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To Pranesh Ravichandra, I will you an amazing junior who makes you laugh instantly just upon sight. I will you someone who sings dank Tamil songs with you, sings shirtless in your room, gets beat up super easily, and is just overall a hilarious guy. Good luck on all your adventures next year, I look forward to coming back and visiting you ;.

To Kaushal Gumpula, I will you another bro to go working out with, to dance with, or whatever it be that you wish to do in your continued years at IMSA. You have brightened my day everytime I see you and I am constantly astounded by your intelligence. But finally, I will you another body roll solo in boys dance and another tiny brown boy your senior year to accompany you in all your endeavours.

You make me wish I had another year here, Kaushal. Until next time…. I know sometimes it may seem like things are against you but I have seen you grow since the start of the year and I am so glad to have started talking to you towards the end of this one.

I know you will grow to be a star by the time you are ready to leave IMSA but until then man, enjoy your time here. These few years fly by and I assure you will cherish every moment of it. I will you to find happiness here in any form it manifests itself in. Until next time, Neil.

To Teja Guntupalli, I will you the ability to continue your power in being able to get the girls as I know you are very skilled in that at the moment. I will you a dank sophomore to mess with and scare in the locker room and someone who cracks you up just by looking at them like you do to me. To Abhiudaya Bhalla, Babe, baaaaabe, baaaaaaaaabe. We have had so many memories together. I can never forget the hilarious way you say zik or our tankiness with Dr.

Fogel or those weekends where you would be in and out of my room every other hour. I know we stopped talking this semester but I still cherish those old times dearly. I hope everything goes well for you next year, look forward to coming back for ya man. Until then, babe…. I will you a great senior year, Nikhita.

See you in Spain…. I will you an amazing coder on that team maybe even as good as Joe and a glowing honorable mention. I hope you have a great and meme-filled senior year, man. So, I just will you a tank underclassmen bro in any class you are in to keep you as unmotivated as you did me. Good luck senior year man. Your talent and passion for mathematics as well as memes is astounding and your passion is infectious. Senior year will be hard, but I know you can do it. Remember to focus on what you want and value, not just what others want for you.

To Alvin Means, I will you a wing dinner a week. On behalf of all of D-Wing, thanks for the food and the pajama pants. To Danielle Lee, I will you the strength and support to make it through the next two years. Despite what you may think, you do have what it takes to succeed here in every definition of success. Also, I will you the energy to walk the 20 extra feet from your wing into the hall commons.

You both have so much to offer everyone, so please share it. To Neil Patel, I will you the superpower to pause time and chill a bit. Your sense of humor is amazing, but I can tell that you use it to cover up a lot of stress. Also, a sophomore to hug. To Garrison Ecker, I will you sophomores who never get you confused for another person who may look something like you.

Continue being a kind and caring person. To Christian Barrett, I will you a giant sophomore to make you feel small. Your presence is amazing, and you instantly make any room more fun. But, no matter what happens I trust you will keep 01 special.

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And lastly to everyone in past, present, or future, I will you my ear. You should all have my Facebook, number, or email. You have a lot going for you and are really passionate and everyone can see that. I will you a set of dope speakers for next year and someone with similar music taste. To Desmond Brown, it has been an honor being one of your favorite seniors.

I will you our senior traditions for next year. To Sam Anozie, I will you an underclassman who loves music just as much as you do. We had some great times just jamming out and improvising in the hall commons. And the talks we had about IMSA, machine learning, and how to improve the world at the end of last year? If you need anything let me know. I also will you a fun year in 05A and a good new RC. To Abhiudaya Bhalla Abs , I will you a junior to randomly come to your room just as you did to me and Alex. I also will you a new COD partner. Please keep the memes and reputation going, we have done so much to create it.

You are all super bright and will do a lot, Istvan in medicine, Shyam Sai in computer science, and Patrick in law. Keep in touch guys. You have come to mean so much to me and I wish we had met earlier. I hope you remember the first night we started talking, all of our jokes and memes, access walks in November, nights spent boarding and laying outside, talks on the slabs about everything and anything, you constantly feeding me and somehow never running out of food, spring break.

Thank you for making every day amazing and making IMSA more enjoyable than it has ever been. I will you happiness, success in your internship this summer, and motivation to work hard as you already do. You have so much in store for you in the future. Aira Peregrino To Thomas Demastri and Justin Elesterio, I will you basketball games without someone constantly shouting or always trying with moderate success to shoot threes.

May you one day find out which one of you is actually better. To my D-wing underclassmen, I will you the spirit of 04D-wing. The unnecessary yelling and chants. The hype generated seemingly from nowhere on some nights. The laughter and stupidity. I will all of it to you. Also, I will you the ability without a layer of cynicism. Take a minute to appreciate life and yourself, and, please, stop getting suspended.

To Noble Wulffraat, I will you a compass. You have had more of an impact on me than you could possibly imagine. I found solace in your neophyte passion, ideas, and ability; through you, I found hope in the future of the Academy. I feel partially responsible for the loss of that passion in you; find it again. Use this compass as a reminder that you are completely responsible for being your own guide. I will you a Res-Life experience as good as the one you deserve.

Make choices that make you happy, and enjoy yourself thoroughly next year. To Lauren Etzkorn, I will empathy. It is your greatest asset. You have amazing things in store for you, during senior year and beyond. To Ashritha Karuturi, I will decisiveness. Your ideas will bring great progress to this community, far beyond the LEAD team. Continue to be strong in your convictions- and act upon them. Thanks for putting up with my remarkable incapability.

Your classmates may make endless mockery of this lofty, pretentious statement, but you must not take it lightly. The choices you have made thus far are the right ones; stick to them. Make it your own, make it your home, and keep it stocked with plenty of food for your underclassmen to steal. And clean your bathrooms. I will you this because never has there been a collection of eight individuals more intensely capable of building such a team, and never has the mandate to do so been great as it is now. To Patrick Pynadath, I will you more massive gains, physical and otherwise.

You have a huge year ahead, and I expect to hear about the gains you make very soon. Never lose your compassion, your quirkiness, and your incomprehensible passion for streetwear. To Mike Xu, I will you an ultra-competent junior to inspire you like you did me. Take a minute to look at the world without a lens of irony. You have an incredible capacity to do really amazing things.

To Catherine Luo, I will you a sophomore upon whom to bestow an iconic nickname. Either way, your compassion, friendliness, and amazing sword abilities are incredibly endearing. I hope you get to truly call one of your underclassmen your best friend just as I did. You deserve a fantastic senior year and I am happy to have spent mine messing around with you even if starting our homework at midnight after a solid FIFE session may have hurt a little in the mornings…and our MCB grades. I really do hope we keep in touch while I move on to college. Love, Ay.

But on a real note, you really helped make my senior year a memorable one and I thank you for that. I hope you get someone as cuddly as me to sleep with on the downstate bus for next year. You have been a bro to me and always have something funny to say. I hope you can try to enjoy yourself a little through your stressful upcoming first semester. You guys are great players and even better people to mess around with in practice. I just hope Chetan will quit getting injured and Matt will quit hitting the clouds with every shot.

I also hope you have more heart to put into the team than I did this year. Make your last game a memorable one, I know mine was. To Mike Xu, I will you a better MAD lab partner than me and someone who will tell you how much of a beast they are just as much as me. Dream big. My head almost exploded just listening to you talk extra-fluently about your aspirations. You inspire me, and I will you many other underclassmen and peers to wonder and inspire, too. I also will you an endless amount of picks to bury in your always-on-point hair; never forget your roots I think that might be a pun.

I love you, T, and I will you a splendiferous senior year. Make sure not to change too much so that I can recognize you when I come back to visit. More importantly, though, I will you this resilience as you continue to mature. You have always struck me as a composed amiable young man and more affectionately as a little brother , and I hope to never see that change yes, I will visit. I love you and will miss you very much. I will miss your ever-friendly smiles and waves and embraces, which reminds me…I also will you boundless camaraderie with your fellow cuzzins, whom you can always wave to and smile at and embrace, knowing that you will always being doing something good that could potentially impact them more than you could possibly imagine or guess.

