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FR New videos. Most popular videos. Top videos. Videos you can't miss. They are complex constructions, both ictional and bearing witness factual. Sie als Zeugen sind vielmehr komplexe Konstrukte, gleichermassen Fakt wie Fiktion. Finks Selbst- unserer Existenz bildnisse an den Piers, auf einem Motorrad auf der stillgelegten Hochautobahn, im Sonnenlicht. Der Marsch bringt Lesben machen, in der die Kamera selber zum Protagonisten wird.

Again and again he takes pictures of queer teachers, union step in the process of winning personal and political liberation.

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And where people, but also their straight-identiied supporters. Parents out together even as they call on their comrades to join them by coming of Gays. Das wichtigste Anliegen der Marschierenden der Strasse anzuschliessen und damit sichtbar zu werden. Rather, it is a process. Take the urban centers of the United States.

In light of what James self-portraits relate to his day-to-day existence. But remaining circumspect with work when it were made. Mayor of Christopher Street. Gigliello berichtete, dass Fink auf Rollschuhen kleinen Gruppe von engen Freunden gesehen. Its original meaning was a play on the tradition of debutants coming out in their irst ball.


So, in an early self-portrait, Fink is alone, posing in front of the mirror, completely naked Fig. Derselbe Spiegel indet sich in einem viel aufschlussreicheren Selbst- bildnis wieder Abb.

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If the very mention of homosexuality was considered a of-fact nakedness. Fink himself and his subjects register this sense of other than that he is willing to risk exposure or, to put it another way, that self-consciously doing something new and rebellious by looking unabashed- he is something of an exhibitionist. The same mirror features in a far more ly into the lens. This acknowledgment of the camera, and by association the revealing self-portrait Fig.

The naked Fink is now treat the audience as if they were unseen. All of this posing is fun, so much joined by Randy, a shirtless young man in sunglasses and cowboy hat, his so that, when Fink wears a leather halter and brandishes a whip Fig. He knows that such attire is play-acting, as if the boy is in the process of becoming the hustler Joe Buck anachronistic amidst the potted plants, landscape painting, and dowdy in Midnight Cowboy.

Here being gay is no longer about representing some hand-me-down furniture of his Manhattan apartment. But in its very casualness and serve as another element in the erotic game. Aber gerade in da, sondern als weiteres Element im erotischen Spiel. Dieses Anerkennen der Kamera und damit auch der Anwesenheit schwul. According to Gigliello, some of his models did not even identify as gay.

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  • Such openness was not just new, it was exceptional, limited to a few big cities like San Francisco and New York, and even in these places most gay men would have been uncomfortable allowing themselves to be photographed. We have to remember that for many gay men the bar was a sanctum, a place where you could meet other men in relative safety from exposure or ha- rassment — though, as the Stonewall riots attest, even this level of security was unstable, given the oicial illegality of homosexuality in most of the United States and the vulnerability of gay establishments to extortion.

    Um jeden Zweifel, dass wir es mit einem schwulen Etablissement zu tun haben, zu zerstreuen, brauchen wir nur Fig. Badlands Fig. It is hard to know, but when Fink known and loved to the streets and the waterfront in pictures that often photographed inside the Ramrod Fig. My guess is that many other men avoided the to cars, but to pedestrians moving down the street in this most bodily form lens.

    The streets were no longer antechambers to the interiors that has been freed from repression, but rather a construction that itself is of homes, schools, oices, shops, but a colossal amphitheater. Schwer zu sagen, aber als Fink im Inneren des Ramrod lich darstellen.

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    Wie andere mutige New Yorker ignorierte von Befreiung und Gemeinschaft her. But it is nowhere more intense than in the picture of Fink proudly standing next to his motorcycle on the ramp to the West Side Elevated Highway while a beautiful boy lurks in the background Fig. It was the elevated vantage point of the West Side Elevated Highway that enabled Fink to take so many photographs looking down at the bars and the piers of the waterfront.

    It is ironic, to they might be the mothers of male queers, than that they might sustain say the least, that a man who spent his working hours handling accident relationships and a community apart from men. Perhaps like many radical lesbian of with his day job is the photograph of a giant phallus that the graiti artist the s, he saw men and women in the movement as having funda- Tava painted on the ramp of the West Side Elevated Highway in mentally diferent priorities and desires. Still, the way that Fink repeatedly Fig. If such a picture deies those who would categorize its sequence of triangles within triangles that penetrate space, forming or limit sexual desire, it also excludes women.

    Das Bild zeigt Fink und einen tern Fig. Die am wenigsten akzeptable 8 Tava, aka Gustav von Will , was an Austrian born graiti artist who created several colossal murals on the piers. Strikingly handsome, he was photographed by Fank Hallam, Stanley Stellar, and Arthur Tress among others, and he supposedly played Jesus Christ in the lost pornographic ilm His.

    Even more so than Fink, very little has been written about his life and work. Tall and quite thin, he is dressed in a leather jacket, hands in his discovery, and even power. Even as Fink opens himself up for penetration pockets as if he felt a slight chill. As he moves down the street, he turns his and exposure, he also takes command over all that he surveys, refusing head toward the viewer.

    Perhaps he senses that he is being observed. But here was a man who looked familiar to me. The least acceptable desiring op- is unusually gaunt, almost skeletal — there is something sexy about the eration precisely because it is the most desublimating one is that which way he walks and his gawky, adolescent look. Suddenly I realized that this is directed at the anus. The piers are notably caught me by surprise with its seeming innocuousness Fig.

    It shows present, for example, in the photographic series Arthur Rimbaud in New a lone young man walking down the street toward the underpass of the York, where Wojnarowicz imagines the nineteenth century French poet visit- West Side Elevated Highway, just in front of Pier He is probably about ing twentieth century New York City. Er ist wohl etwa im selben Alter wie ich in der Mannes beim Heroinspritzen so genau fotograierte Fig. Dieser Mann kam mir jedoch bekannt vor. Kannte Fink Wojnarowicz? Seeing the pale lesh of the frescoes come to life: the smooth turn of hands over bodies, the Fig.

    Seine Bilder Fig. He moved forward, and I took his of consciousness prose, by contrast, turns the piers, with their maze-like head, his ears against my palms. His brown hair was pulling away rooms and corridors, into a metaphor for his own states of unhappiness from his temples and thinning over a coming bald spot. He grinned and unfulilled desires. He is exhilarated by the sex and the connections he up, then went down. Delany writes about how in the past gay men work. The and that history had, actively and already, created for us whole galleries water shook and shimmered with the cobalt relection.

    A little way of institutions, good and bad, to accommodate our sex. His sensitivity to buildings and their complex interior struc- was taking the picture, perhaps to keep himself company. Eros und Thanatos, Leben und Tod, sind Triebe, die einander sein konnte. Sein welche die schwule Gemeinschaft vernichten und Fink das Leben kosten sollte. Ruins always convey a double message destruction. Sigmund Freud, of course, would have no trouble reconciling this of past and future, evoking history and prophesying decline.

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