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Additionally, there's the Nornbear, a corrupted version you have to kill, and whose brief existence inspires a Religion of Evil. Norn characters in Guild Wars 2 are able to replicate the shapeshifting. It also includes the Kodan, a race of permanently anthropomorphic bears who consider themselves the most enlightened race. Just like on the page picture.

They're gigantic robotic bears that shoot ice, have tons of health, near impenetrable armor, and dive bomb the main character, destroying her health bar. The end of the DLC introduces the Fireclaws, same thing except stronger and they shoot lava. In the old NES game Ice Climber , polar bears wearing sunglasses and swim trunks would show up and cause earthquakes. They could easily kill the player. In Infinite Undiscovery , Gustav the bear joins your party and proves to be a powerful tank as you'd expect Also played straight with enemy bears and their daunting HP totals.

In Jables's Adventure , you encounter bears on the trip to The Lost Woods and they're one of the toughest enemies in the game. Finally, in a volcano , you encounter a bear with a flamethrower, who's not only invincible but impossible to dodge you have to find something fire-retardant to block him. One stage of Kao The Kangaroo: Round 2 involves running from a giant bear while avoiding falling into pits. Katamari Damacy features a bear-themed level called Ursa Major in which the object is to gather the largest bear possible into your katamari.

The problem? Picking up any sized bear, no matter how tiny, automatically ends the level and bears are everywhere! Even gathering a single bear-themed item like a "beware of bears!

King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

Now only must you dodge bear-themed items, you must be wary of cow and milk-themed items as well or the round will end prematurely. Averted with the bear cubs in Kinectimals Kingdom of Loathing has bars in the Spooky Woods, but they're fairly weak monsters that are only a threat to absolute newbies. There are some straight examples, like the " clan of cave bars " players can encounter in the Hidden Temple whose power and defense scale with yours up to a certain cap , or the heavily-armed Warbears that showed up for Crimbo What is amusing is to see the bear kill Graham with one swipe of its paw.

Since the bear's paw is closed, its more like It punched you in the face. In League of Legends , Annie summoned and a sealed a demon in her teddy bear. When she uses her Ultimate, she summon Tibbers , a raging demon bear. That's on fire. There's also Volibear, the envoy of a Proud Warrior Race of sentient, humanoid bears. He also harnesses lightning to further empower his already strong attacks. Volibear is based on the legendary 'armored bear' from League beta. It has the 'Chronokeeper Hater' buff, a reference to Zilean the Chronokeeper and the Riot developer Zileas who was supposedly against armored bears.

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Volibear is usually seen in the top lane, but he is capable of jungling. Now you have no idea where or when the giant angry bear is going to appear. And now Sejuani has her Bear Cavalry skin, so even if you're laning Volibear you can still have a bear tear out of the jungle at you. Finally, while not really a bear, Udyr wears a bear coat over himself and in regards to his Stance System , he generally defaults to his Bear Stance. They hit hard and take lots of hits to kill if you don't headshot them with an arrow.

You can also ride them around , though stables will unsurprisingly refuse to let you register them.

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They take a fair few rounds from the. Mabinogi has bears in several flavors, and they're almost as tough as Ogres.

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Also, Tarlach is human only at night, becoming a bear by day. While he's not particularly violent, he constantly holds up the plot by Wangsting when you need info, sending you on Fetch Quests , and just not telling you the truth about what's going on. In part because he doesn't know the full story either. And seeing how the rest of the mission goes for them they're not wrong. Incidentally, the term "armed for bear" likely owes its existence to this trope. Mega Man : There is a polar bear enemy in Mega Man 7 , and it can take a lot of hits before it goes down.