To Chayanne Petit, I will you autonomy and self-confidence. In any case, I will you the disposition to not bend over backwards to please people. I will you the control to wield your education with wisdom and everything else that you will put your hands to in this life. Stay cool, kid. I love you very much. To Kiersten Lofton, my sweetheart! I will you an infinite number of friendly waves in the hallway, as well as the confidence on how to cordially interact with certain individuals who make the mistake of dissing you on any given occasion Sam O.

I also will you the patience and passion to excel in orchestra, even in the absence of the great Isabella Spinelli. Now is the time to step up and be an example of excellence big shoes to fill, I know, but consider it a challenge.

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I also will you a new underclassman to sit with at lunch one day at AM. Who knows what sort of friendship could develop from that? After all, it started ours. I love you very much and hope to see you again soon. To Tyler Fullilove, my dear Tyler, I will you all the determination and sweetness you need to face each day. I will you the freedom to continuing shining.

I also will you the ability to be a leader. I have seen many instances of leadership in you, and I recognize that it is genuine. I love you, Tyler, and keep smiling. Tessa, I will you the temperament to not let people push you around. Dawn, I will you the right amount of sass, confidence, and friendliness to get you through each day. Aleah, I will you insane time-management skills to juggle everything you do with enthusiasm and gusto.

Cassie, I will you the attitude to continue walking like a queen; keep that head up, girl. I love you all, and make sure you are loud enough so that when I come back to visit, I know where to find you. To Nabeel Rasheed, Hi, Nabeel! I will you a more enthusiastic SIR partner. Honestly, we had some fun, and I will say that you were one of the only motivations for me to stay in SIR.

I also will you endless possibilities with your research investigations and humanitarian startups. With your passion and intelligence, you can do whatever it is you set your mind to. I love you, Nabeel, and make sure not to lose your sense of humor so I can recognize you when I visit. Somehow, you manage to be driven and upbeat about what you do, no matter how mundane or repetitive it can become. Keep that up. It will make life a whole lot easier. Have a great senior year! Never a dull moment when you all are around.

Eric, I will you an endless amount of creative pranks. I will you the authority to keep those folks in check and the temperament to not take trash from anybody. Mosope, I will you the freedom to switch between being spontaneous a side of you I never really got to see and was only told about and being diplomatic a side I got to see a little more often. Spontaneous within reason, though. Invest yourself in things that matter and try not to do anything for purely sentimental reasons. You three stay dope. You work really hard, yet you still manage to have fun.

I also will you discernment in managing your time I say this very mundanely: sleep is important. When I come back to visit, I expect to find the Danny I left behind. I love you, Danny! Stay snarky and fresh. Monique, I will you an underclassman to mentor. I hope I imparted some words of wisdom and guidance upon you that were substantially helpful. That said, I will you a chill senior year. Ellie, you wonderful person. I will you many more Samuel Okolis that you will never get again to pester, hug, strangle, and dictate. You are a visible reminder that it is not impossible to work hard and still have fun.

Keep that balance, and I assure you, it will serve you well. Glorielly, I will you the beautiful voice you already have.

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In speaking and singing, you have definitely blessed me, and I have no doubt that many others have been and will be blessed by it, too. Clayton, I will you the perpetual chill attitude you already have. I have a feeling that a lot of things that would make me restless would not faze you one bit. That might come in handy one of these days. Try to have fun at IMSA, you guys! To October Gradows, my baby, I will miss you so much. October, I will you more upperclassmen and underclassmen to have meaningful worthwhile conversations with as you climb this ladder. I remember talking to a very mature person the few times we have talked, but your smiles and hugs said a lot more than words.

I will you an endless amount of those, from those looking out for your best interests. Remember to stay focused on what drives you, and when the hard days come, take a deep breath and push through. Trust me, it works. To Samuel Anozie, hey there, Sam. How about something practical… I will you an endless amount of opportunities to help solidify your confidence in what you want to do in life. I also will you the authority to serve as a buffer for the more crazy rising seniors. Please, keep those crazies in check and make sure they stay in line so that they can actually go on to graduate.

And, hey, maybe send me some homemade beats sometime. To Claire Wang and Sruti Sundar. Sruti, I will you an intelligent helping hand. If you ever lose your keys or something vital for survival at IMSA, I hope there will be a keen-eyed young individual ready to help you figure things out. To Diann George, Claudia Zhu, my young ones! Diann, I will you a sophomore or junior to always say hello to or smile at you in the hallway.

That is where it all started for us both, and I will always be grateful to you for that. Claudia, I will you a boatload of patience to be able to manage anything like our SIR. I know I had a hard time being patient there, but I never saw you break down or really complain.

That will serve you well in the future. I love you both! I will you the confidence to lead just about anything and everything. Connor, I will you the voice of a diplomat. Jaelyn, I will you confidence with flair. Keep up the good work, sister. Respect yourself and expect nothing less from anyone else. I owe you something legitimate. Stay cool, you guys, and I hope you to see you again soon. Sol, I will you a circle of true friends. You have a wonderful personality; always be true to yourself. Anisha, I will you a wing of young women who can recognize kindness and honesty when they see it; I will surely miss your perpetual positivity.

Amy, I will you a balance between fun and focus; you are not lacking in either one. Mehr, I will you a semi-chill junior year; just watching you every day reminded me that it is possible to be sane at IMSA. Desmond, I will you the title of lordship over… whatever you like. And Justen, I will you the track team; yes, not just the sprinting sector, but the whole package. Show IMSA how to run a club, because you guys know how. You worked yourself so hard to get things done straight and deserve a very hard pat on the back.

Take your leadership skills and apply to whatever you do. Lauralyn, in all honesty, we both know how much work you put into being Medical Society Outreach Co-Chair. Sometimes, I felt like the sage just looking over your shoulder, making sure everything was properly done; your drive is inspiring. I will you the ability to have a life during school. Thank you for all your work that made Medical Society Outreach a huge success.

And Sonya, I will you more passion than you already have for just about everything you do, which is saying a lot because from what I have observed, you have never lost passion about anything. There will be days where you may just lose sight a little bit of why you are investing yourself in certain things; when those days come, remember where your passions and enthusiasm were birthed from and keep your eyes on the end goal. Have a great senior year, you all! To Jayda Yancey, my old soul. I will you underclassmen to mentor, upperclassmen to learn from, and more discs and shots to throw.

For someone so young, you seem to have an experienced head on your shoulders. I know IMSA is a challenge in many ways, but that does not seem to be weighing you down very much. To Zoe Mitchell, I will you self-confidence and fearlessness. IMSA will grow and prepare you for what you will have to face in the future. Face them with your brain, not your fists. To Carson, I will you juniors who will sit on your bed and talk to you even when they have tons of homework. To Shubhi, I will you the spirit to do anything and everything.

To Gloria and Grace, I will you a junior year without any boy troubles. I always love hearing your stories and giving you advice, and I hope you can do the same for your sophomores as well. To Noble, I will you another role that will allow you to truly embrace your culture, boat shoes and all. To Darius, I will you friends who will always say hi to you in the hallways. To Abs, I will you people to cop true friendships with and who will tell you they appreciate you, just like I do. Get more sleep, watch less Naruto, and focus on grades and gains no girls!

To Andrew, my favorite Ethics student, I will you a lifelong love of Ethics. To Jimmy, I will you someone to flick your chin whenever you see each other and more class club success. And, thanks for coming on a dinner date with me that one time! Please keep yourself safe, work hard and watch yourself. To Miron Liu, I will you great friends and good grades lol.

Continue it. To Jolin Zheng, I will you an underclassman that is accepting of your playfulness. I hope you find someone like that who lets you mess with them. To Bobby Luo and Clinton Oshipitan, I will you the entirety of and the love it has gotten over the years. I know that is not as loved as it used to be, but with you two as leaders, I have no worries. I believe in a successful comeback.

Thank you guys for being great wing guides and great juniors. Take care of for me. I loved being around you because of your laugh and the great time I spent around you. To Bobby Luo, I wish you a fun senior Clash drill team and your old passion for dance. I know junior year was tough for you and that you were forced into dancing and choreographing. I apologize for being a part of that. I want you to grow that passion again because you are a wonderful dancer and I wish to have your talent and seriousness for dance.

