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Is there anything I can do to get him back to normal? We have a great relationship and we have children together. Hi Theresa! Does he know? Have you talked about it? Thanks so much! And is it true that a spell can be put on someone I never dated or met? Hi there. Is that right? If so, I recommend rescinding that spell as soon as you can. See reasons in this blog post, above. Yes, I did the passion pancea, tri force, triple cast Also, its another one I cant remember.

But it is possible right? Chandra, are you referring to a previous comment? Yes, I was asking u about 3 spells I did cast on someone that dont know me or know that I exist, I was asking is it possible to do these type of spells on someone even thou they dont know me at all, I did the passion panacea, the tri force love spell, and a couple more, through a spell caster.

Is this possible to be done on someone that you actually never talk to in person and they dont know me? Hi, The last few months I have been in a very confusing relationship full of ups and downs, but also lots of love. I am 18 and this was my first relationship. The man involved is 7 years older than me. We started as friends but from there things moved very slowly, first holding hands, going on dates, and finally after three months we kissed.

The kiss came after we had a conversation. I asked if we were more than friends. He became awkward and explained that the age difference was too much and he felt uncomfortable. So we remained friends but after only two days he said he could not not act romantic towards me.

When we did kiss it was passionate and real and evident that there was a strong love connection. Unfortunately after a short month of being intimate, he began to stray away. He blamed this on his mental health and again my age, and I promised to be there to support him. Well now we are just friends, because there is another issue. When we met he was engaged but unhappy. But now that we are just friends he is returning to her. He still wants to be in my life because we have built a great relationship.

We have become best friends, we never fight, and we alway have fun. But I am struggling with this. I know that he still loves me, he is unable to deny it when I ask. When we touch there is still magic. The issue is that he is a professional at repressing his feelings. I am worried because I really care for and love him. He is reentering an unhappy relationship for the sake of comfort, instead of following his heart. Is there a spell to bring him back to me romantically, since we are still best friends?

I just need something that will help him follow his heart and stop repressing his feelings. All I want is happiness for both of us and at this point we are both very sad. Thank You. I am getting the sense that the healthiest thing for both of you would be for you to release him and let him go his own way.

Even if you think he is making the wrong decision, it is still his decision to make. Also, when you do this, you will have the best chance of him returning to you on his own if it is meant to be. I suggest a cord cutting ritual, and also letting go of reminders of him in your home and environment. Thanks for the reply. I just feel that it was meant to be and I do have a feeling he will come back. I have a question about the cord cutting ritual. Will it completely cut him from my life? Because I do not want that. I live in a very rural area and he is my only friend at the moment, which will change when i go to college in the fall.

But I do think it would be beneficial if he was out of my thoughts. Is that what the cord cutting does? Also concerning getting rid of reminders: That is kind of an issue since almost everything I own reminds me of him. I made the mistake of letting him fully into my life, so most of my possessions have a memory associated with him.

We also have very similar interests, so now all my my favorite shows and books remind me of the times we shared watching them. When I enter my own bedroom I immediately imagine the memories we shared together here, so i feel it is impossible to get away from him. Then maybe for now just do the cord cutting ritual and do your best to move on from your relationship with him.

A desire me spell, a love me spell, and a dream of Me spell. I am completely ashamed of what I did and how my emotions got the best of me but I still want to see him and want him to like me back. The spells have been somewhat of a success since I get to see him walk or ride his bike by my house often and always looks towards me even though I am far away from him. Do you know what I should do? Is there a way to either undo or break those spells I put on him? First, if you have any remnants of the spells you cast charms, candles, etc.

Will I ever get back with my ex love. I want to try a love spell on him. His name is Robert. I still love my ex boyfriend and I truly believe he still loves me too, i can feel it.. I feel like i lost a part of me. I have been focusing on myself for the past 3 months however, I want to love myself more than ever before, I believe that I am the source of my own happiness, not him. Will love spells work if I know deep down that we are meant to be, but we are both afraid to try again? Will it encourage him to come and look for me? Hi Sarah! Does binding someone create a repelling effect to anyone else who may want to engage with the object of desire?

Someone I love very much passed me over for a guy who is into the dark arts, seems to be from his family lineage. Since the day he showed up I have experienced weird reactions to the one I love. Third party information revealed that he may bind her. I am just wondering if binding has this kind of result. Sadly his energy is much darker than she is aware of and he does not have good intentions for her. I would concentrate on clearing and shielding yourself regularly.

Hi Tess! I am currently going through a heart wrenching divorce. My husband has filed for divorce and has met someone else during the divorce process. Someone of whom he claims to be in love with. They live in different states and met on a social media website. I feel deeply in my soul, however that he is my soulmate and I truly believe that he will come back to me. I want him back, but I want for him to feel some sort of remorse because I am hurting badly. He seems to have no remorse. What can you pick up on my situation? Hi Miranda! Hi Tess, my boyfriend of 3 years just broke up with me on the day before our 3rd anniversary.

He claims that he still loves me and is afraid to go further in the relationship because of his own confusion and anger towards life. He says that he fears he may harm me one day and the effect would be irreversible. Hi Abby — this sounds heartbreaking. After that, see how you feel. Hey Tess! Hi Kat! And if so who would get him? Hi Blossom. The strange behavior is likely because of the love spell you have on him. I highly recommend rescinding it.