Subverted in Mega Man X5. Brought straight back in Mega Man X8 with Bamboo Pandamonium, a panda that spams explosives and whose berserk attack is a hard-to-avoid Megaton Punch , and every boss can't be hurt while berserk. Mega Man Zero 2 had Polar Kamrous, and she's just as deadly as her predecessor. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has bears all over the area, one mention goes to the side quest for hunting the legendary brown bear, which can kill Snake with one hit and take a lengthy amount of tranquilizers shots. According to her bio she was perfectly docile during her stint on a popular children's show, but was a method actor and got a little too into the role when her agent landed her a part as the villain in a horror movie in an attempt to prevent typecasting.

Monster Hunter : Subverted with the bear-like Arzuros, which certainly looks intimidating with its blood-red claws and armored paws but is nothing compared to the many, much stronger monsters you will face. In fact, a cutscene shows an Arzorus running in fear when a Zinogre draws near it. Any high-tier quest pitting you against them will generally have you fight two at once because only one would be too easy. Its tough hide and tremendous strength tears down any hunter who expects an easy fight. While the former isn't too dangerous, the latter can potentially "strike the final blow," which at the time it's first encountered is a sure One-Hit Kill.

The regular world has the more realistic Bear enemy, which has souped-up variants in the Polar Bear and GrizzlyBear. The latter has astronomically high attack power and can attack twice in a single turn, meaning a likely One-Hit Kill. Oh, and sometimes a bear shows up, too. The bear doesn't inflict "minimal" damage. In Mystik Belle , the forest east of the school grounds is where you'll have to go to get one of the three items needed to repair the Walpurgisnacht brew. East — Death and Dismemberment. But you'll eventually come across a bear.

A Russian bear wearing a living ushanka while performing the Cossack Dance , no less! Naughty Bear wouldn't be the same game with some other animal. One of the Druid's animal companion options in Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2 is a bear.

Try to guess what every player picks. Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer interrupts your not quite pleasant stay at the town of Mulsantir by having a bear show up at the gates. Not just any bear either, but a bear god. With an army. An army which includes ghost bears. To make matters worse, it's a bear god specifically out to kill you, meaning the residents of the town are keen to throw your woefully unprepared ass out against it like some sort of sacrificial lamb.

If it weren't for Gann and his magical bear god weak-point detecting skills, you'd be fucked. Inverted if you decide to spare and recruit said bear god. You have a freaking bear god on your side! The Oregon Trail. Bears are always eating party members. The Perils of Akumos : The whole space station is trying to kill you. What next? A bear attacks you. Teddie from Persona 4 is not this, being a likeable , cute , pun-spewing living mascot costume.

But his Sha dow is a creepy-faced , deep-voiced nihilist that turns into a giant Frankenstein-like version of Teddie and tries to kill the Investigation Team. It's implied that Teddie's Shadow was somehow hijacked by the Big Bad. Bears don't get much worse than in Pit People.

The Narrator is a giant space bear who has decided to make Horatio and his allies' lives a living hell because he thinks Horatio is too boring to live. However, when it evolves at Level 30, it becomes the dangerous Ursaring. Ursaring is a Mighty Glacier that hits and moves like a truck.

Weighing in at a base attack stat of , it is a beast to be reckoned with and its decent physical movepool is enough to back it up. It also has two abilities which raises its stats if it has a status condition: Guts raises its attack while Quick Feet raises its speed. Cubchoo, like Teddiursa averts this trope, as it's a polar bear cub with a giant Snot Bubble.

It can even learn Sheer Cold. Gen VI introduces Pancham and its evolution Pangoro. Pancham tries to be intimidating, but its too cute to pull it off. It evolves into Pangoro if it levels up with a Dark-Type in the party. Pangoro is not that bad of a Mon however, because underneath its gruff and mean exterior lies a noble heart that hates bullying. Still, it's stupid to piss one off namely, bullying the weak. Stuffle looks like a red panda plsuhie and Bewear looks like a cuddly bear costume mascot.