Thanks for being a great junior and friend to me. To Takudzwa George, I will you a successful dance career and optimistic underclassman. I hope you find yourself an underclassman such as yourself. To Akhila Vuppalapati, I will you a bright and trustworthy underclassman. Thank you for being there for me to talk to and letting me help you out when I could.

Find someone like yourself: someone who you can trust and who really brightens your day, because you were that to me. To all the Juniors, I will you a lively Senior year. I trust that you boys will keep the dream alive and make a good time. Also enjoy your senior year while it lasts. Go ham first semester, take it easy second semester. This is very important for your academic success. To Lazaro Esquivel, I will you a personal photographer to snipe photos of you at the worst times Jessica Oros.

To Jessica Oros, I will you to always use a full-frame camera. To Charlotte Giff, I will you all of my photography knowledge. I will you properly exposed profile pictures for Clash. No shade. Seriously, I have a broken 8 gB stick that Kevin Chen gave me. You can have it if you want it. Please take it. Really fast sophomores. Faster than you. I hope. Also I will you to have a coach. To Jimmy Ren, I will you to bleach your hair next year. For me. If any IMSA class will advance the human condition, you guys are it. You got this. I will you all the best, whatever it may be to you and wherever you may go to find it.

Your persistence to keep toughing through whatever may be ailing you is nothing short of inspiring, and I hope that you will continue to bring this tenacity into those around you next year. I will you the spiciest SoundCloud drops, excellent late nights, and a fulfilling senior year filled with memes and dreams. To Peev, thanks for keeping our math table somewhat sane and making sure that math actually happens. I will you those same fun mathemagical fun times with Dr. Condie, and a less painful senior schedule than what you have going on now. But when you finally set yourself to something the result is always something that blows everybody else out of the water.

I will you better queue times and some semblance of study habits for next year. To Mike, thanks for adding that much-needed variety to my senior year, be it with your crazy ukulele shenanigans or your endless stream of Facebook content. I will you the only the best as CD next year and success in whatever endeavors you take upon yourself. You are two of the most hardworking people I know that can still end the day with bright smiles. Have the confidence to see how insanely amazing you both are. To Lauralyn Lin, I will you roses.

You have such crazy high expectations of yourself and sometimes it feels like you work yourself to the bone. To Cherie Mendoza, I will you a good bowl of ramen. I will you a proper bowl of ramen that makes your belly feel warm and full. One that gets sweeter and better with time.

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Never change, Cherie Mendoza :. You are so competent and independent and I have no doubts about your capabilities next year. To 06ers, I will you a home away from home. I will you more in-room violations and all-nighters for the next year or so to come. I will you friends down the hall and late night runs across the bridge and love and support from your hall mates also please keep up not last for Clash next year I love you all.

To those I leave behind, I will you the ability to fall in love. Life can drag you by your heels and some days you can feel like mashed potatoes. Stress can take over and make decisions you wanted to make for you. So I will you the ability to fall in love. Fall in love with people who make you laugh until it hurts. To October, I will you excellent taste in Nike sweatshirts, and really any athletic clothing for that matter.

To Denise Gutierrez and Alexa Gonzalez, I will you sketchiness and tons of trips to Michoacana when they actually have mangonadas. To Dannie Lee, I will an exciting junior year with lots of fruit roll ups and my love for Mandarin. To Cherie Mendoza, I will that you will never have your scooter taken away every time you leave it in To Rebbeca Xun and Becky Matthew, I will the chance to take a break and play that weird block game with the shapes once in awhile. To Maelee Chen, I will the adventure of breaking some rules once in awhile and all the irrelevance possible.

To Istvan Kovach, Kir N. To Kir, I will all the upside-down shirts you can find. I will you all my collection of Amish jokes, terrible puns, and fast-food nicknames. From his anger to rare genuine happiness, may he serve you well these next two years as I wish you all the best. To Chris Chang, though I may have never had it myself, I will you the courage to keep on spamming memes on Facebook.

Just keep on being you! May the definitely-real Deutsch IV serve you well. To 01D, I will you the best. To Claudia Zhu, I will you an acceptance letter from Harvard so you may be with the man you love. To Priya Kumar, I will you peace to prevent you from angrily ranting to a Korean man every Wednesday. You came into sophomore year, and everyone said you were exactly like me — athletic shorts, sweatshirt, skinny. So, in short, just keep working hard, and I will you confidence that you only now are starting to realize.

From the day you helped Jae with his move-in to IMSA my sophomore year to now, it has been an honor to know you. To Pranav Narayanan, Coppita Boppita, zinka tinka pinka la dinka.

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I have never met someone with as much cancer as you and hope you maintain the legacy that Alex, Krishi, and I will leave behind. I know you made the right choice by leaving East St. To Istvan, Shyam, Abhay, and Patrick, I will you an upquad who will not drop modphys or laugh at your funny face or call you little harsh or steal your longboard. To Srivinay Tummarakota, I will you another senior who is as inclined to talk about politics with you.

Your ability to defend your opinions is astonishing, and I hope you keep making your opinion known; after all, we both know how much you hate censorship. However, I will you juniors who will come to your quad every so often and to play football with. To Hannah Yale, I will you the aspirations of going to Harvard, as destined by your last name and Yale to always be your backup.

I also will you a better sophomore year nickname than Flabs — Baller. To Daniel and Chetan, I know Krishi emphasized this more, but I will you a sophomore duo that mirrors yourselves exactly, and maybe even better Daniel — fast, Chetan — semi good at soccer and chess. Also, Chetan, it was a privilege being your older sib!!

To Faris and friends, I will you athletic asl sophomores who always come to play sports with you guys. Thanks for coming to all our recreational football, basketball, and soccer games! Make sure to inspire them to be as active as we are. To Kyle Campbell, I will you another junior who wishes you happy anniversaries. To Chayanne Petit, And last but certainly not least, Chayanne, thank you for meaning so much to me and for making all the memories that we have together.

I will you more happiness, success in your clubs, and more time to spend with your friends. I also will you someone to go to WOD with. I will you keeping A wing spirit alive and keeping the wing happy. I will you to be the biggest supporters of the wing just like our DQ was. Make A wing memorable. To T and Bobby, I will you many more goofy dance practices, handshakes and goofy facial expressions.

Dance practices and choreo sessions are just so much more fun because of our handshakes and beautiful inside jokes that nobody else will ever understand. Go kill senior year and make sure to Facetime me. You brighten any room you walk into, and I know you can brighten up the entire hall too. Show the rest of the school how beautiful dance is, and how much you love dance. Keep the passion alive that we showed all this year for whatever SDAC does next year.

You guys have awesome ideas for next year, and I hope you guys enjoy what you put out next year. I better see dope videos from all of you :. To Shivani, I will you Diwali Modern. You will bring Modern to a new level that Herschel and I will never see coming with your brilliant smile and dancing. Make sure that the dostana lives forever.

You are a beautiful and creative dancer, girl. You are so passionate and caring for others, and keep that going, but also remember to SSS hard, you deserve it. To Larry, my debut partner, I will you my sick roasting skills. I also will you dance. Just dance, man. You got this, you pansy. To Marisa and Vaishnavi, I will you goofs some sleep. You all sleep later than I do sometimes. Remember to always have fun; kill it junior year and have some fun in A wing and keep it livelier than we ever did.

To Cathy Luo, I will you a beautiful nap partner that you can radiate your heat towards and warm them up on a cold night. To Chak, I will you the drive to learn dance. I better come back and see you on stage, either choreographing or killing the choreo. Also, I hope that the next time you play paranoia, it goes a little better ;.

To Shubhi, I will you lots of chaat. Because I love chaat, you love chaat. Have fun in B wing and fulfill your dreams of living in 02! There are no words for how much I will miss your sass and inability to be humble next year. To Carson and Jessie, I will you a lifetime of smiles. One of the reasons I have loved 03 this year is because you guys lived there. The love you two have for each other is infectious and it spreads to all the people you befriend. Thank you for making me laugh and giving me the courage to be bold. To Yuri, I will you many, many hugs. I can always count on you for being the most bubbly, supportive person in the room.

