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Both editions were published in , the year after the French edition. There were also an unknown number of pirated editions issued in this country. Strange lights and sounds are seen and heard by thousands of people. Many of the reports are of aerial flashes of light, lasting as long as 20 seconds.

During the day the phenomenon manifests itself as a small cloud or vapor. He kidnaps three skeptics and takes them on a round-the-world flight the first UFO abduction? During this adventure, there are many scenes familiar to students of the s UFO flap, including an instance in which an unknown flying machine races a passenger train! Is it possible that the reports of mysterious airships in the news at the time influenced the writing of Robur?

Or was it the other way around? The former idea is improbable since the genesis of Robur is well known and contemporary UFO reports do not enter into it. There are two parts to Robur that must be considered: its description of airship technology and its plot. Some points of the latter have already been described. In France in a society was founded to promote the concept of heavier-than-air flight. Verne joined the society in as its recording secretary.

He began writing Robur in early under the working title of The Conquest of the Air. In fact, Verne lists some 70 inventors who contributed to his concept of a flying machine. Comparisons of drawings or photographs of their machines leave no doubt where the appearance of the Albatross came from. There is no evidence that Verne was influenced in any way by reports of sightings of mysterious airships.

Since Verne like to make his books timely and often included references to current events, he surely would have mentioned them if he had heard of them. An illustration depicting many of the heavier-than-air flying machines being proposed at the time:. As one of the most popular authors of his era, Verne was widely imitated. Most of them are justifiably forgotten today. Surveying the number of works of interplanetary fiction published in the 19th Century, George Locke Voyages in Space [] revealed some of the impact of Verne on the English-speaking world.

After the publication in English of From the Earth to the Moon, in , however, there is an immediate peak. The number continued to climb from that date, reaching its maximum in the s. In just one of those latter years nearly 30 novels involving space travel alone were published. Is it a coincidence that these were also the peak years of the UFO flap? Virtually all dealt with some sort of wonderful invention. Almost all of them were blatantly lifted from the fabulous Albatross. The popular idea that Verne in fact copied Senarens is patently untrue. Publication dates invalidate that idea.

Even though the number of dime novels dealing with flying machines represented a small percentage of all dime novels published, this small percentage still amounted to many thousands of copies in circulation. The publishing industry was booming at the end of the 19th Century. This was in part due to mechanical improvements in the printing industry in the s, as well as the development of a national distribution system. By more than 21, periodicals were being published, with an aggregate circulation of more than Of these two-thirds were weeklies.

Additionally, the coming heavier-than-air conquest of the skies was one of the most popular topics of the day. Many were so sensational that they made headlines. It makes no difference for our purposes whether or not any of these inventions ever got off the ground. Nevertheless, this is the way it was reported and the way the American people saw it and — this is the most important thing: it was the way they expected it to look.

Lucius Parish, in Ronald D. At night, [such objects] appeared to be brilliant lights, with dark superstructures sometimes visible behind the lights. Why does their appearance match the descriptions of actual airships being built or designed at the same time? It was both night time when it happened to me. My experience happened around I was laying on my stomach around 11 pm at night. I was wide awake and I remember this experience like it was yesterday. An image suddenly appeared in my mind. It was the image of a ball of light outside my residence and at the nearby well-lit intersection.

It began with the ball of light hovering above the sidewalk and travelling toward my residence.

UFOs: How Does One Speak to A Ball of Light?

Somehow I knew the destination was my home. I was right as it passed right through the gate and proceeded up the path toward my front door. The BOL travelled up the stairs and passed right through the front door. As it was doing this I continues laying on my stomach and was completely calm that this object had entered my home. I had no concerns. The object then turned to the left and followed the wall closely until it came to the stairs leading down to where I was. I realized that as the ball moved closer to where I was, I became unable to move a muscle. Still I had no fear.

I followed the ball in my mind as it moved along the far wall and turned to the left along the wall behind my head, then turned again to follow the wall that was to my left. It then occurred to me that I was completely paralyzed. I could not even move my head but what was even more dramatic was that I realized I had levitated and was hovering around 18 inches off the bed.

