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His story could make you look at the Thanksgiving turkey in a whole new way. I forbear particulars. Being upon it examined and committed, in the end he not only confessed the fact with that beast at that time, but sundry times before and at several times with all the rest of the forenamed in his indictment. As punishment, he was forced to watch all the animals killed. At first, the court had a problem figuring out which sheep Thomas favored — sheep looking pretty much alike — but Thomas helpfully pointed out his sex partners.

After being killed, they were buried in a pit, and then Thomas himself was hanged. Though Thomas was the only person executed for a sex crime, punishments were still brutal. Even for lesser crimes, like fornication, you could receive whippings, brandings, wearing a Hawthorne-esque scarlet letter, time in the stocks, fines and banishment. Yet if court records are any indication, there was no shortage of colonists willing to tempt fate. Thomas Saddeler got the penal full house. Women were often caught with the evidence: babies. Babies showing up just a few months after marriage were also evidence of fornication.

Premarital sex was punished severely. The court had no idea why Holman was going to visit Sherive or his wife or both? Hmm… but those who create sex bans often have the best imaginations. The Courts did attempt fair trials and some accused were found innocent. Sometimes punishments were skipped out of mercy. Perhaps such mercy was a nod to human nature. Some were gay or bisexual.

Tanveer Hussain was indicted last week by an Essex County grand jury for allegedly having inappropriate contact with a year-old Saranac Lake girl earlier this year. The grand jury returned the indictment Hussain charging him with one count of first-degree sexual abuse and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, a report in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise quoted a press release from Essex County District Attorney Kristy Sprague as saying.

Hussain had been arrested in March on charges of sexually abusing the minor girl, two days after he competed in the World Snowshoe Championships at Dewey Mountain Recreation Center. The minor girl had told police that on the night of February, two days after the snowshoe race, Hussain had kissed her twice and had groped her. The report added that Hussain had previously denied the charges and declined a plea deal that would have let him return to India as he wanted to clear his name. Hussain had garnered much attention before arriving in the US for the snowshoe championship after the US Embassy in New Delhi had denied him and another athlete visas around the same time President Donald Trump had issued an order barring travel into the US from seven Muslim-dominant countries.

While India was not among the seven countries, the denial of visa to Hussain and the other athlete was seen associated with the executive order. Trending News. Those supporting militancy, separatism won't be entertained: Madhav. A recent effort was the launching of a statewide hotline for SV survivors.

Her research focuses on gender-based violence prevention. He has more than 10 years advocating for survivors, with an emphasis on queer and trans communities. He also works to address interpersonal violence through sociological research. Ethan began his involvement with adaptive sports as a youth sled hockey player with the Massachusetts Hospital School Chariots, and later went on to play wheelchair basketball for both the University of Illinois and the University of Missouri.

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Ethan now coaches a youth wheelchair basketball team in hopes of developing athletes as future community leaders. An expert on gender-based violence in African communities, Fatima has organized numerous trainings for both service providers and community members and served as an expert for numerous government agencies. In she founded Nerlow Afriki, Inc. Fiona Oliphant, Esq. Heather combines her previous social services experience with a systems based approach to provide outreach about the available services for sexual assault victims to vulnerable and underserved populations and the professionals they encounter.

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Heidi Notario, M. Heidi has advocated for the rights of gender based violence survivors, to include persons with disabilities and Deaf individuals, for more than a decade. Her practice include a focus on immigration law. Kevin R. A career prosecutor elected District Attorney in , Steele leads an office of Assistant District Attorneys and County Detectives who investigate and prosecute approximately 10, adult and juvenile criminal cases annually. The projects platform: Holistic Sexuality Information is a major tool in preventing, interrupting and healing from child sexual abuse.

Irene D. Gallegos has over five years of community health experience in teen parenting and pregnancy services, health coaching, and health advocacy for interpersonal violence survivors.

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In her capacity as a Forensic Nurse leader her goal is create healthcare environments that provide compassionate nursing care to patients who have experienced violence. James is currently training as an IMPACT Suit Instructor, he is dedicated to creating body-oriented healing and practical safety planning skills to Indigenous women, girls, and people with disabilities on the Turtle Mountain reservation.

