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While she worried about having three babies at once, the mom-to-be remembered how great it was to be one of three siblings with a special bond. The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star explained why she has no problem spoiling her daughter with "material items. The "Younger" star let her fans and followers know about her 8-month-old's piercings and they had plenty to say about it. Teigen's mom liked the model and host's "Tonight Show" look so much, she decided to borrow it for herself. Needing me means that I am doing my job as your protector.

In a new interview for Self magazine, the singer-songwriter recounts what it was like to learn she'd be a mom once more. April Love Geary responded to online trolls who questioned her parenting skills.

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When blogger and author Glennon Doyle heard about children suffering in U. When I used a bullet journal, I loved that I could brain dump straight into my planner. The Living Well Planner was a little pricey for me, but the idea of having everything in one place made me give it a try. I love it! Meal planning, calendar, budgeting plus, inspirational quotes : I can keep track of all of that in the same planner. Having everything spread between various apps added to my stress as a stay-at-home mom.

Stay-at-Home Mom Stress: 7 Ways to Find Relief

There is something about writing things down on physical paper that is stress-relieving all on its own. I know there are other planners out there that provide similar functions, but what sold me on the Living Well Planner was the blank dates. Pretty much every other planner was date January 1 — December 31 of the current year.

You can eliminate as much of that stress as possible by shopping online.


Amazon Prime is absolutely worth the annual fee. Being able to order something I need and having it show up at my door step in a day or two is priceless.

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We also use Amazon Prime as our streaming service to have everything in one place. We both get great shaves, and I never need to worry about running out of razors. When she told me about Lola, a subscription service for organic feminine products, I knew I had to try it. I love not needing to worry about running to the store because I forgot tampons or pads, and I love not worrying about what chemicals are going into my bloodstream just to make that time of the month more manageable.

Multiple studies have shown that lots of clutter equals more stress, especially for women. Unless you are entirely unaffected by chaos, the more stuff you have to manage as a stay at home mom, the more stress you will feel. After decluttering, our small home felt so much bigger! One of the biggest sources of stress for stay at home moms is decision fatigue.

Deciding what to do and when to do a million different tasks every day is overwhelming and exhausting. While some decisions are novel and cannot be avoided, there are so many decisions we make every single day that we simply do not need to make. Habits and routines can be used to automate just about anything: cleaning, health, fitness, bills.

Write down everything you need to do on a regular basis. Then slowly work on including different tasks in either your morning routine or your evening routine.

For a while, you may need to keep your routines visible, somewhere you will see them regularly. But after a few weeks, they should become a natural part of your life that you do without thinking about it.

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And because in this season of life, my morning routine does NOT involve getting up early before my kids, these tasks are often interrupted by filling various needs for one child or another. I try to complete them all before noon. If creating routines is a completely foreign concept for you, I recommend two complimentary courses by Crystal Paine, successful businesswoman and mom of 3: Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings. Partially, I had too many articles of clothing that just looked bad on me.

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I donated about half the clothes in my closet. It took me about months to figure out what colors and types of clothing looked best of me. Now, choosing what to wear in the morning takes two seconds or less. I love everything in my closet, and most items can be mixed and matched easily.

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However, time to yourself is critical to reducing stress as a stay at home mom. Remember the book I mentioned before? If you hate meal planning, join the club! But even though I hate, hate, hate it, I know that when I take the time to do it, it not only saves us money, but it reduces stress. Forcing myself to make a meal plan that worked for our family reduced my stress around food SO much. I highly recommend sucking it up and making a meal plan. Now I rotate meals monthly for variety.

Mum in a Million For the Stressy, Know-it-All Mum I Couldn't Do Without

Find out more about the benefits of minimalist meal planning for busy moms HERE. In between our weekly minimalist meal plan and our monthly minimalist meal plan, I used Plan to Eat, an online meal planner that stores your recipes, allows you to plan your meals, and creates a grocery list from your meal plan. I no longer own any cookbooks.

I created a tutorial in this post that will help you get started.