Both pokemon have extremely powerful limbs that can send boxers flying in the case of Stufful , or in the case of Bewear, effortlessly crush spines like dry twigs even when all they want to do is give a friendly hug. Just to top it off, it's also Lusamine's trump card in every battle with her. Whispering Rocks Summer Camp has a slight bear problem in Psychonauts.

Specifically, telekinetic bears. Quest For Infamy features a black bear that gets used as an enforcer by the local group of Brigands. While not invulnerable as with every animal, you can kill and skin them , they can fuck your shit up quite easily. Whether or not they're more dangerous than cou gars is up for debate, but they're certainly scary.

And if you kill one bear, watch your back — most likely, there's more to come. This golden bear is much bigger than any other bear, and can take two headshots from the most powerful gun in the game before going down. To make this harder, to actually get the most powerful weapon in the game you need to kill a bear with a knife. Thankfully, you only need to kill a bear with the knife. You can use any weapon you want to bring it down to "can be killed by a single stab with a knife" health. And you can also use your knife on horseback by repeatedly riding past the bear and stabbing it until it falls.

And they're worse for several reasons, chief among them being that they'll cause your horse to panic and buck you as it flees, leaving you helpless and on the ground as a bear charges you. And those are normal bears. There's also the Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear, which is a huge, scarred, and very, very angry grizzly you can track and kill. It will not go down the first time you shoot it. It will almost certainly not go down the second time you shoot it. Most likely, it will get close enough to start mauling you and you'll need to defend yourself with a knife in order to survive long enough to shoot it again.

But once you kill it, you can have its hide made into the Bear Hunter outfit. Return to Krondor does not have any actual bears, but it has Big Bad Bear. He is taller than everyone else. He has muscles to match his height. He is a mercenary and a pirate leader. He will kill men, women, and children who get in his way. In the game, one small-time pirate name Knute left him and was thrown in jail.

Bears Are Bad News

Bear broke into the jail with an army of mercenaries, killing everyone they encountered. He personally went down to the cells where Knute was held in and ripped Knute's cell door right off its hinges and told Knute to follow him. Then he grabbed Knute by the throat and demanded to know "Where is it? Bear called Knute a liar and sliced him to pieces. When you finally fight Bear yourself, you will find that he wears the best armour and uses the best swords. Oh, and you will find that he is completely immune to your attacks.

He wears an amulet that makes him immune to your attacks. In Rimworld bears can easily become the downfall of an early colony, especially tribal or " naked brutality " starts. They can easily survive a number of shots from most early weaponry. Thankfully, randomly generated wild bears are only aggressive against humans in self-defense or if there are no more prey animals on the map. However, later in the game your colony might be hit by a pack of already aggressive manhunting bears.

Rise of the Tomb Raider has Lara fighting ravenous bears looking to eat her, in a Mythology Gag to earlier titles in the series. The weakest of them, the Ursas, start at level 20, but the most advanced Ursa types can easily go up to level You will NEED a party in order to take these things and Akhma Cave in general on, because unless you're really high level, you WILL get eaten alive, particularly because the tougher ones like to mob you.

Nakoruru is hesitant to defend herself for two reasons; one is that in Real Life the bear is one of the Ainu's most holy animal Nakoruru being Ainu and the other is that Nakoruru is a friend to all living things and doesn't like to use violence. Rera apparently pulls a Hollow Ichigo and kills the bear after taking over Nako's body because she doesn't feel like dying. Rera is not a bad person, just a part of Nako that doesn't like how Nako normally behaves. In Sheltered , one of the enemies you face in the wastelands is bears. The Simpsons arcade game had a bear as a boss.

Even its associated boss theme screams, "You're one doomed motherfucker! In The Sims 3 , exploring the crypt can end in a special status effect, and you learn that what's at the bottom of the crypt is bears. Shinobido has bears in some mission. And they're insanely powerful, veeery suspicious, move erratically and can take a lot of damage before dying. However, you can kill them instantly if they're distracted usually a salmon will do the trick.

