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Let us have peace and love in our relations with each other. For without peace and love, liberty and life are sad things indeed. Let us remember that the religious freedom which we have in the United States is nothing if we do not have political freedom, if we permit men to be punished because they do not agree with the majority. For hundreds of years in Europe, men have killed and have been killed in the name of liberty. It is not surprising, then, that even here -- in our peaceful land -- all cannot agree. But it is possible to have different ideas without forgetting our common wish.

We are all Republicans. We are all Federalists. Most of us love our country. Most of us want it to grow. There may be among us those who want to end the union of the states, or to end our republican government. Well then, let those men speak freely, without fear. They are wrong. But America is strong enough to let them say what they wish. When men can think and speak freely, there is no danger to the nation.

For those who do not agree with them also have the right to think and speak freely. There are some honest Americans who are afraid that a republican government cannot be strong. But I ask these good men one question. Do they want us to destroy a government which has kept us strong and free for ten years? I hope not. We have here in the United States the best and strongest government in the world. This is the only nation on the Earth whose citizens know that the government belongs to them.

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Then there are some who say that men cannot govern themselves. What do they offer us instead? Government by kings? Are kings men, or are they angels? I will let history answer this question. Let us keep our union and our government by the people through their elected representatives. We are very fortunate here in the New World.

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Three-thousand miles of ocean separate us from the wars and the dictatorships of Europe. Here we do not suffer as the people of Europe do. Here we have a great and rich land, with room for a hundred, perhaps a thousand generations of Americans yet to be born. We -- and the American children who will come after us -- all have equal rights. We honor a man not because of his father, but for what the man is.

We do not care what religion a man follows. In this country, men practice religion in many ways. Any prospective epidemiological studies of fluoridation and dental caries should incorporate dental fluorosis as one of the outcome measures see recommendation 9 above. Further studies are needed to address appropriate measures of social inequalities in relation to water fluoridation, dental caries, dental fluorosis and the role of confounding factors such as tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste, other fluoride therapeutic agents, non-water dietary fluoride ingestion and dietary sugar ingestion see also recommendations 6 and 10 above.

If research demonstrates important differences in the bioavailability of fluoride according to the nature of water fluoridation and water hardness see recommendation 1 above , a case control study should be carried out to investigate the relation of hip fractures to long-term consumption of artificially fluoridated water. It is interesting in the light of a recent press release see box for the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination in York who conducted the Fluoride review to note that the MRC concluded:.

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If the figures from the York review are looked at they show that the addition of fluoride to water could result in a change in the number of children who are caries free. This could range from a reduction in the proportion of caries free children by 5. While the majority of the studies favoured fluoridation, problems with the quality of the studies result in the summary of the effectiveness running from a slight disbenefit to a substantial benefit from water fluoridation as noted in the CRD Press release. The review was published on the web and in the BMJ in October We are concerned about the continuing misinterpretations of the evidence and think it is important that decision makers are aware of what the review really found.

The quality of this evidence was poor. However, we felt that not enough was known because the quality of the evidence was poor. Since the report was published in October there has been no other scientifically defensible review that would alter the findings of the York review. As emphasised in the report, only high-quality studies can fill in the gaps in knowledge about these and other aspects of fluoridation.

Recourse to other evidence of a similar or lower level than that included in the York review, no matter how copious, cannot do this. The majority of the dental research community has yet to accept that the quality of our research needs substantial improvement.

They have believed for years that there was a substantive body of evidence supporting fluoridation.

There is evidence that suggests a beneficial effect but despite more than 50 years of experimentation we still do not have high quality evidence of its effectiveness or the size of any benefit. If following the passage of the Water Bill fluoridation schemes are implemented they should also incorporate high quality studies of their effectiveness to fill in some of the gaps identified by the York Review and MRC.

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Systematic Review of Water Fluoridation. Systematic review of water fluoridation. Br Med J ; — Water Fluoridation and Health. The Medical Research Council.

Download references. The President then outlined a deliberate and lengthy course of action for a young man who wanted a career in public service, similar to one Jefferson himself began 40 years earlier. The President concluded with this advice for Harvie: 1. His mind should be clear enough to warn him away from dubious enterprises.

Governed by sound mind and heart, the right course would become clear. If he abandoned the moral compass of his heart and relied only on his mind, he would come to ruin and disgrace of his own making. He then admitted he was preaching to the young man and apologized. Later in Jefferson appointed Harvie to replace Meriwether Lewis as his personal secretary when Lewis left to lead the exploration up the Missouri River. Harvie took ill in and died two years later at the age of I have used one the last In a recent post, Jefferson had received a valuable gift of wine from Commodore Preble. It set a bad precedent to keep it and might give offense to send it back.

He solved his dilemma by sending Preble his favorite new invention, a copying machine known as a polygraph. The polygraph was a complex instrument with multiple parts connected by joints and hinges. It took time and concentration to set up and calibrate before it would work properly.

I included this letter for the emphasized line. Some people would not invest time now to save time later. Preble was not one of those people. Neither was Jefferson. He may not be able to perform in person all the details of his office: but if he gives us the benefit of his understanding, his integrity, his watchfulness, and takes care that all the details are well performed by himself, or his necessary assistants… To the New Haven Merchants, July 12, The merchants in New Haven, CT, wrote a remonstrance, a letter of complaint, to the new President about his appointment of Samuel Bishop to be federal tax collector for their city.

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