Still, I had no fear. One thing that has become more clear to me as time has passed, is that the object was moving relatively slow as it approached my head. It moved very slowly over the top part of my body but as it approached mid-chest, it accelerated until it flew back along the wall, up the stairs retracing the path until it was out the door and gone back the way it came. As the object accelerated, I slowly floated back down to the bed and when the object left the building I was able to sit up and reflect on what had just happened.

I had no fear, or anxiety or anything but complete calmness. As I said, I remember the details like it was yesterday and I never spoke of it until the last 10 years or so. I did not think anyone would believe me. Not sure if anyone does, but now I don't really care whether they do or not. It was real, it did happen and I can only speculate on what it was about.

I do know that I have had some odd premonition type incidents in my life and I kind of think that may be related. Not sure. Anyway, that is my story. I think I took a picture this am of a white orb I was sitting outside I wanted to take a good picture of the Sun in bright blue sky I took a picture and when i looked at it I saw a white ball inside a small cloud?

Again, thank you all so much for sharing your experiences and stories with everyone who comes here. This has become a meeting ground of sorts, for this topic, with over comments! I've learned so much about orbs from everyone here, but the more I learn it seems the more I want to know! Please keep the stories coming, as each brings a clue into the unknown! Glad to have found this page.

I had an experience a few years back after living in one particular house. I always felt that there was something about the closet in the bedroom that I slept in. One evening, after being up early, I went to bed and woke up early. I sat upright, just enjoying a quiet house. It was about 3 am. I saw a small white light about the size of a nickel in between the two closet doors.

As I watched, it grew to the size of a grapefruit and lingered for a few minutes. I just sat and watched it. Then it gradually grew smaller again and disappeared. There was a time when I saw a small black misty swirling mass in the corner of this same room. So glad to know I'm not the only one who has seen this!

I was out camping in June a couple of years ago with my kids near Stockton Lake in Missouri. We were sleeping in a tent and it was a really hot night so we took the rain flap off to get some air in the tent. We were camping in a site close to the woods and there were a few other campers several sites away from ours so we weren't completely alone.

I think everyone had finally fallen to sleep around 11 or so. I don't know what woke me up, but I woke up around am checked my cell phone and glanced toward the woods. I saw a bright light that at first I thought must be a firefly. It moved like a firefly by going out, coming back on in a different location like it was flying slowly.

Then it hit me that it was past the time at night when we see them here. Also, the color was like a bright led white - not the normal yellow color. It lit up the ground it was flying over, but it was only about the size of a quarter. There was no sound.

It kept coming toward the tent and moved intelligently even though it wasn't a straight path. When it got to the tent it circled it completely and then disappeared. I don't know where it went after that - it just was gone. I wasn't afraid of it until it started circling the tent, then it struck me as being creepy.

I didn't tell my kids about it until after we got home because I didn't want to frighten them, but looking back it would have been nice to have had someone else see it too. I was wide awake for 2 hours after that, but it never reappeared and we went home later that day. Lately theres a huge revolving white light in the eastern sky at night and wee am hrs.

It moves what seems like It will fade some or get very bright and for a few seconds, blink out totally, only to reappear bigger and has moved. Nasa must know what it is In the 's, my cousin, neice and I saw a big orange ball in the sky late at night. It zipped back and forth across the sky as a miles less than a second. Also, it went up and down the same way. We stood outside watching it for about 3 mins and it went down Neither of us thought to take pictures. Days later I remembered it and called my cousin and neice.

It shocked them too that we had forgotten about it. I was recording a video of my baby taking her first steps. While I was recording I saw the ball light flying by, but then I just brushed it off and thought it was probably nothing as I was overwhelmed with my baby walking. Later that day I watched the video again and saw the ball light flying around and it came straight in the camera, but disappeared again. I was not worried at all, because I personally believe that it is God's angels protecting and watching over us.

I saw an orb one night driving home from a friends house. I was stopped at a light and I looked up and there was this softball sized glowing ball of light in front of me. I wasn't scared, just mesmerized. It stayed there just a few seconds then took off and got smaller and was gone. This was 35 years ago and I have never forgotten it. I have also seen ghosts but never another orb. My daughter's dog passed away, and several months later they got a new puppy.