She's a supportive Druid lady who acts as a Guardian to her teammates using nature magic that turns into a massive bear that charges forward, roars to disrupt her enemies, or swipe the enemy with her claws twice that hurts. One of her magic is a circular entangling vines that surround her and prevent movement-based skills for a good amount of time, and it'll stay active even as she turns to bear. Basically, this bear does not let you go away and wants you to stay awhile as she mauls you to death. Splatoon 2 features Mr. Grizz, the owner of Grizzco Industries.

He's only seen speaking through a bear statue, and his business is also the Hold the Line mode against mutant salmon, even the game describes his business as incredibly shady. With Kuma as part of the roster of Street Fighter X Tekken , players finally get to see Zangief wrestling an actual bear. Bears are a common enemy type in the Tales Series. An eggbear A bear that lays eggs serves as an early boss in Tales of Eternia.

Later, as a Secret Test of Character , Reid gets to be the same bear and relive its experiences that occurred just prior to his fight with it, ultimately fighting himself and Keele , though not before unleashing its wrath upon one of the traders who killed its family and random monsters who get in the way. An eggbear also serves as an early boss in Tales of Vesperia and is the cause for Karol's memorable quote of "Prepare to die, eggbear! And which of these is the final evolved form of the bear? Actually, the bear has a divergent evolution and thus has two final evolved forms: the Galf Beast and the Wolf Heddin.

Apparently, someone at Namco really likes bears. The first monster Emil is attacked by is a bear. With a minigun. Brings a new meaning to "I will kill you with bear hands! The trio kills them, and it turns out that they were babies when the massive Mama Bear shows up.

Kuma, Heihachi Mishima's guard bear from Tekken. Not so much with his Palette Swapped counterpart, Xiaoyu's sort-of pet Panda. In Thief , you can eavesdrop on a conversation between two guards about bear fighting as a blood sport. One of the guards laments that bears were ferocious when he was a kid, and the pit owners have to strap hooks and razor collars onto the bears to keep the fights interesting.

Bears occasionally show up in Time Commando. Inverted in the story mode of Tokyo Jungle. In Act 10, a bear acts as an Old Master to a Tosa dog that had been chased out of its territory earlier in the story. The bear feeds it and enlists the dog's help in securing its territory to help it regain its courage and confidence. Tomodachi Life : If two of your Miis get into a fight and fail to resolve it, you can view a daydream of them battling the other Mii, with the most common of the three types of daydreams being a tug-of-war over a stretchy teddy bear with a third Mii's face that has a permanent "Sad" expression.

Vindictus throws a giant, pissed off polar bear at you in the "Dethrone the White Tyrant" mission of Hoarfrost Hollow, who is easily the toughest boss of that particular part of the game. And just for an encore, there's a Red Tyrant Bonus Boss sometime after you get through with Hoarfrost Hollow which is even worse than the white one. The Brrr Bear from Wario Land 3. They have ice powers that they can use to freeze Wario and send him sliding back across the level.

Crying Bear

They are reasonable early game unit, but lose effectiveness later in the game unless upgraded. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features bears as hostile animals you can encounter out in the wilderness as is typical in most RPGs but cranks this trope Up to Eleven when you have to fight one barehanded one as the final quest in the Fist Fighting questline.

World in Conflict : "The Red Bear has awoken. The world will see his might. As it can deal decent damage while tanking, this is arguably their strongest form. What really speaks to their intimidating capability is their ability to scare things into attacking them over the much more dangerous people nearby. A human might be forgiven for focusing on the bear trying to claw their face off over the mage prepping a fireball, but when you can make a 60 foot dragon see you as the most dangerous thing around, you are one scary bear. That was preceded by Druids of the Claw who can turn into bears, boost allies' damage by roaring and regenerate their health, though not while in bear form and The Beastmaster Rexxar in War Craft III , who could summon his bear from anywhere.