Please let me know. Thanks for your post, very insightful! So my issue is this: my husband of 5 years left me for another woman. Granted, there were issues but I invested so much in this , I wanted us to work. In a desperate attempt to get back I casted a love spell as well as a break up spell my husband and new girl. But I never used any materials like candles or rituals or ingredients; the cast was from a website on the internet. If it is, what can I do to undo this? And instead what can I do to solely focus on my own self, heal, and find happiness and love again?

Could you please shed some insight on my situation? Thanks for your time. Daisy, I applaud your change of heart! Wonderful questions. He was involved so we decided to just be friends. Then, he decided to break it off, so we made it official. So his ex, whom he had kids with, found out I was the reason he broke it off.

She decided to get revenge I think she put spells on him. He started acting real negatively and then would leave abruptly to go back to her. I was distraught so I seeked psychic advice I was informed she did put spells on him. So then I In a desperate attempt to get him back, cast a love spell as well as a break up spell. And he returned and vice versa. Each time he leaves he acts real strange towards me in the beginning and then it fades and he usually returns to me after.

I can never speak bad about her. If I do he becomes enraged. I can barely even bring her up. It will just mean that for now, you will separate your energy from his. The relationship is not healthy, and the only chance it has of getting that way is if you personally separate your energy and get healthy on your own. Good evening Tess thank you for your post regarding love spells I agree with you wholeheartedly. You know I went into a candle shop a few years ago and was asked about lighting a love candle for my ex-husband and I declined it because if a person loves you it should be of their own free will and not because their will was taken.

Love is about choice and should never be forced. Well I have of late experienced just the opposite. After 30 years my first love came back into my life and I was happy to hear from him. He sent me text messages every morning like clockwork such that if my phone went off I knew it was him. The good morning messages, goodnight messages, funny memes, flowers, hearts, photographs, scripture and telephone conversations just blew my mind.

One night even we spoke on the phone for 3 hours and 12 minutes it was so amazing. He usually as most men is quiet and I think he just wanted to satisfy me while truly enjoying our time together. It was as if My Dear Mother who passed away God rest her soul in peace did not want me to be alone because of the tremendous amount of love I have inside of me.

Well I knew he was married so I did not try to contact him. Then I went in to add another memory for My Dear Mother and this time he had left his phone number. So I said well I should at least thank him for remembering my Mother and giving his condolences so I called him. That is when he told me that he was divorced and so was I it was like it was meant to be. And for six months it was a dream come true. He also had kept pictures of me that he had taken and sent me the one in my bikini and said do you remember this young lady.

I was so touched. Then the horror began. I could sense some sarcasm in his responses to me along with some doubt. It was time for a reading so I went and found out that his ex was around and had burned a breakup candle on us. Apparently, his focus was on me and we were talking about him coming out to California, but that seems that it will never happen now.

The negative vibrations from the breakup candle caused a misunderstanding between us and I have not heard from him now in 9 weeks. This man when we first fell in love in California was in the military and had gotten stationed in Georgia where he suffered a near fatal car accident. When he was able to be released from the hospital the first thing he did was drive cross country back to me in California. Then he went back to Alabama and I decided to go to college in Alabama to be near him it was nice.

They say if you let love go it would come back to you, but now I am afraid and I have tried to reach out to him, but no response. I even believe he blocked my number. It hurts, but I still love him! What should I do? This spell seems so strong and she has the upper hand I know he loves me, but have I lost him now forever. Thank you God bless you Tess.

Hi Yvonne! Dear Tess, I just want to say thank you I could not agree with you more leaving it up to the Universe and Divine intervention is the only way. I trust God and know that He shall not put upon me more than it is that I can bear. I worry about my first love, but I will put those energies into prayer and ask God for mercy.

Thank you for your kind words and I appreciate all that you are doing. You are definitely walking in the Light! Peace, Yvonne Abdullah. Need an insight from you on my situation please. Considering he and I stay really far from each other and we had different work timings, weekends he had spend with his family he stays with his family unlike me. I have dated quite a few guys in my past and in one I was in a very serious relationship which for 4. Currently, he is with a girl from his workplace.

Everyday my energy goes in thinking about him. Hi Maria! Do any of these five practices call to you? You can do more than one if you like. These two friends of mine have been together for more than 15 years, living together for 8 they also bought a house together 5 years ago or so. He feels as if they had broken up yesterday. It breaks my heart to see him in this situation, and I would love to help him leave this behind and to look forward!

Have a beautiful day. Maybe 4 from the post linked after this comment would be good for him, if he is open to it? Hi tess, am Julie. Sometimes he stops calling me like someone being used charm on. We have been on and off, we still madly in love with each other and know our union will be awesome.

I am confused on what to do and how to get the parents to like me. Please help, a day does not pass without me crying about the issue. Hi Julie! I think my ex put a love spell on me. Hi Koji. Hi TessI am 25 years old and I got rejected by a girl 2 years and 9 months ago and it has ruined my life.

