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Rich, Dr. Jillaroo has fallen out of her mother's pouch and now she is lost. The little joey is scared and tired. Poor Jillaroo doesn't know what to do.

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Can Emily Emu help? Will Wally the Wombat be nice, for once? And how can Maggie Pie lend a helpful wing?

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We have supplied the address as a graphic, to prevent bots, so you will have to type it into your email program manually :. All rights reserved. Customer reviews. It just happens that way, and all the Arbitration Courts, the curse of Australia, won't alter it. Cotton was a self-made man and landowner at Hidden Vale , who had left home at 14 to become a seaman. Later he became a member of the Queensland Club and included a thank you letter from the Governor of Queensland , John Goodwin, in the introduction to his own autobiography [18]. Bill Harney states [19] that there was no division of rank in the outlying camps, "all ate around the same fire and slept in the open.

But at the head-station a change came over all this. The social strata of station life, reading from top to bottom, was bosses, jackaroos, men and blacks.

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This was a carry-over from the early days, when a rigid caste system ruled the land. This was most clearly evident in the segregated eating arrangements, "The boss and the jackaroos ate meals in the 'big' or 'government' house. By Vigars [21] said "A jackeroo may be called upon to do all manner of work on a station, such as clerical work, boundary riding, mustering sheep and cattle, fencing [repairing fences], and generally any work there may be about the place, so that he not only needs a fair education, but intelligence and adaptability".

Vigars continues, "A jackeroo is a title signifying a youth under training for the pastoral profession, and corresponding to the midshipman on a warship — an apprentice in the Mercantile Marine Service — or in a commercial house — an articled clerk in a solicitor's office, and so on. The traditional method for training young men for practical occupations had been the apprenticeship , and this began to be replaced by programs of formal schooling.

The jackaroo, as a form of apprenticeship, followed the trend.

The first of what would jackaroo josh do i tried not to yell I really really really did lol

The legend is that they are social equals with the station owners, and are virtually treated as belonging to the family. Because of this, they receive only about half the pay of a station hand, and are liable for duty at any time. Most jillaroos returned to the cities after the —45 War ended. But during the '70s, as a consequence of feminist thinking, a new source of jillaroos began to appear.

Jillaroo School

Susan Cottam, [25] an English woman, described her experiences in Western Queensland from 3 March to 3 March , in the form of a journal. Dubbo and Kimberley Technical and further education TAFE centres provide a certificate course of practical experiences for people who want to work as jackaroos or jillaroos on rural properties. The course covers practical aspects of farm work at an introductory level.

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