In the times when my mom-self gets stressed out, you bring me back to earth. Thank you for being my favorite daughter. To Esther, I will a Mod 21 that will accomplish everything you want it to. Dedication is rare but you my friend hit the jackpot. I know that under your guidance and love, Mod can accomplish anything.

To Owen, I will many more happy playlists. You have shown me that there are still some intrinsically kind people left in the world. Thank you for that. To Sona and Dawn, I will an amazing Sona, keep being absolutely radiant. Dawn, you never cease to amaze me with your strength and grace. I love and respect you ladies more than I could ever say. Elliot Cleven To Ben, I will you my lucky comb for your beautiful hair. Emma Mattson To Catherine, I will you a better jogging partner than me and a sophomore half as good a person as you are. You have shown me how to be a better person and a better friend.

To Irena, Gunwati, and Neil, this semester I learned to Appreciate Music but also the weird and amazing juniors sitting around me in D You were the baby sophomores on StudCo this year, and even through our failures and lazinesses and occasional successes, you kept us happy and also gave a healthy dose of insanity. To Angitha, I will you just a hint of optimism. To Maelee, you were the person who actually understood things in BCIII, and now I will you a junior who also understands things and can give you a break.

Thanks for teaching me how vectors do things. To next hall senator whomever you are , I leave you I hope it can be the same kind of home for you that it has been for me. I learned that an hour on Tuesday nights is not enough; you have to care enough to do something outside those short meetings. I learned that you have to ask for constant feedback. I learned that more programming is rarely the answer. I learned to take a step back and think about vision, what you ultimately want to do.

I hope in the next year pme can become more effective, efficient, and wise. Still, and no one knows this better than you never forget that the work, despite all of the tendencies towards buzzwords or simple answers, ultimately has to do with people. This year was infinitely better for having you wonderful people to work with.

To Monique, you were my fourth pseudo-roommate this year. To Claudia, in modern theater, I learned that you literally can never stop smiling, even while monologuing about what it feels like to be shut in a coffin. So I will you a senior year filled with many many happy, sunny days and a junior to make you smile like you have been to me. To Connor Elmore, you are intelligent and funny and shamelessly overcommitted, but more than anyone I know you deserve a happy senior year and at least 5 extra hours in a day.

Please sleep at some point. Also we will have to celebrate the anniversary of the death of natural helpers in the coming year. We need milk. You are the ex-little sib of my pseudo-quadmate and from the moment I met you, your smile and laugh have always brightened my day. I will you a stress-free joyful senior year and luck in wherever you want to go. I will that all your sordaria survive. I will you exactly 0 night tests ever. And I will you something vague about viruses, because honestly I think I lost all that knowledge from our final paper as soon as we turned in it.

Our extensive cell cycle poster will live on long in memory, although it was recycled shortly after the test. To Eden, I will you a sophomore to pass on our extensive knowledge about eye contact and to show pictures of your cats to. I will for you two beautiful years at IMSA, and I hope that, like me, you reach the end of your time at IMSA and realize how lucky you were to have three years in this place and with these people.

To Mounisha, I wish you an underclassman to greet you every time you walk in the door. Thanks for always asking me how I was and always listening to what I said. Take care of your sophs and teach them how we do things here. I will you those newfound authoritative skills I saw during dec making. To Justin, you seem to be the most normal of the four, so I will you some common sense. To Eric, I will you the ability to be less of a slug. You are a really smart kid and you barely seem to be trying! I hope you find a soph to mess around with next year.

No matter what you end up doing in the coming years, I will you all the ability to stay focused and driven. I hope all of you have made some enduring friendships and have found people to rely on when things get rough. May Patankar bless your future code! To Abdul, Mosope, and Eric, I will you a trip to bdubs with me. To Darius, Neha and I will you the resistance. To Radeesha, Carson, Jessy, and Rebecca I will you some juniors to facebook call for the Spanish homework and a thriving ecosystem of copping.

Most importantly, I will you the ability to cop the Spanish hw from me sometime before the year ends. I admire your unique brand of humor and know that you guys will be great seniors. To Rebecca, I will you a junior to talk literature and philosophy with. Take comfort in the fact that you can only truly know fun if you have truly known stress.

To Devika and Allen, I will you my copy of the knot book. I hope working with Professor Kauffman is as fulfilling for you guys as it was for me. To Yuri, I will you a whistle. You have a wonderful personality that can light up a room! Take care next year. Stay focused and I see a job for you at Goldman Sachs in the future. I hope you get more confident because you did a fine job leading dec making this year. To Kyle and Zach, I will you Keep the special sense of community we have alive. To Jimmy, Faris, and Hunter, I will you the future of 04 clash. You all showed amazing initiative this year and you all have the potential to be great leaders in the hall.

To Noble. My opinion of you vacillates between fury and pride. You have made me both profoundly disappointed and profoundly happy. I told you once that there is a point when sophomores and juniors become equals. Well, this is that point. I truly believe you have all the ability I have and some more; you just need to learn how to use it. You should already know what it is, but if you need a hint it was the first book I ever gave you. Evan Sun To Rebecca Xun, I will you the ability to find peace and clarity in the middle of your oh-so-crazy life.

You have such incredible talents, and I know that both you and Connor are going to do just fine next year. And most importantly, I will you the ability to get more sleep that was also willed to me last year. Thank you for everything. To Connor Elmore, I will you the ability to bring a sense of community and family to those around you especially StudCo. Keep StudCo together like a family. To Becky Mathew, I will you an undying spirit for inquiry and exploration that will bring new ideas about the Academy that you can share with others.

I also will you an underclassmen that you can continue to have these conversations with. You have some incredible insights and ideas, and talking to you is always such a pleasure. Thank you for always being critical yet upbeat about life. Along with that, I will you and Abhiudaya and Lucy the spirit of Inquiry, one that will hopefully lead to many more generations of Entelechy Labs. And by that, I mean bring an unnatural amount of enthusiasm and energy to cabinet.

Also, I will you the patience and perseverance to diplomatically deal with a certain someone ;. I hope that you make many more duck memes, and I get to hear about all the dank duck jokes next year. I also will you the fiery beats needed to drop the latest mixtape Quacks of Fire. Yet most of all, never forget about what being the mother duck is all about: taking care of your ducklings. Keep on quacking, my little duckling.

Whether that be large issues like sleep deprivation or small ones like a small League scene, I know that you have the skills to leave your mark on IMSA if you can find the right motivation. To Alex Zhong, I will you a sophomore to continue to push you up, even when your morale is at its lowest. To Srivinay Tummarakota, I will you the logistical and creative ability to carry out the Big Sibling Program to its full potential. I also will you the dank culture in hopes that it will continue on for many more generations. Speaking of which, I will you something brand new: the spirit of anti-Davida.

May it push you to continue to do work, despite SSS. Keep it up next year. May this highest value carry you forth as you continue to charge through debate tournaments and maybe attain my level of greatness. S, the order that I put those names is how I view your debate skills. In descending order. To Gunwati Agarwal, I will you the code for my awe-inspiring bridge design. May it serve as a beacon to which potential junior carries will swarm to you second semester senior year and give you a much needed break.

Thanks for carrying me through Speculative Fiction. And APCS. Beautiful candles, diffusers and room sprays from some of the best Irish makers. These cocktails will turn your festive dial up to the max! Some TV moments stay with you forever - and this lot were certainly unforgettable. She's got one of the best complexions in the business and now she's creating her own range. Jazz up your Christmas Eve dinner with those classics' covers and winter anthems.

Next up, founder and head baker of Boutique Bake, Catherine Buggy. In the absence of a Christmas special on our screens, we shall have to make do with a peek at the upcoming film version of Downton. Having a back up bundle of suit-anyone presents can save you from awkward moments. Next up, stylist and personal shopper Sinead Keary. Left your holiday shopping to the last minute? Not to worry, a gift from The Shelbourne looks great, will be loved by all from your granny to your girlfriends and is as easy as mince pie.