I was left absolutely devastated and I pracceded to drink heavely at teh weekends and up to this day. I am not a alcoholic and also since the rejection I have completely given up on life and am constantly sad and beating myself up because I know I should have been given a chance with her. It breaks my heart and its eating me. Also since she rejected me I have let myself go. I dont eat healthy anymore and sleep a lot and eat junk food a lot and when ever and I have gained nearly 3 stone.

We only spoke about 2 times and she hates me not and refuses to look at me. I just feel like crying and get a physical and melting pain in my stomach and chest if I see her or imagine being with her. I am so sad and upset I just wish the world could have given me a chance for her to get to know me before she decided to reject me. Anyway a few weeks ago I paid 3 spell casters to make her love me and nothing has happened. Can anyone help me?

3 Ways to Cast a Love Spell - wikiHow

Hi David. It may sound boring compared to love spells, but to start you in a more positive direction, I highly suggest clearing all the clutter in your home, clearing the space, and doing a cord cutting meditation every day for 7 days. Hey Tess, some advice would be really appreciated. We recently started to become friends with benefits. Turns out while this was happening he was pursuing a relationship with another girl he liked. Molly, I suggest that you stop sleeping with him and work magic to activate romantic attention.

Then go out in the world and have fun flirting with and meeting other people. Go ahead and stay friends with this guy if you want, but take this opportunity to play the field in a fun way. Then see what happens with the relationship with the friend, as well as your feelings about him. Here are some spells you may find helpful for this.

Hello Tess! Divine partner, whatever terminology suits your tastes most; he passed away years ago. Death is as natural and necessary as life. Part of that process was dating again. Technically I met him once months ago, but he quite literally dropped back into my life out of the blue. It was like watching an electrical storm. I stayed and talked with him so long that I missed my train.

I immediately went home and checked my oracle cards, and suffice to say it was a very illuminating hour. I sense that some sort of ritual is appropriate. What sort of spellwork would you suggest to manifest the best possible outcome? Your blog is wonderful, by the way. Hi Vicky! It sounds like some fun romance is happening for you!

I wrote a spell wishing my ex should come back and commit,by watching one of the YouTube videos with a piece of paper and writing it five times and my name 7 times and enclosing it with come back to me written with out lifting my hand. But now I want to undo it and I am not happy about me forcing things. Please help me how do I undo this. Hi Deepika. Good choice! Along with it, eat 9 pistachios on each of the 12 days after sweeping your aura with the lemon.

I had some one to do a love spell on the guy I am with now I am feeling sad because I really want this man to love me on his own not by force, is there a chance this man could love me genuine on his own? I thought it would help our relationship, I am terrified that I did this, I did not know this could hurt me for life. For the guy, I suggest you empower 14 pistachios in the light of the full moon. Then see if you can get him to eat one every day of the waning moon cycle. Pistachios help break love spells. Sorry, but love has nothing to do with free will.

Having the will to stay away also shows that love spell is not rape. Same thing, you can not will yourself to fall for someone who ticks all or most your boxes. Love is always magical. Not to mention that so called natural love usually wears out too. The number of divorces clearly shows that. The way I see it, you have nothing to lose. If it comes back to you, well, if you had really been in love, it would have last forever anyway. You can be miserable after having had a chance, or without it. I met my boyfriend a few months ago, things were great, like really great.

He stopped taking them suddenly bc he said he was happy with life and happy being with me. Is there a spell I can do to help him? Maybe a powerful healing spell or something? Hi Luna! I find myself at times getting emotional overwhelmed when I think about a particular person and would have to take calming breath and clean my aura. I would like to call the person not against there will. I also have a guy a became friends with on pan and a few months he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I talk to his on an off for another month he told me he was going to a cancer center then nothing and I have not heard from him in 6 years.

I want to get back in touch with him,I miss his we got along so well and would like to find him. I want to bring them here but not make them fall in love with me just get us to bump into one another and go from there. Hi Demi! I read it, slept on it for a couple of days thought about the repercussions. Im going to do it anyways. I miss him. I havent been able to let anyone in to my life since we broke up and it feels like im under his spell.

I know love spells are bad but are there any good spells for getting someone to talk to you again? I had a very confusing falling out with a male friend was really close friends with. I have no idea why but he told me to leave him alone for good and then left town a couple weeks later. I do have feelings for him and he knows it but he said no to dating so I moved on, started seeing others and was fine with being friends at least.

It would not be a love spell then… Just one for talking to me again and possibly mend the friendship. Hi Jennie! Are there any spells from this post that appeal to you? Hello I recently came across messages between a current gf of mine and her best friend about how she has tried to love spells on me and there was in depth conversation about certain items, needed waiting for a full moon and waiting 3 days before trying anything else. I met this girl while I was in a long term relationship with the mother of my kids and there was some cheating involved however I thought better of it and after talking with my girlfriend at the time about it and admitting my wrongs I decided to call it off and was serious about it.

I just found this information out today and have been trying to make sense of it all and I just want help. Has there been proof of love spells working? Yes, love spells can work. Just email me if you know thanks for the help. Hi Justin! This meditation could help. Hi Tess, I just turned into a wiccan a few weeks ago and need some help. Then this new kid came to my school and I instantly fell in love me my friend Lily and him would hangout all the time.