She was filming the puppy. Later while looking at the video, she saw a small orb hover over the new puppy for a few seconds and then moved away. Shortly after the first orb seconds it reappeared and once again hovered over the new dog. She is convinced that her dog that died was checking out the new dog. I saw the video and it is quite amazing to watch. I'm from Finland. In the winter of when I was 12 or 13 years old boy I stood in the yard of my grandparent's farm house in the rural part of country.

It was a dark winter evening and clear sky. Temp was below zero. I was there outside with my two uncles. Suddenly, I noticed a strange object hovering less than one kilometer away from us, just few meters above trees. It moved quite slowly horizontally to the west with steady speed. That speed was like of peaceful cycling. Then I woke up my uncle's attention by saying "look at that!! It was a car sized light, a white bright ball. Object's outline was very clear. Bright, but not dazzling. It hovered few hundred meters silently over forest and then it suddenly stopped.

It stayed a while at the place, unmoving and then it slowly started controlled landing directly down until it vanished to the deep forest. We never saw it again. This case has puzzled my head over the decades what the heck was that. I'm still sceptic about aliens from other star systems. It must be something unknown from our own planet. I believe so.

I had an experience of seeing a white ball of light size of a tennis ball up in the sky it moved back and forth slowly then it started to come down towards me i watched as it came closer towards me when it was almost near me I got scared because I had no idea what it was so I ran into my house I had my grandson come outside with me it was back up in the sky moving the same way but it didn't come down towards us Wich I was hoping it would.

I think I saw an orb twice in Both sightings happened when I was playing with my young pup in my bedroom barking under the bed, in both instances the pup was just barking away under the bed, I look towards the bedroom door and I see what looked like a small light suspended in air. My first thought was "Why is that glowing feather levitating in front of my door. My cousins and I saw 3 red, green, blue orbs land all together slowly from the sky and hover over a farm pond. They quickly separated in all directions back into the sky. We were around 10 years old and all remember it.

My son died suddenly, after almost 2 years later I was sitting in the living room watching TV. Suddenly from the mirror on my left came a very bright white light, small in size, it went across the room slowly, and out the window to my right. I was I bit surprised but, a feeling of peace. I knew it was my son, gaining my attention. I felted very comforted.

Three years later after his accident I took it out and placed it on a bureau. To my surprise, it started flickering and the light came back on! Not at all, I knew it was him. The bright orb solidified his spiritual existence. About 15 years ago I was walking home from a friends house, It was almost dark and I decided to cut through the woods because it was a shorter walk home.

It was about two miles back home through the woods. About halfway home darkness was setting in so i picked up my pace. I noticed this light up ahead, and not paying attention to how long i had walked i assumed it was light from my house, but when i looked up from trying to watch my steps in the darkness i realised i was still a ways from home. For a second I thought maybe someone with a flashlight. But the light i was seeing was a perfect orb of white light about 20ft ahead of me and about 10ft above the ground. When i looked at it this fear came over me and my feet froze in place..

I looked at it for what felt like forever. Trying to wrap my head around what i was seeing. What i was feeling. This perfect ball of light. Looked like it could have been. Seemed brighter than the moon. It was a contained light not shining in a beam I began trying to convince myself it was the moon and that it wasnt as close as it looked, that the darkness and trees were messing with me Or maybe a hunter with a spot light got stuck in a tree?

I dont know how long i stood frozen looking at it. It felt like half an hour at least ,but eventually i gained my voice back and yelled going with my hunter in a tree theory. I yelled at least two times, but then it dropped straight down in a perfect orb of white light ,and a perfect line down to about ground level then right back up to about 10ft.

No glare no shaking just perfect. I was sure then that it wasn't the moon and probably not a hunter on a trampoline It did this a few times before its final drop to about ground level, and then straight towards me! It felt like an eternaty to get my feet moving ,but they moved so fast i dont even remember turning away from the orb. I looked back a few times and it was still behind me around 5ft is as close as it got to me. Perfect orb of white light about as big as a honey dew melon, chasing me through briars, tree limbs, ditches, and logs.

No matter how much i zigged or zagged the orb stayed at an exact distance from the ground. In a straight line after me. I dont know how i didn't fall and i don't know how far it actually followed me.. Eventually my feet ran me out of the woods and back onto the road , once on the road i could see lights from houses and the sky , eventually my feet stopped and when i looked back the orb was gone My orb experience was so scary to me at the time.