The Beauty, Style and Inspiration lunch was to raise much needed funds for the breast cancer charity. Next up, model-turned-boho-globe trotter Daniella Moyles. The battle of the semi-permanent cosmetic brow tattooing treatments. While the Government's hopes of a full abortion services roll out in seem unlikely, one Dublin hospital is on board.

Six Irish style icons give a peek into their wardrobes and their lives. Looks as though there's a new 'Princess of Thrift' in town. Grooming, Darren Kennedy. Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie sat down together to answer some of the Internet's most searched-for questions about them. Nothing says Christmas like cocktails, especially these classics with a brand new Cointreau twist. Pick up a unique Christmas gift - or head along to the panel discussion - this weekend.

Perfect roasties, the crispiest crackling and gravy with a difference: don't mind us, we're just nailing Christmas Day cooking. It was all-out glamour at the Fashion Awards, with some interesting choices made! From crisp pine scents that evoke snowy morning walks to warming, fragrances full of nostalgia, we've rounded up our favourite festive candles. First up, model-slash-influencer Louise Cooney. Home decor, fashion, culture: don't look any further your weekend's reading material is right there.

The first to coin the term 'emotional labour' in a viral feature about women's invisible workload, writer Gemma Hartley's new book Fed Up is a wake up call for us all. Starting with Christmas The iconic Dublin jewellery store has welcomed a special Cartier Christmas exhibition. A shock absence of Saoirse Ronan in this year's Golden Globes nominations. The design-led flexible workspace company threw a huge party for members. There's no better way to do your Christmas shopping!

If you're lacking in some motivation, this might encourage you to hit the gym. We're not too surprised, to be honest. It's long been a favourite. There's another compelling true crime series on the way - and it's unmissable. The beloved New York Times column of the same name is coming to a screen near you - here's what you need to know. Here's what we'd like in our Christmas stockings on December 25th. We've been pretty good this year, Santa, honest!

Ireland's Blue Book adds six new luxurious locations for The street wear savant delivers a grown-up, work appropriate take on Downtown dressing. This powerhouse Hollywood couple reportedly has a hunch that they'll be named as godparents to Harry and Meghan's baby. It's a must have guide to the best country house hotels, restaurants, manor houses and hidden gems in Ireland.

In between making all your lists and checking them twice, just remember to breathe. The Monaghan actress has a devoted fan base - and it's easy to see why. As the wording of the Bill is finalised, pro-choice campaigners are warning it might not be what the country voted for. The Irish woman behind The Rolling Donut franchise shares why hard work and ignoring the haters are key to success.

It has been a significant year for Irish women, for more than one reason. Do you think a request for extra time off would impact your career? The French singer is hard to pin down and impossible to ignore. Just be sure to steer clear of any coffee-spillers with this one. Irish star Caitriona Balfe talks about her character in the hit TV show.

Tara Flynn has a lightbulb moment and realises that her good shoes are to be worn. Whenever she likes. It's a treasure trove of the best in beauty and we have some cult buys and a voucher! After the Season 3 finale left viewers with a cliff hanger, here's everything you need to know about the next installment. Experts predict that companies will begin targeting those with minor follow counts.

Introducing: the nano influencer. Cervical cancer campaigner who was diagnosed with terminal cancer following a cervical smear test error named in the BBC's list of most influential and inspiring women in the world for One of Ireland's most renowned salons hosted a party for clients and friends. The perfect way to do flash some skin - if you can stand the winter chill.

The adorable fairy doors are already in one million houses worldwide, bringing smiles to the faces of kids across the globe. It's not about forgoing the sparkle, it's about making it work for you. Claudia Winkleman, Claire Foy and Kate Beckinsale were just some of the high profile names to add their support. A heartbroken bride-to-be in Australia got revenge on her love-rat partner at the altar. One character divided opinions since day one - but would you really want to have seen them meet their end this way? The renowned Swiss skincare brand was the first to create a range for sensitive skin.

Viola Davis shares why she believes her kiss with Liam Neeson in Widows is so important. The sun is calling - and so is this swimwear collection! The Grafton Street store got everyone into the festive mood. Is social media giving us unrealistic expectations of being female? The days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping Those exotic spas should chase the November blues away. When you want more than a 'fine' weekend to talk about come Monday AM. Explore the road less travelled, and capture those best moments, with a little help from Huawei.

From stocking fillers to greeting cards, here's how to support your local Irish creatives. Classic yet contemporary, the Duchess of Sussex's style has become instantly iconic. Move over, Kate! Whether you choose to indulge in a delicious meal, want to explore the city or take some fresh air, there is an outfit for you. Comments made by a lawyer in an Irish rape trial have been slammed as victim-blaming and now people in Ireland and online are protesting with the hasthag ThisIsNotConsent.

The rumours were true!

Library Catalog

Vogue, Spencer and baby Theodore are on their way to our TV screens. In "A Private War" Irish actor Jamie Dornan plays a journalist who risks his own life to bring us the truth about the war in Syria, in a triumphant new film that is a timely reminder of the enduring value of the free press. The brands it features reads like a Rolodex of fashion's coolest. The designer's roll-call consists of jewel faves Anissa Kermiche, Sabine Getty, Noor Fares, Eugenie Niarchos and Ana Khouri, each creating their own shoe based on their finest bijou moment, with that extra, Aquazzura zhuzh.

Some styles are available in onyx black and scarlet red if you're looking for something less traditional. English actress Ruth Wilson co-produced and stars in a new BBC drama in a story that is very close to home. Instagram is an endless source of inspiration when it comes to style. Those accounts gave us major wardrobe-makeover envy this week. Luxe for less, mules and sparkles aplenty. We know what way our shopping list is orientated. A female-led company based in Ireland wants to remind you that 'every little thing we do is better than doing nothing'. As a young girl struggling with anorexia, reading the Harry Potter books and ultimately getting cast in the role of Luna Lovegood "saved" Irish actress Evanna Lynch.

Looking to get away from it all? This place is top of the list. Phyto has been on the go for over 50 years, taking care of hair with the power of plant ingredients. And we have a bundle of products to give away. Over the beauty advent calendar and not a big fan of chocolate? Do not fear, the options are limitless! Objectification and over-sexualization or feminist empowerment? This is the question we kept asking ourselves watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Soft cashmere, cosy slippers, toasty robes.. Let the colder months roll in, we are ready! Fans of the jewellery line will be very happy about this! Dark and romantic, oversized flowers are fast becoming THE interior design trend for this winter. The newly announced co-host of Dancing With the Stars opens up about feeling like a fraud and going back to work as a mum of two in the new issue of Irish Tatler.

Everything you need to become a sparkling dancing queen for the festive season. Penney's brought all the season cheer to a beautiful Georgian building for its festive showcase. Suffragettes' fashion game was not only feminine and practical, but also political. These next generation products are exactly what you need to be reaching for post-shower. How to maintain strong friendships when distance gets in the way.

Christmas markets and craft fares are pretty much an essential part of the run up to the festive season these days. With throwbacks to the 80s everywhere and powerdressing in, this ageless piece is a season's must-have. Think velvet ribbon trims, vintage gold buttons and plush embroidery. When the weather is unsure, thin, removable layers and varied fabrics are key! Bray's Mermaid Arts Centre is hosting an exhibition on this wonderful story. Wait for the holidays in style with those indulging beauty advent calendars. BONUS: those are still available!

The go-to designer for sexy red carpet gowns turns his hand to sportswear. Books, Music, Movies and - if you dare braving the cold - outings: here is the very best of culture in November. Not sure the Wild Atlantic Way's ever seen such style. A dark psychological thriller with a star-studded cast make up Roberts's first forray in the small screen world. Get some style inspiration from Mexican artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo. Here are our favourite back cut-outs dresses on the high-street right now! Those items have just arrived on the high-street rails and we cannot wait to put our hands on them!

Just not to be confused with the Urban Dictionary's definition of such. Winter weather can be less than appealing - but these outfits make the low temperatures a little sweeter. Lots of Irish film and acting talent has been nominated for this year's awards. The very best of Dublin's spectacular avocado toasts, swoon-worthy omelettes and gravity-defying stack of pancakes. Fresh sea food and seasonal vegetables make for an easy and healthy lunch. The top ten great Hollywood horror flicks that have Irish roots.

