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In another part of this paper will be found a Prospectus of a work about to be published by Mr. Parley Pratt, of this city, namely, the autobiography of his deceased father, Elder Parley P. It is well know that Elder P. Pratt was one of the earliest and most prominent elders of the church, that many years of his life were spent in promulgating the faith of the Latter-day Saints in his native land and in foreign countries; that he shared in most of the persecutions endured by the Saints in the early history of the church, while so doing undergoing imprisonment, and passing through many trying circumstances.

The author, too, as is well known, was a preacher and writer of rare ability, and as the forthcoming work is a narrative of all the leading incidents and circumstances of his eventful life, written by his own hand and in his best style, it will without doubt possess far more than ordinary interest, and meet with a large sale among members of the church and others.

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Read the prospectus for information as to its general outline and character. I contemplate publishing an edition of the Life and Writings of the late Elder Parley Parker Pratt, written by himself. My father desired to have this work published while on his last mission to the eastern States, but not being able to accomplish his object, he placed the manuscript in care of Elder Geo. Smith, who was then in the East, requesting him to convey the same safely into my hands.

In order to carry out the design and request of my much respected and lamented father I am now sending out this prospectus that the public may be apprised of the nature and general character of the work, and be prepared to subscribe for the same if they feel disposed. A perusal of the work will show that the author has not been the recorder of a certain number of dull, stale, and uninteresting events; but in writing his life, he has bestowed upon it a great amount of care, thought and labor, passing over portions that would be of no interest to the general reader, and selecting the most noted and striking incidents of, as he says himself, a truly eventful life, and with the pen of a ready writer weaving them into history with an originality, a force and beauty of style peculiar to himself.

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