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The Creature Feature gimmick was as elementary as its target demographic. Black and white stills from old Universal Pictures horror films were given ridiculous dialogue captions. You can almost hear the rimshots, right?


But no matter. If Topps had left the backs of the cards blank, it would have done little to diminish the winning formula they had applied to the front. Firstly, an economy of design made the layout stand out from every other trading card series, sports-related or otherwise. There were no splashy graphics, nor even a hint of color. Each card was dominated by its movie still, which was framed by a thin, white border. Thus, the viewer was immediately hit with the full visceral impact of the photo, which was sometimes campy but just as often gruesome.

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Then, a beat later, came a line of disarmingly silly dialogue. Unlike the stale jokes on the reverse, the ridiculous captions juxtaposed with frightening images could definitely elicit a laugh. If you were the right age, this was a seductive combination. The images are strange and disturbing, but then so is much of the world to a young mind.

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Unbeknownst to me at the time, the back cover art that framed the bad jokes was a vestige from a previous Topps series. The Creature Feature cards are a comedic improvement over the Funny Monsters simply because the images were never intended to be enjoyed for laughs, and that adds a delicious element of subversion to the endeavor. In the end, though, the funniest thing about Creature Feature cards may be a subtle touch that went unnoticed by consumers.

Monster faces were left unaltered. Yves invites eleven has been comics to his island lodge off the Canadian coast to audition for the central in role his new TV series.

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It's an opportunity to die for Shortly after arriving, the comics find they are stranded along with t…. No account yet? Create one.

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Paul Foster. Kristin Shepherd. Anne Washburn. Sears, Jack Sharkey. Leo W. Sears , Jack Sharkey. Jason Grote. Kevin Kling. Fred Ballard , Mignon G.

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Ron Clark. Louis del Grande. Neil Simon.

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