I still get goose bumps and shakey thinking about it. Most peoples experiences seem peaceful, maybe my yelling set it off I haven't thought or talked about my experience in years. I was 13 when i saw my orb. I dont remember every detail of that night, but i remember most. Mainly i remember the Fear Last night it was on my mind and i decided to search for similiar experiences.

Found this page and thought i would share my story too. I live in norfolk virginia. I was walking home then i saw a huge white light falling from the sky and then it landed then after that i tried to go see what it was but i could not find it now im stuck wondering what i just seen and trying to see if anyone else seen it. I'll never forget it I was sitting on a lounge at my mates house, He had left the room at the time and then This white orb of light floated within reaching distance right infront of me, I only started tracking it when it came into my field of view, but It hung around for a few seconds infront of me kind of floating around, I smiled as I watched it, It proceeded to head out of the adjacent window.

I'll never forget it. I saw a bright red softball size 20 feet from me moving fast about 1 foot off the ground then it stoped then very fast disappeared. I was sitting on the couch in the living room when a bright light flew into the room. It was not light refraction.

It was intensely bright, as if an short fluorescent bulb just flew in the window and stopped for a fraction of a second. Then it flew out a window on the opposite side of the room as quickly as it had appeared. A friend and I were playing video games late one night when we saw a light illuminate the entire upper perimeter of our living room.

We didn't see a light source but we were able to see the effect of the light wrapping around the top trim of the room. We tried to figure out what it could logically be, and decided that it must have been a light from a car on the street that happen to pass by. I thought about it all the next day at work, and that night we were playing games again. Right when the game finished I turned my head to the side just in time to catch an orb expanding and then imploding in a very short amount of time.

When it "imploded" it disappeared but lit up the entire room in the same way I had experienced the night before, maybe a bit brighter. This was about 5 years ago in St. Paul MN. I briefly tried to look it up but had little success finding stories similar to mine. I can't say for sure that the first experience I had was an orb but I looked directly at the second one and watched it appear and disappear. It was a very soft off white-ish maybe slightly yellow orb about the size of a basketball, maybe a tad smaller.

I was certainly stunned. I did not, however, experience any fear, just instant questions and excitement. It was probably about 10ft away and 8ft up, inside my dining room. I unfortunately have not seen one since. I am so thankful that I had someone to experience it with me. It was the same friend both times! I was just speaking with him about it for the first time since it happened so I decided to look it up again. I was searching for a picture that fit my memory and ended up here.

I'm so happy I read your story. Thank you for keeping this up for as long as you have. I'm glad to finally share my story! I am so happy I have found this! Myself and my boyfriend were camping in the sticks of Canada on a chilly September evening. We had been travelling all day and finally settled into the tent.

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However I wasn't able to sleep a wink. I am not good at camping and was worrying about bears I really don't know why I do it to myself lol Anyway, so I left my boyfriend in the tent and retreated to the car for 'safety', and a bit of warmth. I ended up not sleeping in the car either and was still scared of the wilderness outside. After a half hour or so, something caught my eye in the wing mirror I was on the passenger seat A large bright white light.

At first I thought it must be someone with a torch as it appeared to be getting closer to the back of our car. My heart was beating through my chest and then I realised it wasn't really coming any closer as such. I turned my body to peer at it through the window. It was amongst the trees, gently moving from branch to branch, lower and then higher, and across.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I sat there for approx 15 minutes thinking am I going insane? No, I am actually seeing a UFO! It was roughly the size of a hand. I knew by leaving the car there was a chance I'd scare 'it' away but I had to get my boyfriend to witness this or no one would ever believe me.

My partner slid out of the tent and looked up to where I was pointing. In this very moment my stomach sank and instantly felt completely mortified We were both looking at the moon I got really confused and thought am I that tired? This brilliant, pure white light moved so angelically and smoothly from branch to branch. It even moved to the side. It stayed the same shape the whole time. If this was the branches moving and the moon shining through, the shape would change and it wouldn't go up and down.

Now that I've read your post my mouth has dropped as I did feel that this light was minding its own business and actually feel as if it was sort of sniffing the branches. This sounds completely insane but it's how I felt. I m seeing white ball red and pink since 11 years what means these balls i m not understanding about them yet. I too have been scouring the internet for years trying to find someone who has seen what I saw one snowy January night while hanging out with some friends.