During the summer I cried so many times thinking about him. My friend and me met up and she told me he loved me. After I did it I knew instantly something was wrong, so I tried to find a reverse spell,and then I found this please sent me a link or something for a reverse spell thank you -Justin Hell fake last name lol.

I think my spouse put a love spell on me. How do you love someone so much who is hateful, mean, controlling and in his mind, never wrong? Everything he does and says breaks my Heart, but everytime I thinking a out leaving him, my heart breaks even more. We have an 8 year old daughter together. I also feel like someone maybe him again with an autoimmune disease, so I would be even more dependent on him. Chasity, I highly recommend talking to a therapist about this. We have a son together. He is very particular about what I wear. Anyway, I found out he is still trying to sleep with his exes.

Is there anything out there like that? From the things you described, I think you know that what you need is not a love spell, but the courage to break up with this person. I need help. It worked on the guy I loved. It worked he got with me. We had a kids, he ended up being the main breadwinner of the family while i was a stay at home mom for years.

I would do everything, cook, clean, Everything for the kids, even if i was sick or pregnant, he would still want things from me but not help much. I gained a lot of weight, i felt like i was going no where even though i was proud of raising and educating my kids.

But sure there was good times, he did some romantic things after i nagged and I do love and care for him but the years of neglect due to his gaming addiction and unromantic, unhelpful behavior when it comes to anything besides work, took their tole. Last year around this time i started making changes for myself. I felt like i was doing something for myself for once when I never have before. I met someone during work and had feelings that led me astray. I felt bad but I just felt I needed their attention. I loved it. But even this person neglects me and seems to just see me as a sexual object.

My husband has always kept me on a short leash over the years. It only happened recently with the person i met at work. But for almost a decade i did nothing wrong. He argues with me constantly. Nasty things in my opinion. All because he found out i was talking to and attracted to someone at work. He watches the videos and questions things. I read how it can go wrong in number one and number two of your posts.

He blames me for everything. I read your post and i know it is all my fault. To make up for me being so lonely at the time, stupid and forcing someone against their will to love me because i wanted their love so bad because i was so distraught and lonely. But in the end i have to fix this some how. To unbind? To cleanse? What if the love spell is too strong? I just want to fix our lives. My bad karma. I just want help to unbind this peacefully and some how make up for my wrong and my bad karma.

See if he can help you release the spells and the husband, and protect your energy. Is there a specific email for him?

Ethics of Love Magic

We were so in love and happy. Recently our arguments became frequent and oit of nowhere he wpuld blow up at me. The last argument went too far and he broke up with me. As a result, i took things too far and said some unforgivable things to him. We were best friends and he could never forgive me. I was looking for a love spell, but i think his sister, who is a witch cast a spell to break us up. Is there a spell for him to forgive me? Also, i know you said no love spells. Would one in this situation backfire?

Also, is there a spell for making him forgive me and speak to me again? Hi Lexie! Is there a spell from this post that appeals to you? Hi Tess, I really like the second spell here. So just to clarify, that spell should be done at a full moon? Also, would you be able to recommend anyone that could do a tarot reading? Yes, do that one on a full moon. As for tarot readings, yes! Check out the intuitive counselors whom I have personally trained. I am wondering, do love spells and spells in general really work?

Hi Ryan! Yes, spells work when they are done correctly. I have just gone through a break up and want to win my love back. I believe she is at a point where she is not sure whether to get back together or not. Possibly even done. I have read about all sorts of spells and they sound amazing as you would imagine but I began to read about the possible ways they could go wrong and I do not wish that for my love or for myself.

More so I want her to fall back in love of her own free will. As I stated before, I do not wish to do that to her. I want to bring love and the future that we have both spoken about to the table. Free of doubts and negativity. I am ready and willing to make the changes in myself for the better that I need to so that I can bring the best to the table. If there isanything you can offer it would be of great help and very much appreciated. Hi I am new to this but I feel I been cursed to find true love. And when a decent girl come around it goes great for a few weeks the.

And what I could of done to change things. John, I suggest getting into counseling with a therapist you trust. This sounds like it may stem from an emotional or psychological pattern that you can change when you identify it and consciously shift it. Counseling can help you do that. I am fairly new to spells and put a love spell on someone I have a lot of feelings towards. However, I read this article after I cast the spell and now im a bit worried. What do you suggest to reverse the spell before the effects start to take place? Amanda, good question. I hope you are having a wonderful start of the year!

I have a certain problem. A psychic person controlled me for two years using love spells, control spells, hexes for me to have no luck finding another person to love, and probably some psychic manipulation. I have discovered all of this and completely separated from this person, cutting him out of my life and getting help in breaking these bad spells. The problem is that this person keeps attacking me with love spells, which I can easily identify because I know that I have no true love for this person. I just want for him to stop trying to control me. What I wish to know is whether or not you have some articles in your blog or your books that could help me create some sort of defense for these constant attacks.

