From all the studied tsunami events it was identified the occurrence of some teletsunamis, among which the most relevant was triggered by the 1st November Lisbon earthquake, with an epicenter SW of Portugal, which killed 6 people in Terceira island.

It is also noted the teletsunami generated by the earthquake, located in the same region as the latest, and the one generated in by an earthquake-triggered submarine landslide in the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. From the local events, originated in the Azores, the most significant were the tsunamis triggered by and earthquakes, both associated with the Terceira Rift dynamics. In the first case the waves may also be due to earthquake-triggered. With respect to tsunamis triggered by sea cliffs landslides it is important to mention the Quebrada Nova and the Rocha Alta events, both located in the Flores Island.

The event is the deadliest tsunami recorded in Azores since 10 people died in Flores and Corvo islands in result of the propagated wave. The developed studies improve knowledge of the tsunami sources that affected the Azores during its history, also revealing the importance of awareness about this natural phenomenon. The obtained results showed that the tsunami hazard in the.

Coral diseases negatively impact reef ecosystems and they are increasing worldwide; yet, we have a limited understanding of the factors that influence disease risk and transmission. My dissertation research investigated coral disease spread for several common coral diseases in the Hawaiian archipelago to understand how host-pathogenenvironment interactions vary across different spatial scales and how we can use that information to improve management strategies.

At broad spatial scales, I developed forecasting models to predict outbreak risk based on depth, coral density and temperature anomalies from remotely sensed data chapter 1. In this chapter, I determined that host density, total coral density, depth and winter temperature variation were important predictors of disease prevalence for several coral diseases.

Expanding on the predictive models, I also found that colony size, wave energy, water quality, fish abundance and nearby human population size altered disease risk chapter 2. Most of the model variation occurred at the scale of sites and coastline, indicating that local coral composition and water quality were key determinants of disease risk. At the reef scale, I investigated factors that influence disease transmission among individuals using a tissue loss disease outbreak in Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu, Hawai'i as a case study chapter 3.

I determined that host size, proximity to infected neighbors and numbers of infected neighbors were associated with disease risk. Disease transmission events were very localized within 15 m and rates changed dramatically over the course of the outbreak: the transmission rate initially increased quickly during the outbreak and then decreased steadily until the outbreak ended. At the colony scale, I investigated disease progression between polyps within individual coral colonies using confocal microscopy chapter 4. Here, I determined that fragmented florescent pigment distributions appeared adjacent to the disease front.

Full Text Available Decapod community inhabiting the rocky littoral of eight bays from Socorro island, Revillagigedo Archipelago , was studied during March Samples were collected from one-square meter plots placed following transects drawn perpendicularly to the shoreline along the intertidal zone. Organisms collected belong to six families, 20 genera and 26 species of the Brachyura and Anomura infraorders.

Xanthidae was the family with the highest number of species, and the highest species richness was recorded at the V. Lozano bay. Pachygrapsus transversus, Xanthodius cooksoni and Calcinus explorator were the most abundant species in nearly all localities. Dendrogram obtained define two groups of bays at a similarity level above 0.

En el dendrograma se definen dos agrupaciones con nivel de similitud superior a 0. Although protected as a National Park and a World Biosphere Reserve, years of human interference have left deep traces in the native plant communities. Thirdly, the native and introduced biota are interrelated in such a way that human-caused changes in one species population may provoke unexpected results amongst other, non-target species.

The project mainly deals with the eradication or control of some animal and plant plagues, the active conservation and restoration of the flora and the inclusion of the local people in conservation planning. This article presents the park's general problems, the strategy proposed to resolve them as well as some preliminary results. This project shows the complexity of the conservation activities in practice, with diverse and complex interrelations and gaps in ecological knowledge.

Las dimisorias del P. Como demuestra el episodio de las dimisorias del P. On this occasion, the Archbishop of Manila recovered the question of the Pastoral Visitation, and regalist points of view and proposals appeared, wich defended the independence of religions from external authorities. The political government of the Islands did not stay out of these disputes either.

The feared cohesion of the Society of Jesus in the archipelago ended up being deadly wounded; the regalism was also appearing in the other corner of the world, where the regulars had thought their independence was more assured. Hydrology, ecology, and management of riparian areas in the Madrean Archipelago. Riparian areas in the Madrean Archipelago have historically provided water necessary for people, livestock, and agricultural crops.

European settlers were attracted to these areas in the s, where they enjoyed shade and forage for themselves and their livestock and existed on the readily available wildlife and fish. Trees growing along stream banks were harvested Plant speciation in continental island floras as exemplified by Nigella in the Aegean Archipelago.

Continental shelf island systems, created by rising sea levels, provide a premier setting for studying the effects of geographical isolation on non-adaptive radiation and allopatric speciation brought about by genetic drift. The Aegean Archipelago forms a highly fragmented complex of mostly continental shelf islands that have become disconnected from each other and the mainland in relatively recent geological times ca. Dispersion of radionuclides potentially released from the Atolls of Mururoa and Fangataufa to neighboring archipelagos.

Alexander Selkirk

This paper presents a compartmental model developed to simulate dispersion of radionuclides released to the ocean from the atolls of Mururoa and Fangataufa on a scale of x km deg. S latitude, deg. Preliminary checklist of Cetacea in the Indonesian Archipelago and adjacent waters. Records of 29 species of cetaceans from the Indonesian Archipelago have been gleaned from published and unpublished sources, representing five families: Phocoenidae 1 species , Delphinidae 16 , Ziphiidae 3 , Physeteridae 3 , and Balaenopteridae 6.