But it looked like it was moving so slowly to me. I wanted to ask you if where you were camping, was there a lake, pond, or ocean nearby? Thank you for your account and curiosity and for reading mine as well! This was on the Thursday after Christmas and I go out every morning wondering if I will see it again, this time I will make sure I have my phone with me to capture it!

I was at a friends house alone one night. Prob 6 years ago.. All the blinds were closed. Only light source was the microwave light. From the living room, you can see straight into the dining room and then into the kitchen. Idk why but I looked in that direction, like i had a feeling i wasnt alone Size of a soccor ball or volleyball Wasnt just fixated in my vision The light was the purest white light ive ever seen I am always doing research to find more information I saw this big ball of light from window in flight. It was moving very fast and I am pretty sure it was not any light from flight it was disappearing partly below houses but even on clear road I could not see the whole ball.

I'm writing from Tunisia. It's in the night and I'm still contemplating today's experience First of all, I'm an atheist, and I've been so my entire life. So I'm really trying to find a logical, empirical, or scientific solution. So earlier today, in daylight, at around or something, I was with my sister and her baby in the kitchen chatting.

My sister gasped saying she'd seen a strange shooting light and told me to look out the kitchen window. I looked and another one happened. It was indeed a shooting light; very bright and white. It was a straight line but somehow had a ball shaped centre. It moved quickly towards the back garden. Then it happened again. Then a fourth one. The latter went by a bit slower and looked longer. All had different timings for their duration and for the time between them. I went outside and waited for something else, to explain it.

I thought it was a window across the street because of the setting sun hitting it, but the angle was totally not reflecting to where the light s was were. I looked at the electricity cables and none of them was damaged, so no electricity shock or anything, etc.. And the thing didn't happen again.

My sister who's spiritual remained scared. I'm dying to know what it was and what had caused it I saw one my friend and I and it was back in 97 and it came over my mother's house is about 20 feet in the sky it was a bluish white ball of light and it went over and in between me and my friend and went across the street and made no noise and it disappeared behind another house I never see my friend again after that.

Seen 1 for last 5yrs or so lately its just above where I live. When I got home?

Odd I assume its a being of some sort watching or observing.. If its watching me. M M - Sorry, but I am not going to give out my email address. I hope you'll consider posting a link to it here. What happened to me is very similar to Chris who was followed by the lights while he was driving. These "orbs" lights are inteligent beings they read your mind. In the early 90s I was followed by these lights while I was driving. They surrounded the car for about half an hour. They were shaping flower and all sorts of patterns. When I stopped and got out from the car the light stoped as well and extended as big as a lorry showing triangles,squares and circles from white light.

It was amazing. This happened around 3. I saw them two times. First in the evening before around 7pm. I was also driving going home and they shaped in two circles with flower pattern. There were tears coming out from my eyes like river couldn't stop specially the second time I saw them.

These type of tears only came from my eyes 20 years later when I first started to pray to God. Everyday for one year my tears were unstopable. On my first dawn prayer I decided just for fun to say hello to my angels just to test if they exist at all. At this time my tears were like river couldn't stop. That was my confirmation that angels exist that is not a fairy tale. I feel grateful and really lucky for rhis experience. Not everybody sees these things.

I beleive that everybody who saw these lights sooner or later will find the connection in there life why they saw it what is the purpose of it. This is an experience which you never forget. One thing I would like add that the lights got stronger and brighter when it went through an electric power station and touched the train electric cable. Jerry Fritts, that sounds really interesting. Feel free to post a link to of your videos here. Chris, thanks for sharing your story with us. I haven't heard anyone else mention that they were actually being followed by an orb before.

I also haven't come across anyone else mention shape shifting, although there are so many comments here now, I suppose I could have missed it. What shapes did it turn into, out of curiosity? You would not believe what I videoed in the last couple years of Lights bright lights flashing off and on all over in my house out of my house and then heshoot wide orbs out of time here and there I seen them move stuff I seen them move fake flowers they constantly watch you for some reason and they're mostly around TVs all the time if I could talk to somebody that would be interested in this I can show them some stuff you will not believe.