Oh and the Beastmaster's bears can teleport. In general, bears account for a surprisingly large proportion of the crowning moments of funny in the game, what with the rocket-propelled bears and bears charging out of the sky. Polar bears in Warcraft III are tough, amphibious neutral monsters with saberteeth. Bears can also be tamed by hunters although like the druid form, they are more suited for tanking than damage.

Blizzard's "special" mounts i.

The screaming bears of Montana

It could only be gotten as part of a level 70 raid instance, Zul'Aman, by killing four bosses and rescuing their hostages before time runs out and they are murdered. When Wrath of the Lich King was released and the level cap raised to 80, the Amani Bear was removed from the game so it would be a status symbol for the players dedicated enough to have gotten it at level A purple rather than red Palette Swap of the Amani War Bear called the Amani Battle Bear has since been introduced to allow players who missed out on the War Bear to get something similar after Zul'Aman was retooled as a Level 85 Heroic instance, and is still fairly difficult to get in the time limit it requires downing the enemies and bosses as efficiently as possible without wiping.

One of the four bosses happens to be a troll infused with the power of a bear spirit who can charge distant players one-shotting anyone who has the debuff from his charge , and who can turn into a bear, increasing his damage done to the tank and giving him the ability to roar and silence players. As the racial mount of the forest trolls, bears feature in associated raids and dungeons. Typically decorated with tiki masks, the tusks of something big and strong and even Shrunken Heads , the presence of green, muscular trolls riding bears is a sign that the enemy rider is an elite.

The presence of these bears is usually a sign that things are about to get real. It costs considerably more than the usual mount. The reward for being part of the kills of every leader of the opposite faction, a feat that can require nearly a hundred organized players? A black war bear mount. Even better? Those bears were implemented in the closing days of Burning Crusade , during that brief period when mob levels including faction leaders were upped but players could not level yet.

Despite or because of this, many top guilds actually got up at 4am to kill the faction leaders before WotLK came out. Despite the fact that killing one faction leader easily took 30 minutes because of the vast level gap. Bears are Serious Business. The Hyldnir, a group of giant blue warrior women, ride polar bear mounts in battle, one of which you can receive as a rare reward from a daily quest, which itself can involve riding a fighting bear.

They are usually peaceful, shamanistic beings, but Demonic Corruption has been bad for many of them, turning them beastly and mindlessly violent. The presence of corrupted Furbolgs is usually lampshaded as a sign things are going badly for a region at large. When sane they admire the night elves' respect for nature and forest life and are thus old friends, and also hold the tauren in esteem due to their similar cultures.

Any other race who wants their respect has to earn it. One tribe of those fiercely guards a tunnel that connects between three zones, one of which can only be reached through that tunnel and if you aren't a druid, you don't have easy access to another one. While it is possible to befriend them to the degree of them letting you pass with moderate effort, people who decide to skip that are in for one rough treatment when they try to run through the tunnel.

Incidentally, two of the mentioned zones are crawling with other furbolgs and regular bears, as well. Similarly, the Moonkin are a race created by the goddess Elune to protect her sacred shrines — they are half owl and half bear, to represent the wisest and strongest animals respectively. Druids can also assume their form in order to perform a caster DPS role. Tirisfal Glades, a starting area , is directly adjacent to the Plaguelands, so unwitting low level characters were often mauled on wandering across the border. While the zone level has been significantly nerfed, they're still likely to kill the unwary.

Even that was one-upped by the Bear Reaver. Imagine a creature, wandering about the wilderness, that has the abilities of a Humongous Mecha demon that requires multiple characters at the level cap to kill, but with the graphic of a wild bear. According to the article, this was more dangerous than the demon itself. Making the humongous robot demon into a normal-sized bear made it more dangerous mostly because it was harder to see coming.

Mists of Pandaria introduces the playable Pandaren. For those who don't know, Pandaren are humanoid panda martial artists that can kick your ass and may be the only race that can out-drink a Dwarf. And seeing as they choose which faction they join, they're likely to make things worse or better, or both for both the Alliance and the Horde. There is even a ghost bear named Arcturis. The most awesome thing is that Hunters specialized in Beast Mastery can tame it.

