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PQ officials also claimed that Canada needed a tough anti-gang law modeled after the American RICO act that would make membership in criminal organizations illegal. Both sides had their own agenda with Quebec City using the unwillingness of the federal government to pass a RICO-type act as evidence of Ottawa's supposed indifference to Quebec, thus justifying separatism while Ottawa used the inability of Quebec City to deal with the biker war as evidence of Quebec's incompetence in maintaining law and order, thus justifying federalism.

Detectives spent their time feuding with one another and made almost no serious efforts to investigate crimes committed by the bikers as the detectives were much more interested in pursuing their vendettas against one another. Commander Bouchard joined Operation Carcajou in and started with raiding businesses controlled by the outlaw bikers, always dressed in his full uniform in order to show he was not afraid of the bikers.

Nobody's paying. And you're starting to think, what the fuck is going on here? Is this a protected bar? Ah, okay.

Quebec Biker War

So they never take down a Hells Angel or a Rock Machine or someone who's in the bar. They let him alone. That's not good". Bouchard stated: "My guys from Montreal are interrogating a source at some motel and they order a pizza and four Cokes or whatever, talk to the guy for a couple of hours and then they order a club sandwich. But the SQ guys were coming in [with invoices for stays at the] Ritz Carlton, steak dinner, wine. I go 'fuck you, I'm not signing this. You interrogate a piece of shit, you interrogate him in a motel-you don't bring him to the fucking Ritz'".

We didn't know. We found out the next morning: there'd be seven guys in the cells. Where the fuck did they come from? That's when it got a little rough". In Canada, belonging to a criminal organization like the Mafia or the Hells Angels was not in itself a crime, and prosecutors could only convict a Mafiosi or a Hell Angel if it could be established that they had committed a crime. Under the RICO act in the United States, membership of a criminal organization was made a criminal offense, thus making the job of American prosecutors much easier. Pelletier's murder of Beaulieu was classified as second degree murder , despite the fact Beaulieu had fallen asleep after Pelletier got him drunk before he was shot.

Since the murder was premeditated, it should have been classified as a murder in the first degree. After getting over a fright caused by the killing of Desrochers, Steinert was living high at this time, receiving the "Filthy Few" patch in March awarded to those who killed for the Angels and a full patch at the same time. In May , Steinert's bodyguard, Donald "Bam Bam" Magnussen, lost his temper at a party and murdered David Boyko, the leader of a Winnipeg biker gang, the Los Bravos, who were planning on "patching over" to become Hells Angels, which caused some problems with the Angels' plans to expand into the Prairies.

Simard also turned on his lover Kane, revealing to the police that Kane had committed three murders over the last two years which caused the RCMP to sever contact with Kane for two years. However, Simard proved to be a poor witness on the stand and Wooley's trial for first degree murder ended with his acquittal. At the same, the Great Nordic Biker War was taking place, and the Rock Machine was impressed with the way that the Scandinavian branches of the Bandidos held their own against the Scandinavian branches of the Hell's Angels.

Lawrence river, with their hands tied behind their backs and their heads beaten to a bloody mush, showing wounds from repeated blows from baseball bats and hammers. In , an imprisoned Hell's Angel, Denis Houle, was the victim of an unsuccessful assassination attempt when a Rock Machine member opened fire on him from beyond the prison fence.

The corpse of Tousignant was found buried in a shallow grave in the Eastern Townships on 27 February and his murder was never solved. Throughout the guerre des motards , the more powerful and better organized Hell's Angels consistently held the upper hand over the Rock Machine, which had previously controlled all of the non-Mafia organized crime in Quebec.

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On 8 September , Johnny Plescio--a founding member of the Rock Machine--was at his Laval home watching television when his cable was severed. Disaster struck the Dark Circle, when one of their number, Salvatore Brunnettii, a restaurateur, bar owner and drug dealer, defected to the Hell's Angels and gave them a list of the remaining members of the Dark Circle.