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I had one follow me for miles in my truck outside Winnamucca NV. Brite orange and the crazy part was it changed shapes. It messed up my cellphone and GPS wouldnt work as it followed me. It was pretty scary. For years ive tried to figure out what it was. LauraMedley86, Thanks for the link to your video! I watched it, but unfortunately since it's so dark there's no way to know if it's moving or if it's the camera moving. I suppose they could be "aliens" but I don't think that does them justice.

To me, and many others, they seem like sentient, living intelligences of some kind.. The jury is still out! I have video. Located in Southeast Oklahoma. Occured 5am November 26th about 2 hours. Very eerie feeling of being wayched. Still looking for in information on what it was. I believe aliens. The government is aware but decides we handle a life source in s mote powerful than the human race. Chaos would occur they assume. It's amazing how many people have experienced orbs. There are similarities in some of the stories, but I've come to the conclusion after reading these comments for years that there are potentially hundreds of different types of orbs, each type with its own "personality" if you will.

Eventually I intend to collect all the data from these hundreds of stories here and try to make more sense of it. Until then, it's always intriguing to read the new stories coming in. I saw one of these when I was a teenager. My family was returning from a visit to the Arkansas delta and had to cross a cotton filed. The orb followed the car and hovered around each passenger window there were 4 of us. Nobody was scared or upset. Very interest to me though I hope I see another before I leave this earth.

Last summer, i was driving back home with my two little daughters. It was probably 10PM. The road was crossing an agricultural landscapes with few housings on both sides. Suddenly,I saw,on the left side of the road,and almost meters ahead of me two orange fiery balls. I kept looking at them trying to figure out what they were.

As i passed them,the first explanation that crossed my mind was that it might be a fire from a hanging elecricity post that was actually there. Out of curiosity,i stopped my car and walked a few meters back to find neither a fire nor a hanging electricity wire. There was nothing. I wish I'd search about this sooner. I live in California, in the city of Bakersfield. The area I'm in isn't around lots of traffic or highly populated areas but it is surrounded by different housing. Well anyway, one night I was outside in the balcony with my uncle.

He was drinking his beer and we were talking for hours. We were resting our arms on the balcony wall and he was facing me while I was kind of facing him and looking down at the floor since I'm on the second floor of apartments. I looked over to him and this yellow bright light was a good few feet behind him. It was so big. I told him 'look, turn around! It was so weird. He said he believed me but nothing like it has happened again. Could have related to the nightmares we have and the demonic history a lot of our relatives have including us two. I don't know.

But I thought I'd finally share this since I found lots of stories. Sami, Thanks for your comments and story! Your first story is very different from your second. To address your concerns, people read and comment on this article from all over the world every day.

Thanks for your input from Tunisia! Your first story is not unlike many other people's stories that you can find here in the comments. As for your second story and seeing things, you may want to see an eye doctor about that.. None of us knows what these things are, that's why we're here. After almost 9 years published, not one person has supplied an answer as to what's going on here.. I have been experiencing something to which i haven't had an answer until now. Whenever i look at the sky for at leat one second i see some transparent worm like shapes floating in the air.

They have different shapes like that of chromosome. Even after entering my home ,I still see them floating in the room. I'd like to know what are they. Why all participants are only from USA. It is a global phenomenon to be studied. I posted my experience and still want to have an answer to what I saw. I am from tunisia. In the 90S,as I was in the balcony, I saw a round white ball high up in the sky moving steadily towards me. I wondered what it could be. As I doused more mad more on it ,I say that it emitted smaller white balls that were moving one after the other at a high speed.

Many years ago I lived in Connecticut and was working towards my RN degree.

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The following sequence of events happened very quickly. Within minutes of laying in my bed one night I felt paralyzed and suddenly suspended above my bed with my feet facing the ceiling. I was then turned horizontal and facing the wall, but still above my bed. I saw several colored balls of light shining on the wall. Within seconds I was back on my bed facing up and saw about 5 or more small colored orbs of light hovering above my body. They were beautiful. I laid there for a few seconds staring at them and then they were gone.

I could move again and jumped out of my bed to tell my roommate what had happened. She of course told me I was dreaming. I was definitely not dreaming, but can't blame her for not believing. This experience was initially disturbing, but once I saw the orbs above me I felt safe and at peace. I have always hoped that someday someone could explain what happened to me.