I would be very grateful. Hi Alex! I had to use magic to brake her spells. I am also a born witch and I was binded by my Mom when I was 5 because I did something wrong. I was born into magic and I was taught the dangers even tho I was bined. I was born to both I can do both with ease, I choose to be good. I hope that people understand what I am saying and not take offence. I am writing a book on our story.. Bless it be. Hi Kimberly, How did you manage to remove the spell? A woman has taken my husband away from me just like this.

All because she wants money and nothing else. I think she did the spell nearly 4 years ago and keeps renewing it. My husband hates me for no reason. And totally ignores our child. My ex dumped me less than 2 hours after telling me he was in this for the long-hail and less than a week before my birthday and a week after he told me he was in love with me for the first time. Needless to say it was a total shock. It was at first supposed to be a break and I was feeling a lot of anger so I did a honey jar spell not only for him but also for me — so we could both feel positive towards each other.

I did so because numerous rituals showed me that he is my Twin Flame. I blessed the jar twice a day and had a candle lit over it different ones I charged for 24 days straight. The longer I held on the more pain I was in so I decided when I was leaving Los Angeles to go to New York for 5 weeks that I would snuff out the candle, put it in a jar and leave it and see how that effected things. It broke my heart so I decided it was best to not reach out to him at all, distance myself, and do my best to stop looking at his social media. I also did a cord cutting ceremony. Do I need to dismantle the jar when I get back?

I would like for us to always think fondly of each other no matter what happens. We share a lot of mutual friends so I really want things to remain positive. So wondering how that can be possible while also completely cutting the cord and moving on with my life and healing fully so I can find and have the relationship I deserve. Just keep meditating as well as clearing and shielding your energy and taking super good care of yourself. My bf of 12 years, who loves me dearly and wanted to marry me.

All of a sudden he changed. Pushing me away. I found out that a girl put a love spell on him. I have talked to spiritual advisors, they all say they will cleanse. And the moment the spell was broken, he says he felt very relaxed and happy. But he caught a cold which the person who helped break the spell says is due to the outer element that was present in my husbands body left a void and caused him to catch a cold. Will my husband be subjected to any side effects of the spell in the future?? Hi there A! Hi Tess. So I really do want an old lover back.

Is there a way that I can wish this lady a friendly spell in finding true romance and a real man? Hi Mila! I suggest spell 5 from this post. Except you. This will leave you open for the best possible outcome, which may or may not involve this specific person.

I dont want to do anything that will mess with the power of the spell like hold back to the old energy or get rid of the new one…Please help! Oh, good question! I want to cast a karma friendly spell. Which spell should i choose. I fell deeply in love with this man and he left me because he no longer wanted the commitment and I really loved him and the breakup really made me depressed , what should I do to bring him back to me? Hi Emily! Hi again, Tess! I performed spell 2 during the last full moon and something unexpected happened… within couple of days his behavior changed completely.

Like a different person, the one I knew months before he started doing cruel things. He stopped cheating on me… and is really loving. Now that all makes sense. But tell me, Tess, is it possible that such a simple healing spell could break a love spell? Oh, thats awesome! Hi Tess, I have a rose quartz necklace, would that work instead of the bracelet for spell 5? Also, does it lose its magic if you take it off from time to time? Hi Mira! Yes, you can absolutely substitute a necklace.

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And certainly, you can take it off. Tess when I was younger an boyfriend of mine did a binding spell on me using his blood. I did not know this until recently and have in the past 7 years befriended this man again. My feelings for him have never changed. However he says he no longer feels that way about me.

I have asked him to fix this so that I may move on. I have had a headache and an unsettled stomach since that day. I am just wondering if it could be a residual affect from the releasing of the spell. Hi Cyndy! My relationship is going through challenges and heading for a break up. Is spell 2 ok? I will also like to write more to you through your mail. Donny, yes!

That spell is appropriate. Go for it. Hi Shakirah! Yes, let it burn until it goes out naturally. Thank you so much for this! I have developed a pretty massive crush on a classmate of mine in graduate school in these first 2 weeks of classes starting. We have slept together a few times after some nights out with our friends and get along naturally, however we are still getting to know each other on a more personal, nonsexual nature. I am really hoping to get to know him more to further develop our recently-formed friendship so that it may progress to a relationship some day.

Thank you!!!! Hi Christie! What will you suggest me i want my husband back forever and want him to cancel his divorce petition. Hi Teju. I no longer do private consultations. Hi tess my husband leaves me for a younger woman, i was so depressed i could hardly understand these things happened to our marriage. As of now its hard for me to let go. My life was devastated…i hope and pray so hard that things will fall into proper place like my husband getting back with me… My qustion is can i use spell2,3 and 4 one at a time?

Please email me if you have time Thank you and Godbless. Hi there. I would start with 2. Hi Tess,I have been in a relationship with this guy for about 3years. I later discovered there is another lady who got pregnant for him and he was confused about what to do. Last month I only discovered he moved in with this lady and he says he knows he made a mistake but he really loved me.. I still love him and want to work things out regardless of the circumstance because I feel he is the one.

I am so depressed especially because his attitude has changed yet I love him so much.

