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Ask me again when I finish all of them. Because I want to turn into a giant dog, okay? Since, you know, I have nothing else to base my choice off of. I love all the colours on the new books, right?! They really pop too against the black background. I really needed this list! To be honest, the half naked people on the front covers always drove me away from her books.

At least for the sass, because one can never say no to sass. The characters all sound good too! So much sass, Ashley. Like literally all the characters do is sass each other in the dialogue and it is just about my favourite thing in the universe of EVER. Also, the amount of sass in this series is everything.

Not helpful at all. Gorgeous photography as usual Cait! I did see the movie, and I loved Simon. Whyyyy the naked guy?? Dislike those outright. Really everything about the old covers was bad. The spines of these new covers are fabulous too! But the font color- you know, the one that looks like baby food? And I mean, your pictures are stunning, and it makes me like the covers even more… but still not the font color. And I mean, I trust your opinion on all the things, but I ummm was really, really sick of this series by the end.

Not going to lie, I just came here to look at the pretty pictures and be a little jealous of your limitless talent. Cover fail. I shall not excommunicate you, my dear darling Shannon. I did think things got a bit tedious at times? But like I was so sucked in over all that was my winning emotion. Everybody has been either raving about this series, lecturing me on why I have not yet read it or both.

And just look at those covers! Aw, you are so restrained. I did enjoy taking the photos. But this post reminded how much I loved the TMI at the beginning when it came out and… those new covers are waaaaay prettier than the original ones. I mean, they are not bad but these are… better… they look more badass. Now I have life crisis. And I miss Jace and his sarcasm. Urgh… it seems like you did a great job and I will dive into it again. This post was a fun read!

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You know this is the one series we disagree on Cait! But reading this list makes me want to reread them and see if my thoughts have changed about them. Plus, sassy dialogue and fierce characters are the best. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! With Izzy a close second. Of course. My two favorite characters together. I read the first two so long ago.

Maybe City of Lost Souls? Yeah, probably. I have a weakness for historical books. I LOVE the colors! TMI fave? Just a TMI fave? Like so, so much. I Googled the series and stumbled onto Goodreads.. My favourite character is definitely Jordan. Must be my weakness for certain paranormal creatures… But Simon is a very, very close second. And Magnus. Thanks for this giveaway opp! I literally feel like most people are more snarky about it than loving of it?!? That is awesome it got you blogging, though.

They are very pleasing to look at. I know, right? There are so many worse books out there! Hope do they expect us to top that!? I answered both those questions in the post. These covers are so damn nice. It counts. I find most people prefer TID, actually?! I need I need I need! Will definitely be buying the new covers for that trilogy! So many chances to win, amirite?!? I miss the wit. It makes me want to continue the series. Did you hear Cassie Clare was sued over the books, btw?! Literally crazy. I hear a lot of weird stuff about Cassandra Clare being sued and all that.

I choose to ignore it? Omg, omg reading the quotes and loving them! I guess I sometimes choose things to be snooty about regardless of reason? Like chocolate covered fruit. If I could create myself an infinite time bubble in which I could conjure any book I wanted with unlimited time to read them, I would read it NOW! Which would be like.. I think you miiiiight have mentioned you love it.

Okay but I have to ask, then…Will or Jem?!? I adore the world building and every character apart from Clary, who is kinda useless. The lines are bad and the acting is bad in places, but I cannot stop watching it. Omg, this is such bad advice, Cait. Wut even. Also I really reaaaally love the movie. And hhe, I hear ya with the criticising of actors! I mean, I criticise them?!? But I would be hopeless. Still, those covers are gorgeous, although the UK have some rather new beautiful editions too, so maybe I shall raise you those!

Go check them out! Still, a really great list, impressive encouragement, I might just have to consider them again.. Bahahah, I shall not cast you out. You mean the UK ones that are plain but with the symbol? I like the minimalism. At… some… point. I really liked it. I think Simon comes second, though. But Sizzy is also very close. The stronger first book in my opinion was Clockwork Angel though! I think maybe Werewolves.

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  7. But also Vampires. Or maybe City of Heavenly Fire, like oooh. Also City of Lost Souls. That is a massive feat in itself, right?!

    The All-Jazz Real Book – Eb

    So I definitely think they get better as they go along. Bahah, don't hide about the TV show!! I want to see it I just need tiiiiime. But the actors in the movie version are my darlings. Aww, if only I lived in Australia! Can I move there, like now, just to enter the giveaway? But never mind. I love love love this post. It has made me want to go and read the entire of TMI again because, well, because of all the reasons you listed!

    And aw, the ships! I ship them all. Happily ever afters all round, please and thank you. Oh and the new covers are gorgeous.