Maybe someday. Hi I have just come across your site while trying to find some info on what I saw two weeks ago. I had just turned off my light to go to sleep and saw a pulsating white light in corner of my bedroom. I first thought it would fade away and was surprised after a time it was still there. I watched it for about minute or so my mind racing for some explanation.

It seemed to float about 1metre off the ground. It was an odd shape about 70cm high I think with smaller shape on top of a longer shape It pulsated quite fast and its edges seemed indistinct or moving, almost smokey. I turned on my bedside light and was relieved my room was empty, nothing there BUT when I turned my light off there it was still there! I was starting to feel nervous so I decided to talk to it. I asked few questions like what was it, was it ok, was it deceased relative, wished it peace etc and nothing happened still pulsating away near end my bed.

It then moves again diagonally about 4metres towards ensuite. For some reason I didn't feel worried about it anymore and was calm and peaceful just watching it. After little while seemed to get bigger but dimmer, less opaque and no distinct shape and within 10 seconds it seemed to just dissipate away and disappear. Was very strange experience and I haven't had anything like that happen before. It seemed like some sort of energy but..??? Haven't found much information on the internet to shed any light on my experience especially the pulsating and not being orb shaped except here reading all these experiences.

Thanks for your story and this site! I live in the north Georgia mountains. My 8 month old puppy was barking up a storm in my bedroom last night. I went in to see what was up and instead of looking at the door as I was expecting she sometimes sees reflections in the glass doors and barks , she was looking towards the wall above the headboard and was very excited and insistent.

She was looking from me to the wall and back to me and then the wall again. I didn't see anything, but figured there was a bug, so I started to walk that way for a closer inspection. Just then, a fuzzy white ball about the size of a grapefruit slipped by me, going from the area the dog was barking at and out the bedroom door into the living room - it was about waist high.

This is a reference from my last post Can anyone explain to me The white Round basketball size like moving across the sky slowly and disappeared but just as it disappeared something flew by my face it was the size of a butterfly but not spr round basketball size like moving across the sky slowly and disappeared but just add it disappeared something flew by my face it was the size of a butterfly But the wings were together and kind of flew around me for a second and I raise my hand to shoe it away What could have that bed.

I live in mid Michigan. I saw a light orb last night it was right as dusk, still a lot of light out though. I was in my backyard with my 2 english bulldogs. I saw a glowing orb with a small tail of light behind it like you woud imagine a shooting star would have it was a little smaller then a basketball. It traveled over the top of my 2 story house, across my backyard, and over the tree tops of a small woods at the back of my property.

It wasnt going extremely fast, i had plenty of time to observe it. It was right over head. It traveled at a steady pace, and had no noise associated with it. And no it wasn't a drone, as others have suggested. I own a drone, so know exactly what one looks like in the sky. I live right on the edge of a very small town and i do have neighbors around. As far as i know, no one else saw it. When i told my wife, her first response was that i saw a spirit orb, well, i dont know what it was, but i do know it was not normal. A friend and I stopped down an old dirt road so she could pee and spotted a white glowing ball hovering over our car.

Scared us to death. We sped off only to be chased by this thing. I'll never forget that nightv. I have not seen an orb but I did get one in a photograph. It was in Oklahoma back around in I took a photo of one of my sons sitting in his room. We had just finally got every thing unpacked and I was taking photos. When we got the pictures developed there were orbs in the photo. There was no sun light or very bright lights in the room when I took the picture. I had seen a show that suggested that the orbs are energy beings,.

I've seen these many times. Not the kind of orbs that people claim to catch in pictures, but real bright balls of light. Started when we used to live next to burial mounds where our neighbors had also witnessed them for many many years. In recent years I've seen them inside our house. Here's my email if you'd like to share experiences, as there's very much I'm not comfortable posting publicly. I witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon from my bedroom window on Sept. It was the middle of the night, I was sound asleep, and for no reason at all awoke suddenly and opened my eyes to see a blinking light on the left side of the opposite wall.

