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My dough is all mixed up and ready to go, too. You might get Christmas cookies on Christmas Day, for all the good that will do you. And yes, I will be drinking this on Christmas morning. And Christmas Eve morning.

Best Pineapple Orange Punch Recipe

And the day before that. Add this to your Beverage board on Pinterest! Remember my other traditional holiday beverage? The nice thing about this punch is how easy it is to mix up.

It goes great with an overnight breakfast casserole or some muffins. It was a bit frustrating getting to the recipe, way to many ads!! They were popping up when I was writing to comment. I do that all the time! You could mix just the juices in a pitcher, then offer champagne, ginger ale, or anything else you like to mix with it.

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My 9 year granddaughter asked if she could have some — so she got the ginger ale, haha. Thanks for a great recipe. Pingback: Christmas Morning Breakfasts. Pingback: Christmas memories found in cooking Christmas breakfast.

Best Pineapple Orange Punch Recipe

The holidays are meant for celebrating and taking in all the Christmas tradition , down to the last drop. Eat, drink and be merry this holiday season as you sip on our best holiday cocktail and mocktail recipes. While the simple Champagne Punch is tasty on its own, the fruity stir-ins add an extra flavorful touch.

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  6. For a nonalcoholic option, have lemon-lime soda or seltzer water on hand. Recipe: Lemon-Lime Rosemary Punch. Recipe: Lemon-Gin Fizzy Punch. Recipe: Cran-Raspberry-Vanilla Punch. Recipe: Sorghum-Cider Punch. Fizzy hard cider and spicy ginger ale add a subtle effervescence. Start with chilled beverages so it's nice and refreshing, and consider adding a decorative ice ring to keep it that way.

    Recipe: Texas Santa Punch. Use no-sugar-added pomegranate juice and dry sparkling wine so the punch won't be too sweet.


    Freshly squeezed lime juice is best. Float frozen cranberries and an ice ring in the punch bowl for a festive chill.

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    2. Christmas Morning Punch.
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    4. Tepache, or fermented pineapple juice.
    5. Recipe: Southern Russian Punch. If you can't find chicory coffee, use any strong brewed coffee to make this riff on a White Russian.

      Fizzy Pineapple Punch - The Chunky Chef

      Rim the cups in turbinado sugar before ladling in the punch. Recipe: Cane Syrup Milk Punch. Bittersweet cane syrup takes the edge off of this bourbon-lovers' New Orleans-style frozen punch. Make it ahead, and freeze for up to a week. The boozy punch doesn't freeze rock solid, so just set it out as your first guests arrive. Simply give it a quick stir to create an ideal slushy consistency. Keep the punch cold by serving in a chilled metal bowl. Recipe: Spiced Wine. Blackberries and mint springs create a showstopping presentation for this classic citrus mixture.

      Tropical flavor abounds in this mixture of pineapple, orange, and mango juices. The fruit, spice, and whiskey in Southern Comfort liqueur complete the flavor. Raspberry sorbet and fresh raspberries top this fruity wine-and-beer punch.

      Easy Pineapple Wine Punch

      Serve in stemless wine glasses for an elegant presentation. Add a Southern twist to eggnog with sweet-and-rich-as-honey sorghum. For a spiced garnish, sprinkle individual servings with crushed gingersnaps. Prep Notes: 10 minutes hands-on time.

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      Must freeze 24 hours or up to one week before serving. Add party zing to fresh green tea with this simple recipe. Guests will be delighted with the sweet, sparkling drink, not to mention the health benefits of green tea. This spice-infused wine punch will fill you with warmth and cheer from the inside out. Serve in a clear glass mug to show off cinnamon stick and fruit garnishes.

      Cooks for an additional 2 hours, 30 minutes. Pomegranate juice adds a festive flair to this sparkling lime-and-gin cocktail. Garnish with lime slices. The decadent taste of this cool and creamy coffee drink is reminiscent of the chocolate, coconut, and nutty flavors in Hello Dolly 7-layer bars. Top with whipped cream and chocolate. Turn classic iced tea into seasonal fare.