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On 27 November , Boucher was acquitted of ordering the murder of the two prison guards in , and afterwards became a folk-hero in Quebec, with people in the poor neighborhood of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in Montreal cheering Boucher and his fellow Angels as they rode their Harley-Davidson motorcycles down the streets like it was a royal procession. In the summer of , a bizarre incident occurred on the streets of Montreal when Wooley was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle while wearing his Rocker patch on his vest was pulled over for speeding.

In one of the most notorious incidents of the biker war, on 26 August , two Rockers entered a car rental agency in the Saint Leonard neighborhood of Montreal and asked to see "Serge". Kane was not a Nomad, but in early , he began to work as a chauffeur for a Nomad, Normand Robitaille, driving him all over Montreal as Robitaille met with other Hell's Angels and occasionally the Mafia. On 17 April , Normand Hamel, one of the Nomads, was killed when attempting to flee from Rock Machine assassins in a Laval parking lot while he and his wife were taking his son to the doctor.

The journalists' Julien Sher and William Marsden wrote that Desjardins's murder was not "an isolated killing over a simple debt", but rather "the beginning of a new era of consolidation of the Hells' now massive drug empire, which extended throughout Quebec and the Maritimes and was fast spreading into Ontario and western Canada". On 12 May , the Angels tried to kill the two Rock Machine members, Tony Duguay and Denis Boucher, suspected of killing Hamel, leading to wild car crash, during which Duguay took bullet wounds to his arms, right hand and thigh.

In , a Montreal Crown attorney a prosecutor complained to the media that "they [the bikers] kill with impunity", saying it almost impossible to convict members of either the Hell's Angels or the Rock Machine because of widespread corruption in the Quebec justice system.

The truce imposed by the Rizzutos lasted only a few weeks and was ended when the Rock Machine agreed join the Bandidos biker gang based in Texas. They were taking out the cash, putting it on the table, flattening it out so it wouldn't get stuck and throwing it into these goddamn machines.

AC⚡️DC Highway to HELL 😬 COVER 🎸 by SHAtC & Pushnoy

It was almost like bubble gum to them. It was like a joke. They would laugh". It is difficult to describe the hunger and weakness caused by poor nutrition for extended periods. And I heard them all say that our selection course is the toughest they have encountered. Besides small unit tactics, how much do you think that the African theater of War, the land itself required an extra measure of harshness to become a Recce?

Naval History | A Former USS Intrepid (CV) Crew Member Blog - Introduction | Page 2

Most of our operations were extended of nature lasting from a week long Recon mission across the border to several months with guerrilla forces. The harsh terrain and high mobility of the African Guerrilla forces pushed our physical capabilities to the limits. In contrast with jungle operations which is less demanding due to the availability of water and wild foods.

Our distances into enemy territory can be as far as 20 to kilometers behind enemy lines with NO support.

Yes I repeat, NO support. A two man team is on their own and if one is injured or falls ill he can face a lonely death. Any emergency will set in motion a series of rescue attempts by either aircraft or naval vessels visiting pre-determined RVs. This will require that the team have to evade the enemy for an extended period of time, surviving as they go and living off the land so to speak. In Africa most rural people are natural trackers.

This made patrol movement in enemy areas extremely hazardous especially in the winter months when most grass was burnt and the sandy soil made anti tracking extremely difficult. Patrol tactics had to be adjusted and adapted to accommodate this threat. The land was dry, rugged and covered in thorn bush. Water was always a limiting factor and to endure in these conditions the operators had to be fit and well acclimatized. It is a known fact that early on, the Americans wanted to back UNITA, however there is much debate over the actual presence of American troops on the ground to help train troops.

I never saw any. South Africa was a lifeline for Rhodesia throughout the course of their war. Few people realize that South Africa sent troops north to help with their manpower shortage and for Special Forces Units to gain experience. Do you feel that it was important for the Unit to work with the SAS or did you have enough business of your own that it was really just a favor?

The enemy FRELIMO was aggressive and many of these cross border operations ended up in a run for safety after being compromised or after an ambush, with a large follow up force on our tracks. We did a lot of anti-tracking, automatic ambushes and booby traps to shake them off. It was a great learning school that prepared us for our operations in Angola. Not a waste of time. Your life now is dedicated to training wildlife Rangers and providing security against poachers.