Web Animation. In episode 12 of Unforgotten Realms , Roamin the Paladin rides to the scene of a big battle on the back of, not just a bear, but Ursa Arkadios, Archduke of the High Bears! Oh, and they're loaded with every sword in the rulebook. In How to Kill a Mockingbird , the pirates' laser-swords shoot bears that are on fire.

Homestar Runner : Strong Bad's turf is guarded by a wooden cut-out of a bear holding a shark. Ursa Major are even bigger, stronger versions, and they're downright terrifying opponents. In the mobile game RWBY: Amity Arena , the Ursa is a Mighty Glacier with really high health and attack who goes straight for the tower the player is supposed to defend with no interruptions , fitting the trope even more for whoever sees the adversary deploying one. Dumb Ways to Die : Poke a stick at a grizzly bear? Death Battle : An episode featured Smokey Bear vs.

Including pinning McGruff down, mauling him, and finally turning giant to crush him and his monster truck like a bug. Dreamscape : Snowball can become a gigantic and dangerous adult bear with huge claws. Puffin Forest : In "Miscellaneous Monsters and Bears of Sand" a PC lied to a guard that they were hunting sand bears, monstrous half bear half scorpion creatures.

One of PC's didn't realize that sand bears weren't real and was later killed by a manifestation of his fears in the form of a sand bear. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja : Did someone mention robot bears? Grizzly bear with a midget trying to control it. Robots and Bears are a very bad combination in Bob the Angry Flower since they are natural enemies and need only the slightest provocation to fight to the death. A storyline in General Protection Fault 's second year had a hike in the woods ruined by a bear. A talking , poetry-writing bear.

Of course it's a bear. Why would I have thought it would be anything other than a bear. Web Original. The Creepypasta is about a kid discovering a local access cable channel that prominently features a children's program about a host who kidnaps and tortures children. His name is When tasked with pondering how the ongoing, deadly civil war in Syria could possibly get any worse, The Onion came to one logical conclusion: Bears.

There's the Memetic Mutation image that illustrates this page The nightmare "Unspeakable Things" on the Nightmare Project has the dreamer pursued by a metal-skinned bear through a Lethal Lava Land. The Global Guardians PBEM Universe has several examples of this trope: Render is an animalistic, bear-like psycho-villain who likes the taste of human blood.

Coach Bear , the gym teacher at the Hyperion Academy , used to be the superhero known as "Kodiak". Ursa is a Russian superhero who can turn into a polar bear. In More Tales of MU , bears are the only animal that the typically arrogant elves will not hunt: Iason: And did nobody ever think to teach you anything about bears? Jamie: Not to mess with them. Iason: That will do for a beginning. Cinnamon, no! Nash : Number one, it's a bear. Number two, it's a bear. Number three, and probably most important Western Animation.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force : In "Vampiris", Frylock succeeds in eradicating all the killer vampires off the planet, though this, in turn, allowed a breed of steak-sauce cravings bears to take over in their place. Shake then proclaims he made his own cure to the bear problem and covers himself in regular steak sauce.

Piece of my Heart

It goes well as he expected it. In it, Felix and Poindexter encounter Big Brownie, a giant brown bear who causes trouble for Felix, Poinsy and the ranch owner Bart at the start of the episode. But as Poindexter insists, it turns out Brownie isn't bad, just clumsy and misunderstood. The Simpsons : Parodied with a bear wandering around Springfield, not even getting angry once, but causing enough of a panic to lead to an extensive and costly bear watch program. In a more straightforward example, Homer is traumatized by a bear attack and has nightmares of being attacked by vicious bear mascots.