Janine Zweig, Ph. She conducts both theoretical research and program and policy evaluations related to sexual violence and victimization, intimate partner and dating violence, substance use, and criminal justice policies. Jeff Matsushita is a believer in change. As a member of the Idaho Coalition, Jeff travels, listens, asks questions and is part of the movement to end violence against women, girls and gender nonconforming community members. Jennifer Benner is the Resource Development Coordinator at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center NSVRC where she coordinates the development of resources on a range of sexual violence prevention and intervention topics including resources on bystander intervention and trauma informed-care.

Jennifer Henkle is a student affairs professional and social worker currently taking classes with the intent to pursue her Ph. Jennifer has worked in survivor and victim services, higher education case management, and in sexual assault and mental health prevention and outreach endeavors at the university level. Jennifer joined the Idaho Coalition in November and works on various projects, include a cross movement collaborative in to build relationships and leverage power for an emergent world.

She is a first-generation Idahoan who is active in the political arena and is deeply committed to creating social change. Her primary focus is pediatrics, however, she began working in Sexual Assault Services as a Nurse Examiner three years ago and is now the full-time Director of Nursing at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and certified by the International Association of Forensic Nursing.

With a background in education and community event planning, she has held the position of Community Coordinator at Family Refuge Center, a dual organization, for two years. In this role, Jessica conducts prevention programming in three service counties.

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Jessica hopes to bring a rural voice to a national program upon completion of her Masters in Public Health. Jessica Moreno, LCSW, combines her clinical background, public speaking experience, and radical play approach to facilitate experiential learning environments to prevent gender-based violence at local, state, and national levels. She currently serves as the Community Initiatives Manager at Break the Cycle overseeing their national training and technical assistance projects.

Jill served on the VAWA negotiated rulemaking committee in Jo Johnson is an experienced clinical social worker CA who is completing a three year fellowship with the Office for Victims of Crime.

Understanding Sex Abuse: An Interview with Cyndie Randall, MA, LLPC

She has been talking with researchers and professionals across disciplines to identify gaps, needs and strengths in sexual assault response across the Nation. The focus of her work is preventing the perpetration of sexually harmful behaviors, particularly in children, adolescents and young adults. Over 25 years, she has developed prevention materials and programs for national, state, and local organizations.

Her research focuses on the impact of intimate partner violence and sexual violence on health, as well as health care provider and system responses to violence. Johanna serves both English and Spanish speaking clients of all ages. A child of Mexican immigrants, she uses her bicultural background to meet diverse needs of her clients. Josephine Feemster is a passion-filled human trafficking activist whose story of resilience has inspired many. Joyce Kyles is an award winning, national speaker, 2x Amazon best selling author, and survivor of domestic, sexual and financial abuse.

Joyce is a wife, mother, grandmother, and community leader. Julie Germann, J. Julie is the founder and consultant at Finding the Right, LLC, where she provides training and technical assistance nationally to improve response to violence against women and children. Focusing on trauma-informed systems.

Recently Justin left police work to focus on culture change. She is passionate about working towards social justice change. For more than a decade, K. Currently, K. She also works with the New York State prison system to provide a PREA hotline for prisoners at four facilities, along with a trauma-focused therapist for incarcerated sexual assault victims. She supports the provision of technical assistance to the nation on a wide range of sexual violence prevention and intervention topics.

She has been an advocate in the in the movement to end sexual violence for over twenty years. Vierthaler previously worked for the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, where she developed resources and provided training on the impact of sexual violence in various communities, including adults in later life, people with disabilities, and others.

She supports the provision of technical assistance on a range of prevention and intervention topics. She has provided training on the impact of sexual violence in various communities, including adults in later life and people with disabilities. Kate Stank is an art therapist who has worked in victim services since and has been providing art therapy groups at the Chester County Prison for several years. She has presented on the use of art interventions for healing and coping to various audiences She is active in her own artistic process as a sculptor and mixed media artist.

Her career spans nearly forty years in sexual assault services and includes direct service and program development, implementation, and administration. She has presented at conferences, domestically and internationally, on sexual violence issues. She works with culturally and community-specific providers and sexual assault support centers to create accessible and equitable services for all survivors. Passionate about topics such as intersectionality, equity, inclusion, oppression, vulnerability, fragility, privilege and social justice. As Outreach Coordinator, Kayla assists rape crisis centers and allied professionals in their responses to survivors of sexual violence from vulnerable groups and underserved communities — including incarcerated survivors.