Grab yourself a cushion to hide behind, throw on Netflix, and be prepared to be terrified. Don't need to go all out for Halloween: these outfits should do the trick and introduce a slight dose of magic in your daily iife. J Abrams set of refugee story adaptation, to the dismay of Twitter users. Last Sunday was the th anniversary of women's right to vote in New Zealand, an occasion which feminist Duchess of Sussex didn't fail to acknowledge.

Finally, a name for what my brain and body is going through. Bring that spa relaxation feeling home with this gorgeous bundle of ESPA treats. Over 20, people completed the Dublin Marathon this weekend - want to step into their shoes next year? Consider these tried-and-tested tips. Three time Oscar-nominated star has reportedly purchased new digs.

Personal Strategy Coach Davina Greene reflects on social media pretences and setting the bar too high with endless talk of achievement. Keep warm over the Bank Holiday weekend with these warm cocktails. Think water is just water? And you can be part of it. Renowned concert promoter John Reynolds found dead in his Dublin home. When your heart says designer but your bank balance pleads duuuupe.

Meaningful connections don't have to be of the romantic kind! Bumble Bizz is here to match women with their business soulmate. Norah Casey shares her favourite romantic stops in this final installation of our Roman holiday guide. Norah Casey's Rome travel journal goes on with this second part dedicated to the lavishness of Italian churches and basilicas. Four in ten people love their surname too much to change it. It's refreshing to see the royal couple look a little more laid-back.

Model, actress, time traveler and advocate for many social issues Caitriona Balfe is your Cover Star choice! L'Occitane's Christmas collection is always one of the nicest of the season and this year's is a beauty. And we have lots of treats from the range to give away. In , it was revealed that over women with cervical cancer were given incorrect smear test results and the revised test results were kept from them. Vicky Phelan is amongst them. Her bravery and fierce fight against the incriminated laboratories have moved Ireland.

The advocate against sexual assault and defender of children's rights earns special achievement award for her lifetime accomplishments. Zamparelli wins the Women of the Year Entertainment Award. Karen Leigh, founder of Sensational Kids - a charity dedicated to help children with special needs - wins the Social Entrepreneur award of the year. This year's WOTYA takes on a particular dimension as we prepare to celebrate the accomplishments of Irish women in what has been a history-making year.

The Celtic contingent isn't one to be messed with. Curiosity is often described as a sin But could it be the key to succes? TBT to our school science projects paling in comparison to this. Emm, of course it's on point: it's Scandinavian. The message was never intended to be made public but Alyssa changed her mind. The Duchess of Sussex is already fifteen weeks pregnant, according to sources. The 20x20 initiative hopes to encourage young Irish women and girls to embrace sport. Jonah Hill's new project shares a glimpse into the "hurt" the actor endured for years. She discussed the very topical movie in the latest issue of Irish Tatler.

The dress, the shoes, that tiara - the fashion lowdown on what Princess Eugenie wore for her big day including the hidden shamrock motif. If suggestions like 'take a walk' and 'breathe deep' give you major eye roll, you might be into this mental health trend. Vanessa Hudgens has definitely shed any remainder of her High School Musical sweetheart image with this luxe grown-up collection. Because after all, your occasion frock can be the bride's 'something new'! The new Snap Originals could change the way we watch shows. This year's Irish Tatler Spa of the Year awards was a glittering affair.

The best spa experiences, from the most effective facials to the top places to luxuriate in Ireland. Winter-proof your skin with this step-by-step repair guide. Why 'framily' is so important for single women in their thirties and beyond. Congolese gynaecologist Dr. Award-winning designer Helen Cody wants women to be 'breast aware'. Writer and activist Scarlett Curtis tweeted about the sudden decision. It was a doggone lovely evening for Kiehl's new launch.

If you were considering boosting your curves by way of a quick surgical procedure, you may want to reconsider. Irish broadcaster Norah Casey opened up about her own experience of domestic abuse after a night in front of the TV. The historical epic reaches cinemas early next year - here's your first look. A boutique hotel, and a multi-purpose development, are on the cards for O'Connell Street. Tired of your minimalist interiors? Here's the solution. Hollywood just can't get enough of author Liane Moriarty, and you can meet her in Dublin next week.

Not buying this dress? Irish actress Caitriona Balfe has applauded the bravery of the two women who confronted Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator and shared their stories of sexual assault. From cryotherapy to organic hair care to diamond dust facials - here are the new hair, skin and body treatments to add to your 'must-do' list.

Chic hotel stays for the mid term break with the whole family in mind. First, she made French cooking easy, now kitchen guru and Instagram queen Rachel Khoo is making Swedish cooking the newest lifestyle trend we all want in on. The actress honoured Savita, whose death in has a role in bringing about Ireland's abortion referendum in The Robin Hood star is turning to the small screen for her latest role. Fine food and even finer Champagnes: is there a better way to spend an evening?

A host of Irish artists and personalities have created artwork for charity. It's not just a political scandal, and the consequences will reach every woman. The conversation around rape and sexual violence needs to change. Dublin's Westin Hotel was the venue for a glamorous afternoon for a great cause. Melissa Curry's brand is equal parts inspirational, ethical, and sustainable. Celebrated chef Ken Hom is coming to Dublin to do cooking demos in Arnotts this weekend. Yet another of the few remaining independent labels relinquishes control to a parent company.

Comedian, feminist and podcast queen Deborah Frances-White knows how to get rid of your public speaking anxieties. In the current climate, shining a light on women who beat the odds, change the game or achieve excellence in their field is essential. The author finalised the details of her new book just days before her tragic passing in March of this year, after fighting cancer ten times. Dubliner Fiona McEntee is equally at home lobbying for immigrant rights as she is welcoming a first timer to her luxurious Chicago hair salon.

Yoga, nutrition and the new radiance-boosting products from the much loved French skincare range. Irish fashion lover Phoebe Webb moved back from London to West Cork to set up her own business, and here's how she did it. Because what the hell else will get you through Monday? It's all about the youthquake, according to Ms Miuccia.

Irish people are signing up in their droves to help others after their deaths. Eau de Dublin? This new candle promises to capture the scent of the city. Hold your almond latte order and let's talk about this. The designer is to close retail stores in London and in Kildare Village as well as the brand's e-commerce site. The quintessential '70 and '80s jewellery box staple is back. Kielh's cult Ultra Facial Cream has gone all Irish. Here's your chance to try out 30 cult beauty brands, for free! Racing and serious style at the two-day Longines Irish Champions Weekend.

Style star Rocky Rachel Barnes said 'I do' over the weekend, and naturally the bridal fashion was world-class. Ailbhe Griffith moved audience to tears and received a standing ovation. The former tenement house shares its centuries of secrets. Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka is looking every bit the teenage witch dream in the Netflix reboot of our fave nineties TV show.

The Meath-born fashion designer cut her teeth with fashion heavyweights Mary Katrantzou and Roland Mouret. It's a riot of checkered prints, pearls, cable knit jumpers and good breeding. The last day of New York Fashion Week went out with a bang. This Irish organisation brings the worlds of business and arts together. Grab your sewing needles: it's time to get quilting. Irish Tatler has a city break to Liverpool to give away to one lucky reader, including flights, accommodation and a three-course meal for two!

Jackie Taylor could be considered the High Priestess of Headgear. Aisling Franciosi is all grown up - and her style has evidently matured too. Want to come and work for a fast-growing media company, dedicated to digital innovation and great journalism? Comedian Aisling Bea speaks poignantly about how tragedies, such as her father's suicide, are multifaceted. Good news for those of us determined not to let our sub-chic lineage stand in our way.

Forget rehashing masculine style, it's time to own feminine power through style. Not just a magical and mystical sounding ingredient; pearl powder could be the skin saviour you've been waiting for. There was a sad footnote added to the death of Cranberries singer, Dolores O'Riordan, as the inquest into her death reached its verdict. Serving up some practical advice with some fashion tips for good measure. Vogue Williams has announced the arrival of her bouncing baby boy!