The presence of 26 species could be confirmed. Patch-based generative shape model and MDL model selection for statistical analysis of archipelagos. We propose a statistical generative shape model for archipelago -like structures. These kind of structures occur, for instance, in medical images, where our intention is to model the appearance and shapes of calcifications in x-ray radio graphs.

The generative model is constructed by 1 learning Emergence of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus 2 in the archipelago of Madeira, Portugal Epidemiological data revealed the outbreak initiated in October in Porto Santo affecting wild and domestic rabbits. It was then detected three months later on the island of Madeira. Five haplotypes were identified and a genetic overall similarity of Unique single nucleotide polymorphisms were recognised in the Madeira archipelago strains, two of which resulting in amino acid substitutions at positions and in the VP60 protein.

Phylogenetic investigation by Maximum Likelihood showed all the vp60 sequences from the Madeira archipelago group together with high bootstraps. The analysis also showed that the Madeira archipelago strains are closely related to the strains detected in the south of mainland Portugal in , suggesting a possible introduction from the mainland. Human activity related to hunting was most probably at the origin of the Madeira outbreak.

Conus Gastropoda, Conidae from the Marquesas Archipelago : Description of a new endemic offshore fauna.

  • Juan Fernandez: Historia Verdadera de la Isla de Robinson Crusoe by Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna.
  • Robinson Crusoe -
  • See a Problem?.
  • Heilungswunder: Eingreifen Gottes, biologischer Glücksfall oder Volksmythos? (German Edition);
  • The River That Flows Both Ways.
  • Goldrush: Vanguard Prime Book 1.

Four are new records of shallow-water tropical Indo-Pacific species, and six are new species that were dredged,. The analysis identified population and assets at risk infrastructures and environment. The risk assessment was based on hazard and vulnerability of structural elements, road network characteristics, etc. EO data Pleiades and WV-2 , were used to establish a detailed background information, common for the assessment of the whole of the risks. A qualitative Flood hazard level was established, through a "Flood Susceptibility Index" that accounts for upstream drainage area and local slope along the drainage network Manfreda et al.

Indicators, representing different vulnerability typologies, were accounted for. The risk was established through intersecting hazard and vulnerability risk- specific lookup table. The approach relied on the identification of potential sources, the assessment of earthquake recurrence and magnitude distribution, the selection of ground motion model, and the mathematical model to calculate seismic hazard. Lava eruption areas and a volcanic activity related coefficient were established through available historical data. Basis for an Integrated Management of a Sustainable Mining.

A hillside, a mountainside,a talus or a slope may have, due to their extensive areas, either lithological or structural variations which might determine the presence of un stability phenomena. The cordillera n Iglesia sector major dangers are related to mass displacement movements as a result of the great quantity of unstable detritus situated in valleys slopes.

Landsat images, aerial photographs, topographic and geological maps data allowed to detect several sectors that may generate mass displacement movements, Arroyo de Aguas Negras rising sector was selected because it is on the right of National Route No. It is not only a national, but also an international route that connects Argentina and Chile. Third annual Lectureship of the Juan A. Since Juan del Regato started in at the Curie Foundation, great progress has been made in improved control rates and in our understanding of the basic principles of radiotherapy.

Today, the management of cancers by irradiation is a composite of radiobiological concepts and knowledge of the behavior of the tumors. This blend of basic science and clinical knowledge has given considerable insight into general oncology. A somber note is appropriate. There is still plenty to be learned. The value of high linear energy transfer LET radiation, multifractionation, and hypoxic cell sensitizers are areas that require clinical investigation.

The proliferation of radiotherapy facilities has resulted in the dispersion of clinical material and in the United States there are no Centers with enough patients to carry out meaningful investigations. Because of the complexity of the treatment schemes, cooperative studies involving a large number of participants fail to prove or disprove any hypothesis. If advances are to be made in clinical radiotherapy, there will have to be willingness to refer patients to Centers that are equipped for specific investigations. Fruit and fertility in San Juan de la Manguana. Ana Irsa Nisoris Aquina, 39, a mother of seven, grandmother, wife, and voluntary community health facilitator, lives in the Dominican Republic.

Nisoris counsels women and their partners about reproductive health, provides child survival information to new mothers, and dispenses common remedies for diarrhea and respiratory infections as well as contraceptives mainly oral contraceptives and condoms. FUDECO's work includes the development of water systems, health services, schools, and soil conservation training.

Widespread deforestation in the San Juan area has led to a reduction in self-sufficient farming and a lack of nutrition evidenced by an increase in infant blindness caused by Vitamin A deficiency. To combat this situation, FUDECO has taught the women's group led by Nisoris how to use solar power to dry fruits and vegetables to preserve them for consumption beyond their season.

The pilot group has in turn taught six other women's groups and conducted informal product sampling and Vitamin A information sessions in the local market. The program has been so successful that the women are exploring packaging options so that they can sell the dried produce. Juan N. Integrated hard and soft bottom seafloor substrate maps at select islands in American Samoa and the Mariana Archipelago.

SVP drifter data files Amphisbaena angustifrons plumbea Gray. The Cascadia Initiative CI is an amphibious array spanning the Juan de Fuca plate from formation at the ridge to the destruction of the slab in the mantle beneath western North America. This ambitions project has occupied over onshore and offshore sites, providing an unprecedented opportunity to understand the dynamics of oceanic plates. The CI project is now in its fourth and final year of deployment. Here we present constraints on the structure of the Juan de Fuca plate and its interaction with western North America.

We identify segmentation along the Cascadia subduction zone that can be traced back onto the Juan de Fuca plate prior to subduction. These results give insight into the life cycle of oceanic plates, from their creation at a mid-ocean ridge to their subduction and subsequent recycling into the mantle. A magical place, even better in the winter when there is no one around. A village with only 70 habitants, with no electricity and no water supply.

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