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She is remembered for having hosted and treated King Henry IV when he was still a prince. After a while, she became one of the few black women who commanded respect and high social ranking. Akua was strongly against slavery and racism and spoke about it regularly.

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It is believed that she is closely linked to slave rebellions, especially the Tacky Rebellion that lasted from May to July By , Akua was recognised and crowned the Queen of Kingston, as elected by slaves in Kingston. During the Tacky Rebellion, she was given the role of the Queen of the Ashanti. She was accused of taking the role of resistance force and was almost killed by the British. Rather than be killed, the British ordered that she be transported from the island in order to bring her power to an end.

Replacing the Queen: Does a Name Change Make Sense for a Cash-Strapped Jamaica? – COHA

The plan was to sell her off to slavery again, but Queen Akua was successful in bribing the captain of the ship and was left on the western shores of Jamaica where another group of Fantis were. While in the western shores, she joined the Fanti community and later joined the leeward rebels. Unfortunately for Queen Akua, she was recognised, recaptured and was executed by the British to serve as a warning to slaves who were given a second chance.

The interesting life of Queen Akua is one worth tracing for proper documentation and celebration.

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Jamaica may oust UK's queen as official head of state

The Governor-General is assisted by a Privy Council, consisting of six members appointed by the Governor-General in consultation with the Prime Minister. The Governor-General's role is largely ceremonial. As the Queen's representative, the Governor-General gives formal assent to the laws passed in Jamaica by the House of Representatives and the Senate before those laws can take effect.

He or she also names the date of a general election and appoints ministers. In most cases the Governor-General acts in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister. The Queen's first visit to the island as Monarch was in November , during the first Commonwealth tour of her reign.

Other members of the Royal Family have also visited Jamaica. I have totally fallen for Jamaica and its people.

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