We caught up with Vogue in the summer to talk music, baby bumps and dealing with criticism online. All of our quirky-cool favourites together, in one collection. Over 30, people headed to the coastal town of Dalkey in County Dublin for a weekend of seafood, music and entertainment. Leopard print not lighting your fire? Don't worry: we got you. Her choice of attire for the French Open hasn't been the only issue around women in sport in recent weeks. Already one of the biggest names in brows, Benefit has launched its latest brow innovation at an event in The Ivy.

Fendi is back with a bang, and so is the most iconic arm candy of the s: the Baguette. The founder of cult tanning brand, Cocoa Brown is set to take over the cosmetics industry with an extensive new makeup range. The fitness guru had this refreshing advice for new mums looking to get fit after having a baby. It's these in-between months that always leave us sartorially stumped. Pretty packaging? It returned to our screens like a welcome friend. The elaborate cakes, the soggy bottoms, the triumph and disasters: welcome back, Great British Bake Off!

Our ears are about to get a whole lot more embellished. This latest news sees her starring with a major Hollywood name. It seems like she - aka everyone on your Instagram feed - is selling sea shells by the sea shore. As a nation, we're not getting nearly enough shuteye. From Doireann Garrihy to Emma Manley, these Irish women share their toughest moments and how they became more resilient. She will soon be the first Irish woman to take on the challenge of sailing around the world solo; here's how Joan Mulloy builds her resilience, day by day.

The musician and singer discovered the thing that was holding her back, and wants other women to know what it was. Izzy Wheels founder Ailbhe Keane had to figure out how to become resilient in order to make it in business. Tara Flynn joins the Irish women sharing their moments that made them more resilient. When it's too chilly for bare arms, to warm for fur coats. Five times social media made a point about the Pope's visit to Ireland that actually mattered to women.

Their Insta-bio reads 'Women's clothing brand for the hedonists! A new report has found that Irish women are the seventh highest consumers of daily alcohol in the world. Few cities are doing brunch better than Dublin right now. The distinctive 'Ark' certainly dominated the popularity charts, will Cult Gaia be able to replicate its success? Cork-based food stylist and photographer Monika Coghlan on why eating Med is best and her favourite cake recipe.

AW-friendly and will earn you serious style brownie points.

  • Gefährlich schön - Crazy in Love 1 (German Edition)!
  • How to Do Your Makeup Like a Fairy for Halloween.
  • Rogue Defender (Rogue Submarine Book 4).
  • Grillen, Op. 12, No. 4.
  • Maria Stuart (German Edition)?
  • The Alien Letters!

It was a runaway success earlier this year and now the woman behind the show has landed on the Radio Times power list. Is excellent marketing the only thing the oil has going for it? Dianne Laurance, whose husband left her for a younger woman after three decades of marriage, is taking divorce in her stride. Beauty buff Amy Heffernan revisits the mineral makeup mainstay.

Proving that Fake News is a real thing, the Hubes is on a mission to save people from dodgy beauty products. The Dublin couple, who have four children, share the secrets of staying close and what words of wisdom Ali had for Bono on a big award night. Cheating on your partner used to involve falling into someone else's bed. Not any more. Our modern world has created various paths to infidelity - and not all involve sex! We're taking notes because burnout is all too real a worry.

You'll never have to worry about 'North-facing light' with this one. Key pieces include tuxedo blazers, cropped jackets and, of course, little black dresses. These brides spill the beans on the beauty treatments worth forking out for ahead of your big day. Pisces will get an exciting phone call from a friend today. If you thought the 'Moreau' was lust-worthy, feast your eyes on these. Our favourite festival is too stuck in the past to have a place in my heart in A new book shines a light on the birth of many everyday items and designs we take for granted — and the women behind them.

The Big Grill in Dublin's Herbert Park is always a summer highlight and it's all happening this weekend. Do you know the people you can really trust Sagittarius? Of course those health-conscious Aussies are behind this one. Wardrobe fairies are a very real thing - and this one comes in the guise of Cork native Sinead Keary. RTE has launched its new season schedule — and women are topping the bill, with some serious talent heading up shows and a focus on female issues. The mother of seven has received a slew of online abuse since posting a pic of her and her seven children sleeping in a Garda station.

Today she silenced them all. Looks as though jazzy jumpers are going to be big business this autumn. This Dublin footballer says you can have your takeout and eat it too and she should know, she made it. Not being able to conceive again after your first child comes as a shock to many couples.

But secondary infertility is not as uncommon as you think. Lunchtime Botox, anyone? The new rule that could help everything from weight loss to immunity. Inside Dublin's newest restaurant and bar, The Grayson. The fashion world is enjoying an ongoing love affair with all things Copenhagen right now, and we are too! Ditch the long-haul stint straight after the wedding day in favour of a mini-break for two. You can stash your honeymoon for later in the year.

The high priestess of wellness is no stranger to controversial recommendations. The September cover star works the hottest new looks of the autumn season including Emporio Armani, Simone Rocha and more. Get ahead of the game with these catwalk inspired buys. A light had been shone in dark corners, surely things would never be the same? Or would they? SS or AW? Who cares, you're ready for all eventualities Sisters are often found swiping each others clothes or bickering over fashion choices, but not Louth-born siblings Ruth and Jane Flanagan.

Recent reports have indicate that the number of homeless families, or those living in hotels, is rising. Famous mums are baring all, and we are here for it. She may have been on TV for 10 years, but Laura Whitmore has revealed that she still feels out of her depth in her career. She talked fashion, faux pas and offered up her advice to anyone who deals with self-doubt in the new issue of Irish Tatler. A tuxedo can be tricky to wear at the best of times - not to mention if it's in a fire engine shade of red.

We can almost hear a collective "ugh" being uttered as another unobtainable body 'trend' has began circulating on social media. Learn when it's time to say no this Monday Aquarius. Just four years into her American Dream, Lisa Stewart has built up an enviable curriculum vitae.

In part two, everything you need to make bad hair days a distant memory! Chrissy Teigen is getting refreshingly real about body image, and we are here. Scorpio will handle extra responsibility with ease this Thursday. Naturally, the bargain-buy arm candy sold out in the blink of an eye. Here's how to take a leaf out of Meghan Markle's style book with a straw clutch of your own. Step aside Editrix Wintour, this is Bey's publication ow.

This country is about to smell a whole lot sexier, it'll just take a visit to the airport and not the actual flight now. You might feel invincible in the gym: but is your jewellery? Stories of sexual harassment and assault are, sadly, not unusual, but a recent assault on a woman in Paris has gone viral in dramatic fashion. Now that the weather has changed from scorching to not so scorching, we are a little bit caught in the middle when it comes to what to wear.

The little white boot, the LBD's footwear equivalent. Do you need a few days off Virgo? It sure looks like it. Mindfulnes is the lifestyle trend that has gone global but we wonder is it just a trend? What are they? Where did they come from? And do those super satisfying peel off masks help? You don't even have to say goodbye to millennial pink. Ireland is in its first hockey World Cup in 16 years and has just made the quarter finals for the first time ever.

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  7. Prepare for a new payday splurge as uber trendy tech label Soda touches down in Brown Thomas, Dublin. The young women behind Borrower Boutique have their eye on the prize with their curated offering of rental items perfect for Instagram-stalking millennials. Our latest online feature takes the guessing game out of what to bring to destinations around the world. Have a look in your wardrobe and you'll find an array of old shirts laying about. It's time to bin those bad boys, we have the only four shirts you'll need in your life.

    Men are top of the pile when it comes to earnings — even in the big leagues — but women are on the ascent. The 90's is the style era that just keeps giving, and 90s square-toed sandals are having a moment right now. The heatwave may not yet be over but thanks to this Chanel Coco Neige campaign, we are already dreaming of our winter ski holiday. The bountiful benefits not may not last as long as you think. Pisces — everyone will want to spend time with you today! Unapologetic and defiant in the face of criticism, adult film star Stormy Daniels — who claims she was paid off after sleeping with Donald Trump — has become an unexpected feminist hero.

    Looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding dress? We've got you covered. Long gone are the days when Comic Con was a just small convention for comic book fanatics, now the four-day event is a glamorous celebrity filled weekend where everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the leading ladies looks.

