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There are just too many benefits to adopting a vegan diet! The next step is to establish a vegan academy. We believe vegan education gives knowledge, skills, attitude and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. We all have been given an opportunity to achieve the goals of the WVO, expand knowledge, share resources, to build a network worldwide and accomplish more successful vegan organizational development together. He spoke on making the public more aware that the majority of corn grown in the USA is for livestock, not human consumption. There are children starving throughout the world and yet resources are provided to feed for livestock.

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Zac Lovas encouraged all members in the WVO to keep up their passion with join efforts to demonstrate a commitment to a better the planet! Vegan seminar in Riau Sumatera , October With the same goal of empowering kids, his alternative education would be integrated with veganism to the process of education, acquiring the values and knowledge to bring harmony to the society.

Selection: BMW X5 (E53) - conversion kit SVO/WVO/PPO

Chairman Lai gave many examples to distinguish herbivores and carnivores from intestinal length, stomach acidity to our teeth, which all indicated that humans were highly likely to have originated as herbivores. My WVO tank always has some diesel fuel in it, due to the shutdown flush process. It also burns cleaner and reduces pollution from exhaust. However, ya better know what you are doing, because HHO can make sudden loud, dangerous noises if you mess up. My WVO experience has been all good. It pays to start with a new auxiliary fuel supply pump. The WVO burns clean and get rid of all the stuff diesel fuel leaves in your engine.

WVO is stinky and messy to collect and process, but I am messy.

This has been another entry for Round 79 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. Round 79 ends on November 30th, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Great introduction via this post and would like to see more details and the nuts and bolts to make this all work. Tri Angle farms. In winter the bottom sludge will freeze solid.

Clay Culture: WVO Firings

My friend cuts the 5gal jugs into a screened vat. Frozen junk goes to the pigs. This article has my vote for one of the most useful articles of the year on this blog. Even if someone does not have a diesel-engine vehicle it would be good to bookmark and print this one because, you never know. My copy will be with my War Dept. But a continuing education is never wasted.

Even with my homemade biodiesel, I have to start cutting in petrodiesel when the temp gets down to 40 degrees or so. What has been your experience? Fantastic article. Thank you. Articles such as these are why we keep coming back to Survivalblog.

An easy way to filter WVO

As for the waste animal fat you can always make soap out of it : :. Fantastic article… especially the part about processing the oil. Years ago I looked into bio-diesel, but I was put off by the chemical process required potassium hydroxide, etc. Processing with water is brilliant. The injectors would clog, and are expensive to replace. Using heating oil has the same effect. However, on my other diesel motors, like the perkins in my mf tractor, and the older motor in my Mercedes unimog, the french fry oil works fine, but only in the summer.

In the winter it is more of a pain in the butt to get flowing than it is worth.

Waste Vegetable Oil Conversion for Diesel Bus

I have also tried it with a separate filtering system in my Viesmann house heating system, but the burnt residue collects in the exhaust heat exchanger and shuts down the system. After cleaning all jets and pumps, and converting back to heating oil, the residue caught fire and burnt the modern polycarbonate flue, and about burnt down my house.

The two 4, liter HDPE oil tanks almost caught fire in my basement. So, my comments are that you should use caution when using french fry oil and heating oil in a modern common rail diesel, and never use the french fry oil in a modern home heating furnace. Yes, I live in Europe, and my comments may not apply in the US.

I use the french fry grease residue to mix with sawdust and burn it in my basement wood stove after i have a good bed of coals. It smokes real bad, but puts out a lot of heat. Heater that i can also run on the used french fry oil, but it burns too good, and sometimes the flame backs up the supply line, and that always creates a real exciting situation. My general observation is that it is good to know how to do it, and keep that info handy for the future, but used french fry oil is a somewhat pain in the butt work, and the benefits outweigh the mess, inconvenience and smell.

I seem to smell like french fries for days after i monkey with it. Basically, if the diesel engine requires has a computer to run it, WGO should be avoided. From my personal experience, I've found that larger organisations such as Hotel chains, Brewery Owned Pubs, etc already have an infrastructure in place to deal with their WVO, so obtaining used veg oil from these places is difficult. However, smaller establishments don't have such infrastructures independent pubs, local restaurants, family run hotels, etc.

For these people WVO is usually something they are keen to get rid of. In days of old, such companies would have paid people to take away their WVO.

Introduction To Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO)

With the advent of Biodiesel , etc, it's become more common for WVO to be given away. In fact more commonly it seems that you now have to buy WVO, which is great news for the businesses and bad news for the thrifty green motorist. Personally I have some suppliers who gladly give me their WVO just to get it out of the way, but for the most part I have to pay for it. The reason it's cheaper than pure oil is because you CANNOT just pour it straight into the tank of your vehicle - it needs cleaning first.

Plus it's not all usuable fuel The problem with WVO is that it's a dirty product. It's full of food particles, fats, water and all manner of nasties. These must be removed from the WVO before it's clean enough to use in your vehicle and the cleaning process is time-consuming.

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Waste Veg Oil WVO must be cleaned before it's used click here for a little story that you may find interesting.