I immediately tried to find the source of the light and the first thing I thought was that it was coming from my laptop but I knew that I had left it in the kitchen before I went to bed. Then slowly, the room began to fill up with this incredibly bright light coming through the closed slats of the wood shutters on the large windows facing the backyard. The light was directly in the center of the window and was holding stationary for about 15 seconds. I could tell that it was very close.

The blinds were closed, but light can still come in through the tops of the slats. As I was sitting up in bed looking at the window, my mind was racing to come up with what the source of the light could possibly be. My bedroom is on the East back corner of a 2 story house with a very large fenced in yard with lots of tall skinny trees towards the back of the yard, but with an open clearing of a grass directly behind the house and its windows.

So, as I sat up in bed looking at the light coming through the cracks of the blinds, I hesitantly not knowing what I would find got up and walked around the bed to open the blinds to see what was the light source was. As I walked towards the windows, the light seemed to be moving slowly to the right West and as I pulled open the 2 top center portions of the 4 blinds, I looked to the right and said "What the hell is that?

It was about 3 feet in diameter. It was not a blinding light like you might think it would be, because I was looking right at it and I didn't have to shield my eyes. It was hovering and looking inside the story windows of the living room directly next to my room. There are a couple of lamps that we leave on in the living room at night, so everything in the room is visible anyways, so it was like this orb-like object was just observing what was in the room, or in the house.

It was round in shape, like a circle, but it didn't have a perfectly smooth perimeter. It had undefined swirling edges, and it was spinning in a counter-clockwise fashion. It's center had a swirling plasma-like appearance that was really quite beautiful and was brilliantly luminescent. So once I opened the blinds and was staring in utter amazement at what I was seeing, I sensed that the orb saw me.

Initially it was just hovering in front of the tall 2 story window, but when it saw me through the now open blinds, it started to move slowly back towards the left passing by my window and continuing its course in a straight horizontal line from the direction it came from and to the side of the house when I couldn't see it anymore. So, I immediately ran to the kitchen to turn off the house alarm and then ran to the front of the house and to the front yard to see if I could see where it went. But, of course it wasn't there and I have no idea where it went.

I was disappointed that I didn't see where it. David Mazlowski, I've also experienced extremely large, bright flashes of light. One of them was so bright my mouth was agape afterward, it was like nothing I'd ever seen, right there at work surrounded by people. The thing was, I was the only one around me to see it. You might want to look into the Mandela Effect and dimension shifting if you're seeing bright flashes. As for being monitored, that reminds me of the movie "They Live! You should watch that. There's more in our world than we know, and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that people could be monitored by alien species..

Please indulge me on this first paragraph. It helps set up my "bright light" experience. I was experiencing strange behavior around me that i couldnt understand. They would look directly at me then immediately type something on their phone. It was like everyone was on a common network so they could report my location I used to live in a fourth floor, corner apartment when this happened. One night I was sitting in my living room with the blinds open in my two-sided corner window.

It didnt last long Before it disappeared the light seemed to brighten up for a quick moment My first thought was that it had taken a picture of me. Its hard to estimate the size of the light because it was close and much of what i saw was radiating from the lights core. However, if i had to guess i would say the core of the light was about the size of a basketball.

This experience only occurred to me once that I'm aware of in I see the white web like balls at night , at a distance from my head and whe i started focusing on it , it moved infront of my eyes. The movement was in slow motion. This was long ago, about in the redwood forests of coastal California south of San Francisco.

A couple of friends and I had found a campsite a mile or so from the road up a creek. On both sides of the creek the land rose steeply, and was filled with redwoods, ferns, and the like. Our site was a small clear area next to the creek that had a huge boulder, perhaps 20 feet high and about the same width that served as the border of the site away from the creek and provided some shelter.

One night a white, self luminous sphere, about the size of a soccer ball began to descend down the other side of the creek. It moved at a steady, medium pace, and negotiated its way around the trees seamlessly. When it got to the creek it was directly in front of us and perhaps 4 feet above the creek.

It remained there, in a fixed position for about a minute, then proceeded to move, in the same fashion down the creek and out of sight. We experienced something very similar to what you've described. Then approximately seconds later the light reappeared a few feet straight west of the first sighting.

how does one speak to a ball of light – Podcast UFO

This happened probably 15 times. The only way to describe the light it was a round bright white Firefly. One of us got scared so we turned on a spot light and never seen it again.