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The letters provide links to one of the darkest powers that humanity has ever known-and to a centuries-long quest to find the source of that darkness and wipe it out. It is a quest for the truth about Vlad the Impaler, the medieval ruler whose barbarous reign formed the basis of the legend of Dracula. Generations of historians have risked their reputations, their sanity, and even their lives to learn the truth about Vlad the Impaler and Dracula. Now one young woman must decide whether to take up this quest herself-to follow her father in a hunt that nearly brought him to ruin years ago, when he was a vibrant young scholar and her mother was still alive.

What does the legend of Vlad the Impaler have to do with the modern world? Is it possible that the Dracula of myth truly existed-and that he has lived on, century after century, pursuing his own unknowable ends? The answers to these questions cross time and borders, as first the father and then the daughter search for clues, from dusty Ivy League libraries to Istanbul, Budapest, and the depths of Eastern Europe. An incurable plague has mutated every other man, woman, and child into bloodthirsty, nocturnal creatures who are determined to destroy him. By day, he is a hunter, stalking the infected monstrosities through the abandoned ruins of civilization.

The body of a teenager is found, emptied of blood, the murder rumored to be part of a ritual killing. Twelve-year-old Oskar is personally hoping that revenge has come at long last—revenge for the bullying he endures at school, day after day. But the murder is not the most important thing on his mind. There is something wrong with her, though, something odd.

And she only comes out at night. American and Swedish readers of vampire fiction will be thrilled! The story has continued to reach new viewers in a London Musical and the book remains a vampire favorite among its readers. Here are the confessions of a vampire. Hypnotic, shocking, and chillingly erotic, this is a novel of mesmerizing beauty and astonishing force—a story of danger and flight, of love and loss, of suspense and resolution, and of the extraordinary power of the senses. It is a novel only Anne Rice could write.

But when two young boys venture into the woods and only one comes out alive, Mears begins to realize that there may be something sinister at work and that his hometown is under siege by forces of darkness far beyond his control. Dracula is an Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. It introduced Count Dracula, and established many conventions of subsequent vampire fantasy. Ranking Author N. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. Titles Appear On 2 lists Each. Best Horror Novels. A Hidden Fire Elemental Mysteries, 1.

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The Trakonians are the most vile and dangerous males in the galaxy, and they have developed their greatest weapon, a drug called Fragment with multiple devious forms. One that brings insanity, one that freezes you in place with pain Driven into a crazed rut by the chemical heat, there is no way to resist, no way to be honorable, and the vulnerable females from their ship are going to suffer.

If you enjoy a gritty sci-fi adventure that devolves into a raw and sexy omegaverse tale with a reluctant reverse harem, this is the series for you. Anwen's uncanny resemblance to Princess Lavena has been a curse since the moment she entered her service, as the spoiled princess has frequently used it to her advantage by forcing Anwen to switch places with her. Bound by an enchanted contract not to reveal the charade, Anwen is forced to go through with the masquerade and endure a marriage to a man who despises the woman he believes her to be. As time goes on, Anwen struggles not only to maintain her identity, but to fight her deepening feelings as she begins to fall in love with her new husband, a man who not only isn't hers to keep, but who has no idea who she really is.

Inspired by "The Goose Girl". One step forward, two steps back. Our enemies are out in the open now - we have them in our sights.

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Unfortunately, that means we're more exposed than ever, too. We found the Qilin, but we've lost my vampire. My guys tell me he'll be fine, but will we? Just when I think I have Haret figured out, I find a new piece to the puzzle. There are cities in the sky, magical creatures losing magic, and goddesses cracking under the pressure. We might even have to make a bargain with an old devil, just to survive. There's a war coming, and everyone is choosing sides between the fae and the mages. I say it's time a third party enters this circus ring.

I'm Carlyle Licorne, and balancing the darkness starts with me. They call me beautiful. They call me a monster. Soon, they'll call me death. Her own mother locks her in a cage to protect the world from her. Cass thought this jail would be her world for a lifetime, but then four sexy, formidable warriors--a vampire lord, twin fae princes, and a demigod--find her. They claim she's not a monster, but a powerful weapon. The Olympian gods have begun to destroy the Earth with a vengeance, and only she can stop and kill them.

But Cass has a mind of her own and can't be told what to do, no matter how drawn she is to her four warrior saviors. To their dismay, the four warriors can't tame the wild, cunning, and volatile Cass. But they have a bigger problem--their growing attraction toward her. To turn the woman they desire into the ultimate weapon and ensure Earth's survival, they'll have to conquer her body and heart, which seems even harder than winning the war against the atrocious gods. But nothing turns these alpha males on more than an impossible dare. And nothing turns Cass on more than being stalked.

It contains brutal battles, explicit love scenes, raw language, magic, swordfights, Greek gods, dark fae, vampires, shifters, and a lot of assholes. The romance is definitely a main part of the story, but not the only focus, which is terrific. For those complaining of her age, which is chronologically 16, the author does explain that Cass reached her species adulthood at 9 years old. It even lists her equivalent age as in her early 20s.