Are any of these poachers an opponent to be feared by trained soldiers? Has their level of sophistication risen to that level? Do you believe that the war against the wildlife of South Africa can be won or is the corruption at a level that makes it all but impossible to stamp out? I am now using my military expertise in small team tactics to teach Wildlife Rangers tactics which they can use in the war against rhino poachers. The rhino poachers vary in their makeup from a totally untrained person to some who are well trained in firearms and military skills.

Many are ex Mozambique Army or Zimbabwe Army troops selling their expertise.

Meditations in Green (Paperback)

To date we have not yet lost a ranger in an armed contact with poachers in SA. But, it takes only one bullet from even a rusted old bolt action rifle to kill a person. The training is therefore focused on small team tactics by two man patrols. The rangers are also taught how to act during armed contacts during day and night operations.

Bush craft is a must for these rangers and most of them are highly skilled trackers gathering all their field intelligence from tracking and ground coverage. Poachers are glorified by the press. They are nothing but criminals driven by greed. The war against poaching can be won but it will need a political and a military victory to achieve. We as Rangers can only stem the tide while the politicians try and get the demand and the price of rhino horn down.

His hard hitting analysis and history on many Tier One websites is second to none. If he writes it, I know it is reliable. It is a rarity that an author can jump back and forth between HistoJournalism and ball busting fiction with equal effectiveness. But if follows that a man who can conquer the most difficult courses and standards that the Marine Corps has to offer can and will master whatever he chooses to lay his sights on. I have to admit when first reading the series, I was thrown off by the first person narrative.

As I kept reading, I unknowingly fell right in as rear security for the Team. This book holds uniqueness among the new wave of military fiction. The flow of the action continues from point to point and ratchets higher and higher. The operational details, language, down to the dead time an Operator spends fighting an irregular war are second to none. This can only come from a person who has been there and done that more than once. What Nealen is giving us is a glimpse inside the mind of a Tier One Operator under very inhospitable circumstances.

No detail is left undone yet it is not in the least cumbersome. Before you read the American Praetorian Series, you might want to clean the rifle, lace up the boots, check and double check your gear because you will be unsure of where you are after a session of reading. I highly recommend this book and its prequel for people wanting to go to the Sharp End for a new mission.

Graham Gilmore has given us a very well packaged history of the short lived but highly trained and effective unit in the SADF. Some of the very top soldiers to ever live, Col. Breytenbach, CSM Peter McAleese, CSM Dennis Croukamp and others concieved, trained and deployed a unique experimental unit to fulfill the need for a specialized troop to recce and coordinate airborne drops of troops. South Africa capitalized on the experienced men and leadership by forming the Pathfinders and funneling others to units in the SADF. The foreigners greatly disappointed the rigid culture of officers in the SADF.

He himself was a Leader. The island is perfect for my purposes--there are jungles with a maze of traits in them, hills, swamps--" "Oh," said the general, "it supplies me with the most exciting hunting in the world Adjusting Sights www. Based on the idea suggesed in a book by Isaac Asimov. A widower buys a robot grandmother for his three children. Two of the children take to her immediately, but one, Anne, doesn't. Headlines of newspapers offer the reader bare, essential information to encourage a reader to scan and purchase the periodical.

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The headline will speak to the questions of who, what, where, when, and why of a particular event. Some of this reputation can be attributed to the proliferation of B-grade movies that sprung up from the s onwards The Two Captains: A Romance of download pdf www. In his New Atlantis posthumous he describes the discovery of a utopian society based on experimental science, including the development of "New Artificiall Metals," vivisection, genetic manipulation, telescopes, microscopes, telephones, factories, aerial flight, and submarines. Verity, with an even more mysterious offer. Thanks for all the great suggestions and if anyone wants to make this list a work in progress, feel free to suggest more books in the comments.

She also proposes that we look to other countries for fiction about the war. Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Heinlein In this monthly series reviewing classic science fiction books, Alan Brown will look at the front lines and frontiers of science fiction; books about soldiers and spacers, explorers and adventurers.