    The John Galliano-designed classic is back and bolder than before. Toggle navigation. Close Home wear it. Here's what that felt like. Putting my detective skills to work How To Check Your Moles It's no doubt that skincare is having a moment right now, but with temperatures getting higher and Irish skin cancer rates rising with it — have you begun checking your body for changing unusualities? What Is 'Body Combing'? Crystal lovers, get involved.

    I don't remember asking for this. It's Payday, You're Rich Week Three? Think proactive, rather than reactive. Fake, don't bake It's good to open the doors I double tap. Scared of Flying? Read This. Aerophobia - noun: fear or strong dislike of flying. Irish Tatler's Latest Podcast: The Sustainable Guide to Living, Part 2 "The one thing I've garnered from speaking to designers and industry experts alike is an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Practice Yoga. Or Do I? Personal and completely your choice.

    Confessions Of A Guilty Vegan Mini-moon in Cork? This is just the vegan-ing. And The Planet Heathrow is going green. Organic luxury, fresh from the sea. Surely, it can't all just be hemp. Face Fermenting: The on Probiotic Skincare Who knew bacteria in our bathroom would ever be a good thing? You're sitting at the desk of death.

    It's a long story The Rise Of The Sustainable Influencer Because if you're going to spend time scrolling and tapping, you might as well learn more about how you can save the planet while you're at it. The way we design and make things is changing. The Key to a Snatched Contour? The Right Brush No cheekbones, no problem. Have You Heard of KuToo? Is Sugar the Root of Your Anxiety? Put down that doughnut Yet Here We Are Not just for kids. Trending This Month: Summer!!! In Defence of Online Dating Closing date for nominations is in two weeks.

    Should I stay or should I go? Sunday at Taste is Brunch Day. The Secrets of a Woman Who Smells Good For a Living "I love the poetic side of perfumery, and how it allows me to tell a story through the perfume itself. Alexa, define sexism. Are you still watching? Old Celine Really expensive looking, but really affordable. Lacoste Swaps Its Trademark Crocodile for Endangered Animals Creating 3, polo shirts for each of the 3, specimens estimated to be left in the wild. The Skinny on Nootropics — 's Latest Wellness Trend The million dollar question is of course, do they actually work?

    Skincare Soul Searching When aesthetics meets ethics Choose them all. The New Face of Burberry? Gigi Hadid x4 Why have one Gigi when you could have four? Alexa, Make Me Pretty Not a hipster, just a technophobe. Is Fashion Finally Diversifying? Bye, bye angels. When Rixo Goes French Do you suffer from iPosture? Apparently, mom's the word Alexa, Please Stop Recording Me.

    She's been eavesdropping this entire time Love it or hate it? Meghan Markle is Saving the Royal Family The royal baby will likely be raised a feminist, with his parents trying their best to avoid gender stereotypes. Are Typos Camp? How do you spell invented again? Is Gut Instinct A Myth? Trust your I'm a glow-getter. It's not me, it's astrology Tinder 'Festival Mode' Now Exists for Summer Loving In a finding that will surprise no one, Tinder says that activity on the app typically skyrockets during musical festivals. And it's now available in Ireland. I definitely do care.

    Sports Illustrated Photographs Their First Hijabi Rookie Since making her runway debut in , Aden has used her career to change perceptions about women who dress modestly for religious reasons. Never heard of them Yeah, Think Again A holdall that will literally hold. Legitimately transformative? Or just trendy? This Season's Hottest Fashion Trend? Nostalgia Velour trackies and pukka necklaces, we hardly knew ye. Have We Learned Nothing Since ? It is in the UK. In Defence of Madonna Where were the same calls to "chill out" and "act your age" for Bowie?

    The Ouai has Launched a Pale Skin Must-Have "Because we are constantly having the conversation with our community, it was a natural next step to move into the body space," Atkin tells Allure. Highstreet Heroes: The Perfect Sustainable White Trainers Once considered naff, sustainable sneakers now boast sleekness and luxury in equal measure. Why the Beauty World is Trippin' on Mushrooms Welcome to a new and slightly confusing kind of foraging But first, let me delete this selfie What on Earth is Modest Fashion?

    No problem. Highstreet Heroes: The Perfect White Tee Whether liberatingly loose and airy or cut to flatter — nothing gives off the air of nonchalance like a perfect white tee. The New Bond Script is Now in the Hands of Phoebe Waller-Bridge This is the second time a woman has been enlisted to develop the script for the male-focused series that has been appearing on the big screen for half a century.

    Amanda Byram's Surprising Take on Wellness "I carry around a 3-litre bottle of water with me — people laugh, but I really don't care! Ariana Grande Is Generation Z's Guardian Angel Channeling all the strife into a growing list of undeniable pop anthems like "no tears left to cry" and "breathin," Grande has opened up about her struggles while creating a balm to soothe them. Shop Zalando, Sustainably "Look good and feel good by making ethical choices. Because sponges come in all shapes and sizes Think Melanie Griffith 2.

    Spoiler: YES. Finally, another reason to worship Jane Fonda. It's time to break up with your palettes.

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    Like pleather but better. We're conflicted. WIN High performing skincare from natural cosmeceutical brand Novexpert We're giving away a bundle of hero products from this cult French brand. Why Ginger and Curcumin Are True Health Heroes When it comes to supplementing your diet to boost health there are few things better than ginger and turmeric.

    A Three Month Membership to Gym Plus If you're looking to try out a new gym, or want to mix up your fitness routine, here's your chance. China's Animal Testing Laws Are Changing China is the only country that requires, by law, cosmetics to be tested on animals. The Hair Heroes That Make Life Easier From multi-tasking problem solvers to time-saving lotions and potions, the right haircare can make all the difference. Why, yes please! This Per Cent Natural French Cosmecutical Line Is Now In Ireland As conversations around being kinder to ourselves and our planet increase, an award-winning cosmeceuticals brand that focuses on just that has arrived in Irish pharmacies.

    Galentine's Day: The Irish Tatler team celebrate their female friendships Your female friendships just might be some of the most significant relationships of your life. Spring Fever With Clarins At the new season showcase, guests were introduced to the Clarins spring collection and a new serum foundation. Well, It's Gotten A Update! Five Tips for Vegan Baking Plant-based doesn't mean you can't make your favourite baked goods. The Wedding List 2. Wedding Trends All that's trending for the most stylish brides and weddings in Lorraine Keane's Guide to Healthy Eating and Forever Fitness Lorraine Keane parked her passion for fashion for a short time only to whip up a brand new healthy stir fry with Camile Thai.

    Excavation of Tuam Site to take place in late Government approved the forensic excavation back in October. Holles Street to Accept Abortion Referrals from 7 January doctors have signed up to provide abortion services in the State. Saoirse Ronan and this Oscar winner to play lovers in new film Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet are teaming up for the new period piece 'Ammonite'. Most Irish couples' Christmas stress cause by in-laws The prospect of spending Christmas with the dreaded in-laws has been identified as the primary cause for disputes over the festive season between married couples in Ireland.

    Freya Drohan It's the most wonderful time of the year - but what makes Christmas so magic? Dreaming of a White Christmas? Anne-Marie Tomchak What makes Christmas so magic? Caroline Foran What makes Christmas so magic? The Subs Bench: Subscription Gift Ideas From weekly flower deliveries to monthly boxes of goodies for your dog, subscriptions can make great presents. Denice Doyle What makes Christmas so magic? Cocktails that taste like Christmas! Jennifer Lopez Is Launching A Skincare Line She's got one of the best complexions in the business and now she's creating her own range.

    Catherine Buggy What makes Christmas so magic? The Emergency Christmas Gift Stash Having a back up bundle of suit-anyone presents can save you from awkward moments. Romance, by the bucketload. Sinead Keary It's the most wonderful time of the year - but what makes Christmas so magic? Daniella Moyles What makes Christmas so magic? Darren Kennedy What makes Christmas so magic? Four Christmas Cocktails You'll Love Nothing says Christmas like cocktails, especially these classics with a brand new Cointreau twist.