So she's not a child. I couldn't wait to find out where everything was going, and found myself smiling and holding my breath depending on what part I was at. I love Cass and her sassy attitude and foul mouth. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an incredibly hot reverse harem supernatural book. As well as some really hot moments that will have you fanning your face. A Wizard, an Angel, and a Horseman of the Apocalypse walk into a bar The ancient pact between mankind, Heaven, and Hell has been broken.

And Nate Temple's quest for vengeance may have just kicked off Armageddon. So, time to grab a stiff drink Already plagued with sinister night terrors that could qualify him as a card-carrying psychopathic insomniac, Nate can barely even manage to put his pants on in the morning, let alone pick teams for the Apocalypse. But when he's framed as a demon sympathizer, condemned by the Armies of Heaven, and hunted down by both his allies and the Four Horsemen, this wizard doesn't think it can get any worse Then they take away his magic.

And a wizard without magic stands no chance against the forces of Heaven and Hell Mardi Gras in St. Louis is really going to suck this year Cruel,powerful, and wealthy, Caspian meets my desperate gaze and smiles. Because he grasps that no matter how I might bargain, my life now belongs to him. Lips brushing my ear, he offers me a fair exchange. He'll release my wards from his service But the untrustworthy kingpin wants so much more than free labor.

The male who possess no morals, no restraint, and no qualms, demands what no other has had. My pleasure. Branded Captive: Wren's Song Book 1 is a dark, sinister Omegaverse Reverse Harem tale for those with twisted tastes and a love for unabashed bad boys. Stripping passion down to its most primal, snarling, clawing best. Do not miss this delectable morsel from one of the most deviously talented authors I know. Brilliant, skewed left of center, unpredictable prose.

I could get pregnant just reading one of Addison's books. Readers, prepare to have your Kindle set on fire. Cain's storytelling is hypnotic and fascinating. Such an imaginative story that had me engrossed from beginning to end. Addison takes Omegaverse and twists it into something powerful, new, and completely provocative!

Filthy Omegaverse reverse harem done by the Queen of Omegaverse herself! I looovvveed it and can't wait for Book 2!! Kinkee, Amazon bestselling Author "Like usual, Addison mixes the raw and gritty into a sensual bouquet of pure need. I was hooked from page one! Wren, the female Omega, is like the proverbial Lotus flower: resilient, rooted in muck,resisting gravity, and fighting her way to fresh water where she can bloom.

Her lovely innocence and goodness is never stomped out, even when her body betrays her from not just one Alpha, but three. Addison paints it all sexy in this cruel, harsh world, and I loved every word! Knox, co-author of the Saving Setora series. This is a must read. Incredibly dirty, Addison Cain delivers. Five stars! Time is running out to find the Qilin. We were thrown into Haret without a plan, and we have a lot of ground to cover. Allies would be nice, but not everyone is happy to see my team return. We're finding more secrets than intel. Plus, I'm not allowed to shank my new mother-in-law, who definitely deserves a horn to the heart.

My guys are eager to share their home with me, but darkness seeps in everywhere we go. I'm ready for some serious sugar, as soon as we open the Path and save the two worlds. Good thing I work best on my feet - all four of them. The problem is, we're heading under the sea - where a tail is more useful than wings or hooves. This girl has a few more tricks to play, though. I'm Carlyle Licorne, and I'm so much more than a Qilin. Ready to find out where the missing Qilin are?

Scroll up now to continue this sexy series! Eileen has never been interested in love. Ever since her father's abandonment, she's vowed to never experience such pain again. But the enchanted forest has different ideas. When the continuously shifting pathways lead her to a mysterious stranger, Eileen finds her promise to fiercely guard her heart increasingly difficult to keep.

One night when she becomes lost in a storm, the enchanted forest's pathways lead her to the castle, home to the kingdom's Dark Prince, where Eileen finds herself entangled in what many consider an opportunity but which Eileen believes to be a curse: competing for the Dark Prince's hand through a series of tests that judge one's royal worth. Eileen is neither royal nor interested in becoming a princess.

But the mysterious stranger she met in the woods has his own reasons for helping her succeed, although the cost of his assistance may be too high: that of Eileen's heart, the one thing she's vowed never to give. Inspired by "The Princess and the Pea" and "Rumpelstiltskin". I've been a city girl my entire life.

But when my grandmother got sick, I didn't think twice before packing my bags and moving to Crimson Hollow, a small town in West Virginia. Two years later, I'm still here and finally adjusting to the quiet life. Only there's nothing ordinary about this town. A walk in the woods proved almost deadly and left me changed forever. I was attacked by a rogue wolf, and now, I belong to the Crimson Hollow pack. I'm a shifter. To make matters worse, my arrival in the pack created a rift among the wolves, making it impossible to tell friend from foe, including the three alpha's sons who have taken a keen interest in me.