Do you think he is under a spell? What do you suggest I should do? Anna, I suggest you let him go. If you love yourself truly and treat yourself like gold, you will see that his behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Hello,I am from Bulgaria. I want to ask you if I can make spell 1 in Bulgarian language. Will it work? Thank you! And excuse me for the stupid question but when exactly is the full moon phase? I do not want to make any mistakes. Thank you in advance! Veronika, a similar jar will absolutely work.

And as for the full moon phase, it depends on when you do the spell. And I just want to ask you. I have made spell 2 today at Is this if a matter? Have I done it wrong? I am thinking about this now and get little worried,because I taught I have done it perfectly,but now I am wondering if it was the right way?

Hi Tess, I have done a love spell in the past and jeez did it reck my life! Hi Louise! As for the spell about not caring about what others think, possibly one or all of the spells in this post would help? Hi Tess, Thank you so much for answering. It just feels good and puts me in a happy state of mind. I have been dating this guy for almost 3 years. About a month later, he admitted that his ex they were not together lived in his home with him because she had previously been evicted with their child but was expected to soon move out. She moved 2 weeks later.

Since then, she seems obsessed with he and I. Before her knowledge of me she was careless about him. She has called my phone many times, kept his child away, told me very hurtful things about him his past all in the effort to run me off. She has even tried to befriend me. He tells her they will never work and that I am his best friend and that he is in love with me. He has never downplayed our relationship to her the way that he has downplayed their relationship while the three of us are present.

Their relationship has been a disaster physically, mentally and emotionally abusive per their words. We have never had as much as an in person argument let alone have been physically abusive to one another. Something seems very unnatural about her or this situation. I love him so much and I have never felt a connection like this before with anyone else. I know that he loves me the same. What should I do? Thank you in advance. I want to donspell 2. The full moon is still almost 3 weeks away, can I do something in the mean time? Thank you. Hi Tammy! Your website is beautiful, thank you for sharing your wisdom so openly.

I met my other half almost 3 years ago we fell in love very quickly and very deeply. But he has two daughters an ex wife and a mother who seem to have a weird relationship with him. Out of these 4 women only the youngest daughter likes me but only shows it when we are alone and the others are not present. Especially his oldest daughter and mother. A year and a half ago i got pregnant and had a miscarriage and gradually my relationship deteriorated but we made a promise on working on resolving our problems.

Bit this past August at a trip with all everyone apart from his ex wife i got so out of sorts of myself and really lost my cool with my other half who had completely forgotten i was even there with him. When the fall out took place and my relationship was looking like it would end his oldest starting hanging out with him a lot in a way that to me is off almost as if she was celebrating her victory. Any ideas what i can do so that both of us wake up and get out of this cobweb?

Hi Jenny! Would 2 work or is there an alternative for 3? Is that the one you want to do? Hi Tess, I did the spell 5 on new moon, then few days later I broke the bracket by accident. Do I need to do the spell again with that bracelet or just fix it and wear it again? Hi Kiro! I would just release the stones in the broken bracelet to a moving body of water, or bury them at the base of a tree.

Hi Tess, I did spell 2 but few days later I accidentally broke the bracelet, so do I need to do the spell again or just fix the bracelet and wear it? I want to ask you is spell 4 appropriate ,will it work so that I set myself free from my feelings for him and dreams for the family? And is there some spell I can do so that my business grow fast,because I really need it for me and my 3 year daughter. We need a home for us and I really need to find the right partners for my MLM business fast. Veronika, spell 4 seems very appropriate. Which spell should I use so that we both can get direction, clarity and get the best outcome and growth for our relationship?

Can this still be performed without the bracelet being charged in the sunlight or is there anything else I could do? Hi Tess… I have been with my husband for 3 years and everything was ok at first and then he got locked up and I stayed by his side while he was in there for a little over 2 years. And he just got out a few days ago and he is acting funny now. I think he is talking to his ex again. How can I get him back to me? Is there a I could call to talk to someone? Hi Jessica.

This sounds heartbreaking. First of all, I recommend shifting your intention. Instead of getting him back to you, I suggest you set the intention to take care of yourself first and to bring about the outcome that is healthiest and best for you. That may or may not involve getting him back to you, as it may be healthier and more empowered for you to move on, especially if he is mistreating you. If you want to do a spell, I suggest the best possible outcome spell from this post.

It will also really help you get perspective to get therapy. Hi Tess, and Happy Thanksgiving. I have a question about 2. I did it today around pm. Is it still going to work, or do I have to it again tomorrow? I came across your site and have been reading through the post and comments. Sorry in advance for the long comment! I broke up with my ex two months ago. From the very beginning of our relationship we struggled. We tried making it work but eventually broke up a few months after dating.

After a month apart we got back together. At the very beginning things seemed to be going fine but I started to feel a shift about a month into us dating again. But even before feeling that shift, I found out that my ex had been communicating with a former flame. Though there was nothing romantic about their texts, I was still very hurt bc it had been kept a secret from me. The behavior seemed shady to me though there was no actual cheating.

We broke up after having a huge argument. Though the wound is still fresh and I know time will help me heal, I really want to forget my ex as soon as possible. It was almost like an obsession or a very strong infatuation. With the previous ex it lasted over 7 years! Two different tarot card readers actually, I trust them both. This last reading I had I was told that his relationship was done for good, and that though this person will still be a part of my life for the next months there is no chance of reconciliation.

