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Mr Taylor's' family branded the 16 month prison sentence given to Neil Hotchkiss, 33, 'ridiculous' and an 'utter disgrace', after the bouncer admitted grievous bodily harm at Shrewsbury Crown Court. Injury: Scott Taylor, 42, was left disabled and in need of full-time care after a single punch caused his skull to collapse inwards. He suffered extensive brain damage and will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Upset: Kirsty Taylor pictured right with her father branded the 16 month prison sentence given to Neil Hotchkiss an 'utter disgrace'. Mr Taylor left is now permanently disabled after being punched in the head. Mr Taylor had been out drinking at Bar Station in Wellington on a Friday night when father-of-eight Hotchkiss asked him to leave the establishment. After a brief exchange of words, Hotchkiss punched Mr Taylor, knocking him out cold with a single punch and causing him to collapse on the pavement.

Mr Taylor was taken to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire in a critical condition and placed on a life support machine. The grandfather-of-one had suffered a skull fracture and extensive brain damage from the fall, with the injuries leaving him in need of a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Mr Taylor was also left with a shocking dent in the side of his head caused by his skull collapsing, with the injury needing to be filled out with fat from his stomach. Wound: The grandfather-of-one had suffered a skull fracture and extensive brain damage from the fall, with the injuries leaving him in need of a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Speaking after Hotchkiss was jailed for 16 months at Shrewsbury Crown Court yesterday, Mr Taylor's daughter Kirsty, 19, branded the sentence an utter disgrace. The police knocked on the door at 4am and rushed me to hospital.

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Ms Taylor, who is now her father's full-time carer, said he was kept on a life support machine for a long time after the punch. She said that until her father's skull was reconstructed, it looked like half his head was missing. Mr Taylor has since had a stroke, although doctors can't be certain if that was linked to the injuries. He was using the sob story in court that he has got eight kids,' Ms Taylor said. Since the attack, Mr Taylor has had to move from his home to a warden-assisted bungalow. He is visited by professional carers four times a day, with Ms Taylor also spending eight hours at the property.

Scene: Mr Taylor had been out drinking at Bar Station in Wellington pictured on a Friday night when father-of-eight Hotchkiss asked him to leave the establishment. Prosecutor Andrew Wilkins told the court Hotchkiss paced up and down after the blow and made no effort to help Mr Taylor.

He also said the bouncer initially lied to police and said he had not touched Mr Taylor. Kirsty Taylor said that until her father's skull was reconstructed pictured , it looked like half his head was missing. Mr Wilkins added: 'Mr Taylor was clearly not doing what he had been told to do but, on the other hand, he was not being violent or aggressive. Sentencing Recorder Adrian Jack told him: 'As far as the Taylor family are concerned, any sentence I pass on you will be grievously inadequate for the very serious injuries suffered by Mr Taylor. I have to accept, however, that you did not intend to cause this sort of injury.

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    I think very often, when someone writes an interview piece, the intention is only partly to communicate what the interviewee said. The same often seems to happen particularly in American magazines when you read a feature piece on a subject. The intention is only partly to explain or illuminate the subject. Very often there is a parallel intention: to show-off the writing skills of the interviewer or feature writer who would really rather be a novelist. So you get long, irrelevant descriptions like:. If I add in extraneous facts, it is usually to create an overall unity — to cover over any jumps in the flow of the piece — not to make it look like I have an admirable literary style.

    If you are aware of the style and not what is being said, it is probably a shit piece of writing. As in clothes, so in writing… There is no John Fleming style. I bloody try to write in whatever bloody style suits the bloody subject of the bloody piece! I remember one evening I had to write a script which smoothly and enticingly listed a World in Action current affairs report on some worthy subject followed by I think it was The Benny Hill Show followed by a one-hour documentary on the Auschwitz concentration camp.

    When I was at college, I remember one early exercise was to go into a room and record a chat with someone about anything… then to transcribe from the tape not what you had heard said but what was actually said. That was when I first fully realised no-one speaks coherently. What we hear is what the person intended to say, not what they actually said.

    I was on the way here to… tonight. And a man dressed as a… a fish — he was dressed as a fish and he was juggling ora.. When you interview someone and transcribe what was actually said, you almost always have to clean-up what was said. There is always that sort of editing involved. The trick is to edit the words without in any way editing what the person was trying to say. The trick to me is to create an illusion of real speech from the anarchic mess of words and flitting-back-and-forth ideas that actually is real speech.

    Because almost no-one speaks coherently. The trick — if it is a trick — is to get them to talk without thinking. If they think too much about the fact they will be quoted, they may try to speak in well-formed sentences. That ends in a terrible disaster of awkward phrasing and unrevealing formality.

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