Homer: Are you a Care Bear? Homer: Why does a bear need a crowbar? Care Bear Eh, I don't like to get my hands dirty. Granny : And then the Lord made bears. Lots of bears Should've dialed back on the bears Phil Ken Sebben: He's a bear! Buster Brown and his Hairy Hollyknockers! Have you ever tried to bring one down? Squidward: What'd I do that time?! SpongeBob: I don't know! Maybe he just doesn't like you! He's the greatest warrior ever, a hero of renown!

Who slayed an evil ocean, who cast the Lich King down! He fought a bear! Oh, we are the Buddy Bears, we always get along! Each day, we do a little dance and sing a little song! Oh, we are the Buddy Bears, we never have a fight! Anyone who disagrees is never, ever right! If you have a point of view, then keep it out of sight!

Garfield: But what about having an individual point of view? Bear 1: I have an individual point of view. Bear 2: And I agree with him. Bear 3: And I agree with both of them. All: We all have an individual point of view! Radiohead 's album Kid A 's marketing campaign told a vague but disturbing story about genetically modified bears killing everyone.

The "Radiohead Bear" has remained the band's logo ever since. They're learning Kung Fu now. We're all gonna die. These traditional American values Preying on public fear and stereotypes, the following hoax [1] describes a year old Russian girl and her stepfather get eaten alive by a literal Mama Bear and cubs.

Several sports teams such as the Memphis originally Vancouver Grizzlies basketball , the Chicago Cubs baseball , the Chicago Bears football , and the Boston Bruins hockey. Koalas are not bears. Comedian Mitch Hedberg had a joke where he and a friend decided to go out to the woods to do drugs in order to avoid authority figures only to run into a bear, which was "even more of a buzzkill". The friend attempted to appease the bear by promising to prevent forest fires. Smokey is way more intense in person. Real Life. This trope may be the reason the word "bear" exists in the first place.

Appropriate that as well as coming to mean "bear", "arktos" also came to refer to the region around the North Pole. Beowulf is probably a kenning referring to bears that literally means "bee-wolf" y'know, because they like honey. Keep in mind though, that they have a good reason to use the nicknames, as the nicknames are all from areas where bears still very much roam free and can and will pop up. The official name karhu was also originally a euphemism. The Nazis probably felt this way about Voytek. A bear However, in his personal life Voytek was known as a kind and lovable fuzzball , who loved sweets, baths and hanging out with his buddies.

A case where he brought this upon someone: one day when Voytek went to the steam baths, he found an enemy spy hiding in them. He roared and backhanded the spy, who promptly surrendered, presumably not having expected a bear to blow his cover. Try to read all the way through this page without getting the chills. Some standout incidents include: The woman who climbed onto her roof when the bear broke into her cabin. It followed her onto the roof and killed her.

Nowhere is safe The one where a bear broke the necks of two campers, dragged them off, and ate part of them. When police found the bear five days later The disturbing implication that the bear had come to enjoy the taste of human flesh to the point where it jealously guarded the corpses make this one even creepier.

The bear who apparently ripped the door off of a trailer to get to the man inside. The bear who dragged a five-month-old off of the porch of her house and killed her. Russia's animal symbol is the bear; this was memorably used in one of Ronald Reagan's campaign ads , but depictions of Russia as a bear or identifying Russia with bears goes back to at least the 19th century. You know the scientific name for the grizzly bear? Ursus arctos horribilis. What's scarier than a bear? A rabid bear. One managed to smash through a house once and savaged everything in it until it was shot to death by the owner.

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In Stock. That's What Dinosaurs Do. A Mouse Called Julian. Fox and Bird. White Read-Aloud Award. Picture Books. Millie Loves Ants. Dear Zoo. Wendy eats crow -- though commentary on the driver shortage still stands, there are no tapiers in the state of Oregon unless someone knows of So, I might not have seen a tapier in Oregon , or an owl in Washington, but I sure as hell have seen the screaming bears of Montana, and I lived to tell about it. Presented By: Driver Legal Plan.

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