She serves as the primary data analyst for randomized controlled trials of sexual violence and intimate partner violence prevention interventions. Kelli grew up with horses as a child and always new there was something special about the relationships she had with her horses. Having survived trauma at an early age she jumped on the opportunity she found at the Barnabas Horse Foundation to help others recover by using the nurturing character of the horse.

After thirty years in anti-violence work as an attorney, prosecutor, and activist, she has been on a transformational journey toward our collective liberation and a deep understanding that liberation has to begin with ourselves. She deeply believes that in order to move towards a world that is interdependent, resilient and regenerative, we have to live into that vision ourselves. We cannot become what we cannot imagine. A former prosecutor for years, Kelsey McKay exclusively prosecuted and developed policies related to strangulation for the last decade.

She has worked in the movement to end sexual and domestic violence for over 15 years. She was awarded the Diane Reese Advocacy Award state in As a party promoter, safer space practices are something she is passionate about and continues to educate herself in through promoter consent workshops and activism. Kerri True-Funk spent a decade of anti-rape work with a rape crisis center in a college town, where she learned how hard it was for her to be both a survivor and advocate.

Kerri earned her Master of Arts in Human Services Administration, focusing on supporting rape crisis center staff. Kristen Houser is a leading expert on sexual violence. With decades of experience in the field, Houser is a go-to source for context and expert opinion to national, regional, and international media on sexual assault issues and cases. She is skilled in communicating both on-camera and off on a wide range of topics, including sexual violence prevention and response, victim behavior and trauma, offender dynamics, campus sexual assault and experiences within the criminal justice system.

Houser provides expert opinion, context and facts about sexual assault to media covering high-profile cases, including those of Bill Cosby and Jerry Sandusky. She is regularly cited as an authority by major daily newspapers and industry publications--including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Forbes and others--and has appeared as a guest on numerous broadcast networks to offer expert perspective. Kristen M. Gibbons Feden is a nationally acclaimed trial attorney representing clients in complex litigation matters, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and Title IX and corporate-regulatory compliance.

Cosby, homicide, child pornography, financial exploitation, assault, and more often assisting children and survivors with intellectual disabilities. Kristen provides training and technical assistance to preventionists related to primary prevention, healthy sexuality, program evaluation, and more. Kristen is passionate about incorporating anti-oppression and social change work into prevention programming. She earned her PhD at Ohio State, and her research focuses on sexual violence prevention in college sports.

She earned her JD from Washburn University in Her research focuses on the intersections of health, technology, and gender-based violence. LaQuisha S. LaQuisha has devoted her professional life to educating and empowering women and young people to reach their full potential, achieve their goals as well as empowering those who have been affected by all forms of violence to find their voice.

She was recently named KYW Game changer. Larisa Kingston Mann is a professor, organizer, activist, and DJ. Her music and scholarship explores how oppressed communities create spaces for cultural expression, healing and radical imagination.

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Prior to college counseling, she worked in various Community Mental Health Centers in Philadelphia, specializing in trauma recovery. Her clinical work and personal interests are grounded in intersectional feminist principles and relational approaches to therapy. She is a member of an interdisciplinary working group with Student Health Services working to improve care for LGBT students on campus.

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She also supports various outreach efforts on the wider campus to promote a healthy culture of consent. Laura Luciano has worked for Rutgers University for 18 years. Her work focuses on addressing the prevention and Intervention of gender and power based violence. Laura also teaches in the School of Social work. Laura Martin is a graduate of West Virginia University. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Public Relations. She is a member of Rainbow Justice League and Allies Aspiring for Equity, both statewide groups, as well as a local men's outreach committee.

She has authored numerous community and scholarly publications and helped develop programs, prevention efforts, and policy related to sex trading and trafficking. Patterson is currently a licensed psychologist at the Georgia Southern Counseling Center. Lauren R. Taylor is founder-director of Defend Yourself, teaching skills for stopping harassment, abuse, and assault in Washington DC and nationally.

Taylor directs Safe Bars, using bystander education to empower bar and restaurant staffs to stand up against sexual harassment and assault. She trains teams in cities nationwide to set up Safe Bars programs. He is a faculty member of the Georgia Victim Assistance Academy. She provides conference keynotes, lectures at seminaries and colleges, community education workshops and professional training on preventing, recognizing and responding to child sexual abuse, trauma and recovery, and supporting adult survivors.