    The All-Jazz Real Book – C

    SO much better than the old ones! I wan to re-read it toooooo. But, omg, there are so many books to read and my TBR is about to fall on my head, so I should probably attend to it first. Great to see you flailing over this series Cait! I guess I quite liked Isabelle for her snark? You make me want to read the rest asap! I love the illustrations and how each book is a character. I love that even the Infernal Devices covers now match. My fave character is and always will be Jace, King of Sass! I read the first book in TMI years ago, but tbh I was not a fan. I think that also had to do with my picking it not because I thought it sounded great because everyone raved about it.

    I have since learned my lesson. Your post has now sold me on the series and not just because the new designs are freaking gorgeous. Hoping I love this just as much as you and all the other fans. TMI will always be special for me because the books made me love reading YA again. I love the complexity of the characters and their humor and wit.

    About | barry threw

    The new covers are starting to grow on me, and the matching spines are gorgeous. I ship Sizzy so hard too! Malec is probably my second favorite too. I shall now traipse off to the library to stalk them because they look fah-bu-lous. And definitely just entered that thingymabob. Have fun! Where to start? Oh how I need these covers in my life! Please no one else enter. In the book series I loved Izzy. She was tough, determined and so incredibly independent. Okay, okay, do you see what you make me do, Cait? You make me go all wild with the hospitalization.

    I definitely prefer the new covers, because they kept the vibe of the old ones while, in an act of generosity, finally giving heads to people. In my opinion, although the fifth episode was better, the first four were terrible.

    And spine love for sure. I mean, that's what most of us get to stare at on our shelves the most I've heard that if I'm going to watch the show, I have to be patient and persist. I have other shows I want to get to first like Supernatural my daaaaarling. If they mess up Jace's snark though?! Great blog post! TMI is amazing and people should definitely watch it!

    Also, because of Jace. SImon is totally my favourite character in the series, It sucks that this is only for Australians XD! The series is really good, each book holding its own charms and cliff hangers. I absolutely hated going through the Jonathan-Jace-Clary scenario! Eeep, sorry about the giveaway!! I thought he would be sidelined too, but he sure turned out dazzling!! XD I like both the guys who got cast as Simon, in the movie and the series!

    The rest of the characters in the series are meh! Also I tagged you for a challenge. You must mug your sister for the episodes tonight!! I have never read this series which is why I so desperately want to win it!!! I love young adult fantasy and can see myself falling in lvoe with this world. May the odds be in your favour then. I think the whole dynamic that Jace and Clary have is so adorable. I had a few problems with some of the characters?

    Fingers crossed I win this giveaway! Also, the old covers were vvvvv awkward. Half naked Jace on the CoB cover? No thanks. I really enjoyed the movie. I wish I had time to re-read them. There are so many books out there demanding our attention, right?!? And with Lady Midnight coming out in March, I wanted to refresh my memory of the shadowhunter world. Cait this post is golden! I love TMI! Oh and Sizzy is my OTP! Izzy: beautiful, confident Shadowhunter in heels and Simon: the geeky comic book lover BFF forever stuck in the friendzone. But they mesh together perfectly! I love how awkward they were with each other at first and how they got through that awkwardness into the relationship that they have now.

    I loved City of Heavenly Fire the most because it really was an epic conclusion. The ending broke me though because Sizzy. Anyway, yet another great post! The BEST tbh. That CoHF ending though Simon precious darling. I know! Poor Simon! Have you seen the Shadowhunters TV show? Not to mention the cast is perfect, especially Alberto who plays Simon. He is so on point! I hope you do watch it soon. I just…gah, time??! I loved the movie, so I kind of have to tell myself that this is going to be different and be okay with that.

    I totally understand. I have been known to eat whole books for breakfast and talk extensively about the dark side and how many cookies it contains. Read More…. Subscribe to get a little Fury in your inbox! Join 2, other subscribers Email Address Subscribe. Because when am I ever wrong? Spoiler: never. And I have magnanimously stupendous taste in books, ergo there is really no reason to read further in this post. Just drop everything and rush out and read these.

    Little rebel. I mean, reading is good. But covers are quite important when you feel the need to pet your bookshelf. Plus you avoid so much awkwardness that the old covers inspired. Why were the old covers so headless???? Who can know? Shadowhunters believe in optional amounts of clothing????? And one of my favourite things about the Mortal Instruments is how sassy everyone is.

    The All-Jazz Real Book – Bb

    I laughed out loud during this one, folks. The Vulcan has broken. See I have a small weakness for the fantastical. How even does that happen? Wizardry writing. Again, wizardry. Sit here a moment and appreciate that. The Shadowhunters she meets. The resident Warlock. Her slightly-not-human best friend. He is a reason to read it solely by himself. I have a lot of ships, okay?

