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Click through to test your knowledge, and let us know your answer — and favorite quote! Cult leader Charles Manson will forever be known as one of America's most notorious serial killers. For better or worse, the murderer is also somewhat of. It's easy to escape into a movie for two hours at a time. Some movies, however, inspire a real-world escape from the mundane.

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Films open up parts of the. Last summer was full of scam, but this one is full of scares, which becomes quite. Life: Sometimes it's just not that exciting.

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Fortunately, humans have a great way to combat that. No, I'm not talking about going outside and breathing in. Training Maker Discuss. Survey Maker Flashcards See All.

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Duplicate Quiz Cancel. This was the earliest ever war movie in which all actors were placed in a boot camp before filming. Richard Attenborough placed a lot of the extras in the film mainly soldiers through a mini version of this boot camp and housed them in barracks throughout filming. Major Fuller, the intelligence officer in the movie, was actually named Brian Urquhart. They renamed this minor character as the character played by Sean Connery was also known historically as Roy Urquhart commander of the British Airforce Division.

The filming that focused on the air scenes were all completed in , at the beginning of September. This culminated in a number of air drops of approximately 1, men, as well as supplies being dropped by several Dakota aircraft. Joseph E. Levine Presents Incorporated the film company procured these Dakotas. All aircraft that were used had to be licensed to officially carry passengers and be fully registered.

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There was originally a deal to purchase ten, but this deal failed when airframes on two failed to have the required jump doors. In total, eleven Dakotas were brought; four were bought by Levine and seven more were loaned while filming. Colonel Frost had objections to a particular scene where Anthony Hopkins, the actor portraying him was to run across a road while under fire.