At the moment they feel like mini therapy sessions and make me feel I like having a better understanding of the truth but in reality they leave me feel drained and having more questions. I want to find peace within myself, let go of my ex, move on with my life, feel happy again, and cleanse myself if anyone has done me any harm. Hi there!

Thank you for responding! Hello Tess I did 2 yesterday instead of the 23rd which was the day of the full moon should I wait and do it over on the next full moon. Nikki, when you realized you wanted him to leave you alone, did you ask him to stop calling and texting? Hi Tess, Spell number 2, Can I wash away that honey and aloe vera and keep the picture in my wallet or in a diary or anywhere else instead of throw it away or bury?

Breaking up was my decision to think about myself what I really wanted in my life, then I realised I had very strong feelings towards him and wanted him back and I knew he was the same, and all of a sudden he become so active and I accepted him. I am really happy but there are still some things that are bothering me. I still have our picture in the jar with the mixture and I am keeping it hidden not to be seen by anybody. Sometimes I feel I need something more, I want him to be more active than passive, should I repeat this ritual for next full moon? Would it help him to be more active?

Because I think it helped him the first time when he came back to me If I can do it so how should I repeat it? I just wash away everything and use the same picture of us or a new one? We were talking about the kind of wedding we wanted an everything was great. Our kids got along and we loved each other children as well. Out of no where he pulled back and texted, yes texted me he was not ready for a relationship. His ex wife I feel has something to do with it but I cant be sure.

We still love each other and it hurts were not together. If I did a spell such as spell 5, and he came back because hes the one will it work out especially if someone did something to him to suddenly make him change his mind. His ex was not happy when she found out how serious we were and is rumored to have done something.

So do I use the side of lemon I sprinkled… also if sunrise is day I would have to discard by Just discard whenever you repeat the process the next day, and yes, within an hour before or after sunrise. I like your article. I would like to add that especially on Friday the energies for love spells are very strong. Planet Venus can add some great energy to any love spell. Also, for number 5, do you put the bracelet in the sunlight the day of the new moon or the day after.

Either one will work.

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The day of the new moon and the day after the new moon have similar energies. Dear Tess. I love my ex boyfriend. We broke up a week ago and he has blocked me everywhere. I really believe we can help each other grow and be happy together. Normally I try my utmost to speak to his family and him and convince him that we get back together.

Would 2 work in letting him unblock me and working on our relationship? Hi Lolli. It will work to heal in the best possible way, but it will not affect the free will of your ex-boyfriend. Always hold the intention of manifesting what is best for everyone involved, whatever that may be. I was hoping tell me which spell will be best for me to get over him??? Spell 4 will help you do that. My current partner and I always have ups and downs in our relationship. I really want to fix this issue between us. I did spell 2 everything goes great after that. I still gave this mixture in the jar with a picture.

I am curious can I repeat it again when its full moon? Do not open the jar leave everything as it is and just say a spell or wash away current mixture and put fresh one with a new picture or the same picture? Hi Anna! If you do repeat it, just follow your intuition about what to do with the previous jar. Good Afternoon All, I seek out an answer to a complex problem. I will attempt to keep this as short as possible. This summer my partner spiraled out of control suddenly and without warning. Things became terrible and we separated.

While we were separated I was so angry and I wanted to find love and passion that I had been missing in my life. I repressed it all. Then one night while I was sleeping I had a dream. In my dream I made a plea to the Goddess Freya to bring me my lover, my true mate into my life. I woke up feeling the effects of a spell and I knew that I had repressed the desire so deep, that it burst out of me violently. Then everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest I started seeing for the first time posts about Twin Flames.

I ignored it Obviously. Then I met someone, and he set my soul on fire! He had shaken my world up and there will always be a before and an after of him. However, we no longer talk, as the situation between us all is very confusing and complicated. During the months him and I were talking. I got into a fight and cut off a toxic friendship with this girl I had known for 10 years. As soon as I did that, my spouse and I life and relationship improved almost overnight. My relationship with my husband is back on track and things are looking up.

I want to heal my marriage and move on, did someone my former friend? This is not the first time I have dreamt of Freya. What should I do to let go of my twin flame? So he cut it off, due to my mental health and now he is just done with me. This makes me very sad, yet I understand and respect him and his wishes. I am not sensing that anyone put a spell on your husband. Should I do the spell again? What could these dress ams mean? Maybe do a tarot or oracle reading to gain insight into the dreams. Hi Tess! Zoie, I admire your unconditional love. I suggest loving yourself enough to set boundaries.

You might check out the spell suggestions at the bottom of this post to see if something resonates with you. I was happily involved with a gentleman for six months.

A spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly

We had what I thought was an amazing connection. We would sit and talk about our days, relax and were vulnerable with one another about our past relationships. Then he broke it off to go back to an unhealthy relationship. I wished him all the best. I know this may seem odd, but I want the best for all parties involved. Everyone to be healed and happy, not just me. I did spell number five on the New Moon. Since then, I have noticed a lot of articles about strong independent women and how to love them; how to love a woman whose been to hell and back and no less than ten articles on how to heal.