If dealing with all that wasn't enough, wolves are disappearing. We must discover who is behind it, or there won't be a pack left to fight over. Tara's a Mutant, superior in strength, psychic ability, intelligence, and skill. Now she's been living with other captured mutants within the walls of The Fundamental Society. The Society's mission? Gather the survivors, those Mutants that didn't die in captivity, and use them as lab rats to further Human ingenuity.

Tara assumes this is her life now, but a chance mistake leads to her escape. She tastes freedom, for precious, short minutes She wakes up somewhere strange, but wonderful: Mutant Academy, a place where Mutants live and learn in harmony. It's competitive, but it's an opportunity that will allow her to leave her lab years in the past This is Tara's first real chance at freedom, surrounded by those she can trust, grow, and love as a woman, rather than a living experiment.

At least, it's supposed to be. Even within the cloistered walls of Mutant Academy, not everything is as safe and sound as it seems. In a twisted game of cat-and-mouse, Tara must figure out who the real predator is -- otherwise she'll forever be the lab rat. When an ancient blood-magic statuette appeared on an internet auction, mages from around the world descended on Washington.

Then the mage selling it was murdered and the statue disappeared. A jaguar shifter tells me that the statue is powerful enough to blow holes in reality. She needs an Elf to track it down, and I'm the only Elf available. All we have to do is fight our way through Werewolves, blood-mages, Vampires, and Demons.

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It wouldn't be so bad, but some of them are really rude. Time for a lesson in manners. Assassination contracts don't make good wedding proposals. Sharing a beer with Death--one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse--really put a few things into perspective for this foul-mouthed, billionaire wizard. Like finally getting the stones to propose to his girlfriend. But the Brothers Grimm--legendary supernatural assassins--have escaped their prison, and the number one thing they want after their centuries-long incarceration is Nate Temple's head.

With the entire wedding party also on their hit-list and the Temple family fortune in jeopardy, Nate realizes they can't run and they can't hide. So, time to do magic and stuff But with every flavor of supernatural thug teaming up to help the Grimms, Nate learns that friends have become enemies and enemies have become friends, and he's forced to cross lines that are better left uncrossed.

To use some magic that he really, really shouldn't use. When magic, claws, and teeth dance to the song of war, the only thing left to learn is who lives and who dies. And if Nate can live with the consequences. No wonder a guy is terrified to propose They refuse to set Wren free. Caspian who can't understand his undying longing for the silent girl. Toby who loves her, obsesses over her--would kill for her. And Kieran Broken Captive: Wren's Song Book 3 is a dark, sinister Omegaverse Reverse Harem tale for those with twisted tastes and a passion for unabashed bad boys.

Over Star Reviews Across the Series! It's as filthy as you would expect but it's so much more! Addison Cain has outdone herself with this story. By far my favorite book in the series. This book had me on the edge of my seat, tears in eyes before yet another gut wrenching plunge. I have to say, this one was intense. It was good to watch Caspian and Kerian squirm with the feelings they are being forced to face when it comes to Wren and what she means to them. Fairy Tales are very literal survival guides. Ignore them at your peril Nate Temple has gotten away with a lot in recent years: cow-tipping the Minotaur, decimating a gang of weredragons, sucker-punching Angels, and eating pancakes with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

He's kidnapped one of the most powerful wizards on the planet and slaughtered the Brothers Grimm. Lady Luck has been very good to Nate Temple Until now. Nate's good fortune has turned, catching the attention of a recruiter--the kind of person who offers jobs that can't be refused The kind of job that comes with perks like selling your soul to your new employer.

That's when a wizard tastes real fear--when he learns that all the biggest, baddest monsters actually work for the same guy--and they do so against their will. Silver Tongue The nightmare everyone both knows, and doesn't know Lady Luck better have one more good toss of the dice for Nate, or this will be the last game he ever plays. Bunny: A Novel Mona Awad. We nearly died. We very nearly did, didn't we? A scholarship student who prefers the company of her dark imagination to that of most people, she is utterly repelled by the rest of her fiction writing cohort--a clique of unbearably twee rich girls who call each other "Bunny," and seem to move and speak as one.

But everything changes when Samantha receives an invitation to the Bunnies' fabled "Smut Salon," and finds herself inexplicably drawn to their front door--ditching her only friend, Ava, in the process. As Samantha plunges deeper and deeper into the Bunnies' sinister yet saccharine world, beginning to take part in the ritualistic off-campus "Workshop" where they conjure their monstrous creations, the edges of reality begin to blur.

Soon, her friendships with Ava and the Bunnies will be brought into deadly collision. The spellbinding new novel from one of our most fearless chroniclers of the female experience, Bunny is a down-the-rabbit-hole tale of loneliness and belonging, friendship and desire, and the fantastic and terrible power of the imagination.

My fate is commanded by a dragon. He's the one who helped me escape the fairy queen. I thought I was free. But instead of letting me go