    I am a fangirl. I cannot even make toast without burning it. Can I be Isabelle when I grow up? Also Simon is a comic-loving dorky nerd. I need say no more. Jace is hilarious. A tortured little crumpet. But I still admire her. Brief stops for delicious food? Plot twists? Like, much tragedy and bleeding. I love it. I love it the most out of anything Cassandra Clare has written although she is a divine writer of many things and I gave the last three books 5-stars.

    There can be an awkward moment when your favourite author writes, like, one book. Intro to the Piano: Learn about the parts of the piano and how to find the all-important Middle C. Learn about the treble and bass clefs, and tips for remembering the notes on the piano. How can you be sure you're progressing at the right pace as you're learning to play the piano? In daily practicing, you can lose sight of where you started and how much improvement has taken place over time.

    Our Norfolk teachers are ready to get you started. Find your teacher today! Browse Piano Teachers. Featured On. Simple Our online tools make booking, managing your schedule and paying for lessons easy and hassle-free. Secure Easily search and compare teachers in your area, including past student reviews and background checks. Guaranteed If you're not completely satisfied, we'll help you find a new teacher or refund any unused lesson credits. Our teachers have taught 2 , 8 6 3 , 0 2 0.

    Virginia Beach, VA. About Lynn Whether you are 5, 25, or perhaps 85 years old when you make the decision to enter the world of music, you will be changing your life for the positive. There are many gatherings in the area called 'Pickin' Parties' that I want to get you ready to participate in as soon as is humanly possible. Specific songs you'd like to learn?

    View Details. View Profile. Lynn K. Virginia Beach, VA About Barbara Music has been an integral part of my world, playing a major role in both my personal and professional life. I embrace the chance to be immersed in it, to share my enthusiasm for and expertise in the area of the music education experience, promoting creative development and student performance skills. I am an original New Yorker but have lived in Virginia Beach for the past 20 years. I began studying piano at the age of 7 and have not stopped playing since.

    It is a gift and a joy to be able to share my love of music performance with people of all ages and abilities. I have also sung in many choirs in addition to performing professionally on the piano and the guitar, both as a soloist and ensemble member. I rejoice in the success that I see in my students as they learn and gain an appreciation for the gift of music. They become more and more eager to share and more and more open to the possibilities ahead.

    They are free and encouraged to express their goals and soon, they become more and more comfortable doing so. They begin to understand that even though I am their instructor, we are working as a team and that my goals for them are directly tied to the goals they have set for themselves. My teaching style is natural, relaxed and yet, very enthusiastic, all at the same time. I have patience in abundance and my continual student affirmation is well received.

    I give most attention to personalizing instruction for each of my students. My passion for musical expression is contagious and readily shared. It is a joy to teach music, to contribute to the growth and delight that I witness through a student's progress. I have taught music to both children and adults, from beginner to advanced levels. My teaching approach remains the same, save for the goals that suit the specific student, which we discover early on, sometimes even at the first session, together, right from the start.

    My student's success is my goal. This is my jubilant mission. I own a Baldwin Acrasonic piano. The students will need to buy their books. Emphasis on Theory including chords and improvisation. Genres: All.

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    Barbara M. About Bethany I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Education as well as nine years of private teaching experience. My students are all different, so each lesson is different! Bethany R. Boca Raton, FL. About Aldrin If you love music and have the passion it takes to learn to play an instrument I'll be honored to have you as a student. Whether you want to take Piano, Guitar, Singing or Violin Lessons, we will work closely with you to help you gain the confidence you need to perform at a very good level. My Career began when I was 12 years old playing Piano and today I work among world known musicians.

    Most of our students are from the South Florida area. Our pricing is reasonable and I can create custom packages to accommodate your budget. Aldrin E. About Karen Hello and thank you for the opportunity to serve. There is no greater blessing than to use the gifts you've been given to directly benefit others! If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life! Be certain, making music is unlike anything else you've done. At the same time, making music will strengthen everything else you WILL do!

    Whether you choose me to help to you along the way or another teacher, please be sure to get a teacher that is patient, experienced and disciplined. Your first year of music lessons will either create a strong foundation or collapse under the partially built structure. Give the teacher a chance to make their point. Don't be too quick to judge based on the inexperience of the student. The fundamental lessons must be repeated until learned. Whatever you do, get a teacher. Do not wa ste time believing you can 'self teach'.

    Your technique needs to be monitored by someone who knows music. I've learned a great deal in my 20 years of teaching; - patience - persistence - keep it fun - change it up - don't compromise the fundamentals - encourage musical discipline - tuning, warm-up, scales, technique, repertoire, new material - repeat! It's my belief that music fundamentals are critical and we will create a solid musical foundation by learning the language, understanding the critical issues of timing, rhythm, reading and learning how to LEARN!

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    About Anya Hi! I am a classically-trained singer, pianist, active performer and music educator in Portland, Oregon. I started teaching in I have extensive experience teaching voice and piano for adults and children of different ability levels and in different music styles.