I was wondering if Inshould take these signs as a sign that he and I will never be together again? How long does spell number five take and should I repeat it during the next full moon. It seems as though my feelings have increased for him instead of fading away for the best possible outcome for all of us. The thought of facing him makes me physically ill. Take excellent care of yourself and have compassion for yourself. No need to repeat the spell. Instead, let go of attachment to outcome and see what unfolds. Hi Tess, I am a bit desperate.

Not at all an obsessed desperation though. My partner and I try to stay together yet the moment we get back together the snowball effect takes place. He found ashes in a container under his pillow that was planted there by we suspect his ex wife. We are tired of arguing because we cant seem to get it together. We even tried blessing the house and the person told him there is someone who is preventing him from being happy with me.

We have a child together and he misses his daddy but we cant be with him because of the fighting all the time. Can you help me with this please? Hi Tess my husband of 21 years left December 5 I have been very depressed since. We slowly grew apart mostly because I started pushing him away. I read your post yesterday and decided to do the Mason jar spell. I now realized the full moon is not until I believe the 20th. Do I have to do it again on the 20th?

If so can I use the same jar and picture or do I have to start over. Or will it still work since yesterday was the start of a new moon. Your spell was divinely timed. Thank you so much Tess. I want to believe with all my heart that this will work , but I dont know what to do , and how much time is enough time to wait to see if it does work.

If there is anything else I can try. Have a blessed day. And thank you because if anything after doing the spell I felt a sense of relief. Katherine, wait a moon cycle and see how you feel so until the next new moon on Feb 4. In the meantime, flower essences might be helpful. I am just recently out of a relationship with a guy I fell hard for. We both supposedly loved one another but one day he just up and left.

He admitted that he was afraid and not ready like he thought. I will give it a shot. Hey Tess! I need some help with something. Which spell s should I do?

Love Spells

This is my first time trying anything like this, so as much advice as you can give would help tremendously. Kale, I suggest releasing this relationship completely and focusing on healing so you can open up to an even better relationship. I want to help my mother find a lasting love, not with anyone in particular but just to help bring it into her life? This will help her heal in general and become magnetic to the types of energies, relationships, and conditions that will be most beneficial for her.

Of course, do this for yourself too. I am planning on using 2 at the next full moon. Will the lunar eclipse have any negative impacts? And would it be as effective if I did the spell between the New and Full Moon? I will be trying the Heal an existing relationship spell. What do I do with the mason jar and photo after wards? Do I just need to hang on to it for a period of time? It is ok to throw away? Hi Allie! Thanks Tess! One other thing. Today is actually our two year anniversary. Crazy coincidence.

Hey Tess, Me and my ex broke up in Dec 2k18, due to an unfortunate bad incident. We wanted eachother back but things got too ugly. Nevertheless i really want to get him back in my life, since he is denying to see through it and making things unrepairable, i want him to feel the love for me again, which he is trying to overcome, what spell can i use to make him look through me and us? When done with the intention for the best possible outcome for everyone concerned, spell 2 from this post would be a good idea for you.

I have found a white magic love spell recently. Is this okay? I think that I would not mind. Hello, for 5, does it have to be on the exact date of the new moon or can it be a day after? Hi Eli! Yes, 5 can totally be the day after. As for the agave, I would substitute organic sugar before agave nectar. Sugar is, though. Also, for 5 I could not find my rose quartz necklace so instead I blessed my rose quartz crystal and I wear it inside my bra. Hi Karu! Ok so Me and my ex were in a long distance relationship for a bit after living together for a year.

Im starting to suspect that either his new gf has put some type of spell on me or someones done something, because i wanna be over this guy but i cant. I performed the number five spell last month. I wanted the best outcome for all. He has recently Star to talk and text me again. He is still living with her and has not mentioned anything about ending their marriage.

I am wondering if he is scared to leave because he has been manipulated for such a long time that real happiness is difficult for him? This was my first relationship after being widowed for 9 years. Any advice you give would be greatly appreciated. Ahviya, if he is not leaving his partner, I would definitely stop talking to him and let the relationship go. If at some point he is available and you are still available too, you can revisit the situation.

But for now, this is not a healthy situation for you. Thank you Tess. I am very grateful for your guidance. I practiced the cord cutting meditation this morning. I feel if I perform this daily for a week it will help in other areas that I need to release also. Hello Tess! I have a huge crush on a young Lady at my job. Lackluster responses over text, seemingly a lack of interest. Is there anything u would recommend to help make me the luckiest guy in the world?

Hi Eric! I suggest channeling your excitement about this potential romance into manifesting a romance that is more two-sided. I also performed it at day and not a moon night. And then took a shower right after. But I did say the words perfectly and followed the other instructions properly too. Do u think the spell is most likely not to work? Jade, how did you feel? Did it feel successful when you did it? Hi Tess, Thanks for these suggestions. I fell for a man with whom I had been friends for some time before.

We began a romantic relationship that ended abruptly when he expressed his fear of truly committing to me, for fear of hurting me.